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Sila is a new television series directed by Gul Oguz that airs on ATV and ATV Avrupa (Europe).


Sila is a young girl who was born in a village in Mardin and was raised there until her young childhood. When her father, Celil, could no longer afford to keep his daughter, he sold Sila to a wealthy businessman, vowing to retrieve her one day. After a couple of years, Celil told Sila's mother, Bedar, that Sila had died. He did this mainly to keep Sila off of Bedar's mind. Ironically, Sila's step parents had told the same thing to Sila about her real parents.

Many years later, Sila is shown as a full-grown teenager with a boyfriend named Emre in Istanbul. She is living her life at a much higher and wealthier status than her real parents had. Her stepfather is the owner of a large company network, empire as they mention in the show, and lives closely with her step parents on a sea-side villa.

One day, her real brother, Azat, in Mardin fell in love with and married the village's agha's sister, Narin. They tried to run away from the village only to be found and captured by the agha and his men. The village is very strict to their customs, which includes to either kill the runaways, kill the parents of the runaways, or to have the agha marry the runaway's sister. In this case, Azat only has one sister other than Sila, but is barely thirteen years of age. Celil refuses to get her married.

This is when Celil and Azat come up with the idea to bring Sila back to Mardin. They both go on a trip to Istanbul to meet with Sila's step parents and tell Sila about who her real parents were. When Sila finds out that her parents had not died, she decides that she wants to go to Mardin and visit her real family.

Her original plan was to stay for a couple of days, but it turned out that there was a wedding going on between his brother and the agha's sister. Sila was given the honor to accompany Narin in the wedding, but little did she know that it was her own wedding as well. After the traditional dance, Azat takes Sila into an empty room and threatens her, gun in hand, that if she did not marry the agha, Boran, then he would shoot her. He repeatedly told her that "there are two bullets here; one for you and one for me." Out of fear, Sila signed her marriage documents and became legally married with the agha.

Sila tries to escape from Mardin many times. She doesn't understand the strange customs and traditions that the village calls law. She becomes stressed and angry when something happens away from the normal, such as killing runaways. Eventually, Sila falls into love with the kind-hearted agha. She doesn't realize that what she is actually trying to run away from is the growing love between her and Boran.

By the time her chance arrives to escape from Mardin, Sila already understands how much she has changed and how much she loves Boran. Whenever Emre tries to talk to Sila about them getting married, she always replies ''"But I'm already married."


Cansu Dere

Mehmet Akif Alakurt

Zeynep Eronat

Menderes Samancilar

Fato Tez

Fato Sezer

Muhammed Cangoren

Kartal Balaban

Devrim Saltoglu

Cemal Tokta

Boncuk Yilmaz

Tayanc Ayaydin


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