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Hatirla Sevgili

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Hatirla Sevgili is a Turkish TV series broadcast on the channel ATV Turkey with already 46 episodes until the end of 2007. The series is running from October 27, 2006 on the Turkish TV channel ATV Friday evenings at 22:15 hrs local time.

The series is about the love story of Yasemin and Ahmet, two young people from confronting families and the romantic relations of their relatives and friends in a political era starting at the end of 1950s in Turkey. In the background, it depicts historical events beginning with Prime Minister Adnan Menderes' 1959 plane crash survival followed by 1960 military coup, the trial on Yassiada, the executions and other important incidents representing the radical political polarization of the Turkish society then after.

Two childhood friends and neighbors, Riza and Sevket, develop opposite political views as they grow up. Riza becomes a member of right wing Democratic Party and enters the parliament while Sevket, a public prosecutor, is a follower of the leftist Republican People's Party. Riza Bey's older daughter Yasemin fall in love with Sevket Bey's son Ahmet, however their families do not allow them to marry.

The series then goes on to portray the political history of Turkey from 1971 to the military coup in 1980, from a point of view of the two families which eventually unite.

Hatirla Sevgili has been one of the most popular and most controversial TV series in Turkey. It was criticized by many because of its non-objective approach and superficial coverage of some historical events, yet it led to many people question their country's modern history. The books about the historical periods and people the show mentioned have been bestsellers for at least two weeks after the episodes about them have been aired.

After 2 seasons and 68 episodes, the series final was on June 6, 2008.


;Famliy of Yasemin:

Beren Saat - Yasemin Unsal

Engin Senkan - Riza Unsal, father of Yasemin, Democratic Party politician

Lale Mansur - Nezahat Unsal, mother of Yasemin

Ayfer Donmez - Iik Unsal, sister of Yasemin, marries to Yaar

Turgay Aydin - Mehmet Karayel, brother of Nezahat and uncle of Yasemin, journalist and ex-major, married to Sevim Gursoy, deceased.

Berk Hakman - Deniz Karayel, son of Mehmet

;Family of Ahmet:

Cansel Elcin - Ahmet Gursoy, lover of Yasemin

Avni Yalcin - Sevket Gursoy, father of Ahmet, public prosecutor, deceased.

Ayda Aksel - Dr. Selma Gursoy, mother of Ahmet, physician

Belcim Erdogan - Defne Gursoy, sister of Ahmet

Lacin Ceylan - Sevim Gursoy, sister of Sevket and aunt of Ahmet, journalist, married to Mehmet Karayel

Asena Takin - Ruya Gursoy, daughter of Ahmet from Yasemin

;Family of Necdet:

Okan Yalabik - Necdet Aygun, husband of Yasemin, pastry owner

Meltem Parlak - Lale Aygun, sister of Necdet

;Historical figures:

Huseyin Avni Danyal - Adnan Menderes, former Turkish prime minister

Oguz Okul - Albay Tarik Guryay, colonel, commandant of Yassiada

Bari Kocak - Deniz Gezmi, leftist militant

Saygin Soysal - Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Current Turkish prime minister

- Necip Fazil, poet

Oguz Turgut Genc- Huseyin Inan

Murat Zubi- Yusuf Aslan

- Mahir Cayan

- Celal Bayar

- Ismet Inonu

- Harun Karadeniz

;Some minor roles:

Sahnaz Cakiralp - Keriman Kiziltan, lover of Riza, night club singer

Kadir Ozdal - Harun, high school friend of Deniz

Umut Kurt - Yaar, Harun's fiend, marries Iik

Emre Ozcan - Teodolos, Necdet's close friend and business partner

Feride Cetin - Guzide, trained pastry cook

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