Brief guide on how to buy restaurant dinnerware

If you still believe that restaurant dinnerware is just for functional uses, then you need to know the today’s trend by going out and looking around yourself. The restaurant dinnerware adds up the extra glamor to the place, creates a better ambiance, reflects the design and the theme of the place. We have researched a bit and come up with some easy-to-learn tips to buying the dinnerware for your restaurant:

  1. One time investment

If you’re miser about things in life, you can be, that’s your wish. But, you can’t be one in this case. The commercial dinnerware has a heavy use which requires them to be strong yet unique. So, they are generally more expensive than those for personal use. But, don’t worry, buy in bulk from an exclusive collection of Slateplate and get alluring discounts on the purchases. That would save some bucks, for sure! One time investment is all you need, go for it.

  1.   Durable or not?

Commercial dinnerwares are generally expensive if you want to go for better quality. Do you know the reasons? Because of their durability and capability to withstand wear and tear, it doesn’t come cheap.

  1.  The design of the restaurant


It’s all about the theme of the restaurant. If your restaurant serves Chinese cuisine, the typical white plates do just fine. But, when it comes to the concept of Mexican or Italian, the eyes prefer deep and bold colors like black. Then, how about elegant and sleek black slate plates? The bright colored salad looks the best when served on the shiny black slate. And some of them even have customized logo and name imprinted on the plates. Don’t worry if you’re searching the right place, just visit Slateplate.

  1.   Wholesale

The number of pieces is an important point to be considered. It’s not necessarily true that at a time, the whole restaurant is full. But, still, why would you take chance? Purchase the dinnerware with respect to the capacity of the place. Include every other type of mugs, bowls, spoons etc. if you can, make it look sassy. It would retain your customers for sure.

  1.  Replaceability

In the process of use of the dinnerware, at times, it happens that we tend to misuse them and some of them get ruined or broken. What to do next? So, you have to keep the fact in mind about its replaceability. Slateplate helps you the best find the replaceable dinnerware in the case of the miss.
Keeping all the considerations in mind, slateplate is the right choice for you to visit and purchase what your establishment deserves the best. They use the best type of black slate from North America exhibiting qualities like consistency, uniformity, and texture. They deeply believe in quality over quantity. Starting from cheese boards, slate trays to slate plates, you get varied options to choose from. Now, it’s your turn to understand the need and change the outlook of your establishment. All the best!


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