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Hi I am Matthew S. Davis. I am a travel enthusiast, a food lover and an adventurist. I have started travelling with my dad when I was 4 and started travelling solo since I was 16. My idea of traveling is not just to see some places but it is about learning culture, food habits, languages and learn their lifestyles. I have travelled places like India, Vietnam, Japan, South Africa, Germany and many other places.

Travelling has taught me a lot of things and whatever real-life experience I have now, I owe it all to the people I have met during my days at various places. It is not only my passion but it is my way of living my life and this is what given a meaning to my life. Without it, I am nothing.

This blog is about my experiences in travelling and for all those people who are just like me. If you are one of those who can bet their lives for traveling, this blog is perfect for you.

So let the journey begin!


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