Foods You Must Try When You Are Traveling To These Places

Foods habits are different among different people and when you have traveled any particular place, you for sure will encounter a few bizarre foods people are eating. Whatsoever, being a food lover and travel enthusiast myself, I can never stop myself from experimenting new taste buds despite how bizarre it is. Here are a few foods you must try when you are travelling to these places –

  • Fried Spiders (Cambodia) – Spiders are hideous creatures I agree! But, Cambodians love to deep fry these creepy crawlers into hot garlic oil and munch into them every now then. And if you think they prefer normal house spiders, then hey! They prefer the Tarantula variety.
  • Fetal Duck Eggs (Vietnam) – You might have been eating eggs in various forms but heck you haven’t tried this one. These fertilized duck eggs are quite popular snacks among the Vietnamese. The contents are much harder than a conventional boiled egg, with a partially formed duck fetus inside.
  • Bird’s Nest Soup (South-East Asia) – Soups are appetite boosters and this soup variety from South-East Asia will just take you to another world. The soup is made of from the nest of swiftlet bird. Why; because it uses its gummy saliva to build the nest instead of collecting twigs for its bed. It becomes really hard when it’s exposed to air.
  • Casu Marzu (Italy) – Italian food is famous all around the world and this sheep’s milk cheese looks all creamy, cheesy and dreamy. But wait until you hear the full story. It contains thousands of live maggots. Now does it sound appealing enough for you?

So have you made up your mind yet?


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