Make Every Gift One-of-a-Kind With Personalized Wrapping Paper!

Ever forgotten a special event? Or ran out of time and had to improvise a gift? Sometimes those last minute ideas turn into the best gift! In the same way, people will always appreciate the time and thought that you put into something that you have designed and created yourself. Now granted, not everyone is Picasso. So here is a wonderful compromise!

If you want your gift to be unique but are hesitant to give a hand-made gift, why not create some beautiful hand-crafted wrapping paper instead? You can make it as simple or as fancy as you wish. The only limit is your own imagination!

Here’s How to Create Handcrafted Wrapping Paper

Start with some handcrafted wrapping paper. It can be a simple piece of 8 1/2″ x 11″ printer paper, or for larger gifts, dollar-store scrapbook paper works fine. If your gift is larger than a shoebox, you may need to find plain paper by the roll, or use brown parcel wrap for your base. You can use basic white or any colour you like. (Remember, markers will not show up well on a dark background.)

Think of a theme. Pick a theme that complements the gift you have purchased (for a woman’s spa kid, think girlie items like lipstick and nail polish), or choose a theme based on the favorite sport, hobby or pet of the person who will receive the gift (for instance sailing, Nascar or poodles).

Buy supplies. Visit your local craft store or dollar store to find ways to decorate your paper. You can use rubber stamps in whatever fun shapes suit your theme, ribbons or stickers, rub-on decals or decorative scrapbooking bits like die-cuts, stick on bling, buttons etc. Whatever your theme, you should have no problem finding something to suit with a little wandering and a few dollars.

Be creative! Be personal! For a truly personal paper idea, try something as simple as your two-year old’s handprint, or a beloved pet’s pawprint (be sure to use non-toxic paint) stamped in bright colours. Add sparkles or bling, ribbons or stripes, whatever your heart desires.

Here are Some Simple Ideas

For a daughter’s 16th birthday gift, use a pink base paper and decorate with sparkly stickers of cellphones, lipstick and nail polish. use stick-on bling or sparkle glue to add colourful spots and swirls between the stickers.

For your son’s 6th birthday, use a bright green base paper and decorate it with sports themed stickers or die-cuts, draw bright red lines with dashes (reminiscent of baseball lacing) in winding lines across the page.

For Mother’s Day, use pastel paper and find decorations based on china teapots and cupcakes. After the gift is wrapped, tie strips of delicate lace around the gift in a bow.

For Father’s Day, use dark blue paper, and add strips cut so that one edge resembles waves, cut or stamp white triangles back to back (for sails) around a brown stripe (for the mast) and then add rectangles in bright colours to be the hull of each boat. When that is done, lay your wavy strip over the bottom of the boat “hulls” so they seem to be sailing amongst the waves.

For Valentine’s Day, use a plain white paper, dig out a few of your favourite lipstick shades and pucker up. After you have made random lip prints all over the page, write romantic little notes in a silver gel pen with bold block letters. Try things like “SWAK,” “MUAH,” and of course “I LOVE YOU.”

Use your imagination and have fun! With the amount of craft supplies available, very little artistic talent is necessary to create beautiful results.

Remember – be sure to let any wet or sticky bits dry completely before wrapping your gift. You can also use any scrap pieces of paper to make matching tags or labels and then complete the look with a fancy ribbon in a complementary colour.

Now present your gift and watch the smiles of wonder appear! There is nothing that compares to the heartwarming realization that someone cares enough about you to take the time and MAKE something with their own hands for your gift.

Hand-crafted wrapping paper is a wonderful rainy day pastime for you and your children. If you think ahead you can create unique and beautiful wrapping paper for all your upcoming events and have hours of fun doing it!


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