FIRST REACTION To KYUHYUN 규현 '그게 좋은거야 (Time With You)' Special Video

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Title : FIRST REACTION To KYUHYUN 규현 '그게 좋은거야 (Time With You)' Special Video
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Published : 14 Mei 2019
Author : Keiper Bros

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FIRST REACTION to KYUHYUN 규현 '그게 좋은거야 (Time with you)' Special Video

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On today's episode of Keiperbros we for the first time review "KYUHYUN" and his latest song/video "Time with you". This song is extraordinarily calm and peaceful, it gives you almost like a dream-like state listening to it, you get caught into it. Super mellowed out and relaxing, also with the appeal of what he is interested in. Makes for a great track to clear your head with his smooth vocals.


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