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What I was trying to say was that a diamond logo would rule out 1907, and I mentioned that because GBinOZ had asked about "the chance that it may turn out to be the elusive 1907 model or perhaps a prototype (click for source)". I was not suggesting that lack of a diamond logo would prove much of anything. Prototype 1 crack only.

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Please help and thank you! Dubmood / Razor is featured in the Hotline Miami 2 soundtrack. Prototype 2 crack only razor 1911.

File Size: 5.17 GB / Split 2 parts 4.95 GB Compressed Mirrors: Dropapk, Google Drive, Megaup, Onedrive Live, Uptobox, Torrent. They mostly do demos only now, as their cracker died few years ago: /. This game is the next part of the prototype.

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Complete List Of Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Games [May Update] Here are the hundreds of Xbox 360 games currently available in the backwards compatibility program on Xbox One. Shepherd counters by slamming Soap onto. Aston Martin Vantage I V12 S 2020 Vantage I V12 S 5.9 (362 cui) V12 VIN: SCFEKBCR4FGS01813.


In Razor's Edge Notes as well as found in the novel, it is stated that Darrell was wounded twice

Octo-Tiger models mass transfer in binary systems using a Cartesian adaptive mesh refinement grid. It simulates the evolution of star systems based on a modified fast multipole method (FMM) on adaptive octrees. The code takes shock heating into account and uses the dual energy formalism with an ideal gas equation of state; it also conserves linear and angular momenta to machine precision. Octo-Tiger is implemented in C++ and is parallelized using the High Performance ParalleX (HPX) runtime system.

The Reggie Pepper stories were originally. DreadOut MULTi2-Total War Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai-SKIDROW Feb 12, 2020. The new action-thriller from the award-winning team at Infinity Ward, the creators of the Call of Duty series, delivers the most intense and cinematic action.


Now they just need to crack a real game and we are happy. MidwayUSA is a privately held American retailer of various hunting and outdoor-related products. Prototype is a sandbox-style action game by Radical Entertainment.

TRAINER: 23-07-2020: Enjoy: File Archive [1.0 MB] - Can return a false AV Positive! After that, both father and daughter had walked back to the Rockbell's house, worn out by the encounter - and most of all, determined to vanquish Father and reclaim the stolen bit of soul that had been used to create him, all because. Tony Stewart's All-American Racing v1.0 All No-DVD [SKiDROW] November 20, 2020 - 12: 46am.


Nulike is software for including full event-level information in likelihood calculations for neutrino telescope searches for dark matter annihilation. It includes both angular and spectral information about neutrino events as well as their total number, and can be used for single models without reference to the rest of a parameter space.

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This paper presents an overview and introduction to Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics and Magnetohydrodynamics in theory and in practice. Firstly, we give a basic grounding in the fundamentals of SPH, showing how the equations of motion and energy can be self-consistently derived from the density estimate. We then show how to interpret these equations using the basic SPH interpolation formulae and highlight the subtle difference in approach between SPH and other particle methods. In doing so, we also critique several `urban myths' regarding SPH, in particular the idea that one can simply increase the `neighbour number' more slowly than the total number of particles in order to obtain convergence. We also discuss the origin of numerical instabilities such as the pairing and tensile instabilities. Finally, we give practical advice on how to resolve three of the main issues with SPMHD: removing the tensile instability, formulating dissipative terms for MHD shocks and enforcing the divergence constraint on the particles, and we give the current status of developments in this area. Accompanying the paper is the first public release of the NDSPMHD SPH code, a 1, 2 and 3 dimensional code designed as a testbed for SPH/SPMHD algorithms that can be used to test many of the ideas and used to run all of the numerical examples contained in the paper.


ORBADV adopts a ZEUS-like scheme to solve magnetohydrodynamic equations of motion in a shearing sheet. The magnetic field is discretized on a staggered mesh, and magnetic field variables represent fluxes through zone faces. The code uses obital advection to ensure fast and accurate integration in a large shearing box.

This game is a single player game. We recommend Windows Me and Windows XP users turn on a "System Restore" point before installing. It was developed by Infinity Ward and.


Gillette had been suggesting for years that a three piece razor was adjustable

ORBE performs numerical integration of an arbitrary planetary system composed by a central star and up to 100 planets and minor bodies. ORBE calculates the orbital evolution of a system of bodies by means of the computation of the time evolution of their orbital elements. It is easy to use and is suitable for educational use by undergraduate students in the classroom as a first approach to orbital integrators.

Vortex Razor, I mounted it on an Ar But never got to use it. I have a AR quick release mount or I can give you a mount for a Glock rear sight mount, your choice. TB (1000 GB) $ 7.50/month $ 3.75/month billed annually. Additional Information The DirectX 9.0c runtime cannot be uninstalled.


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P2SAD computes the Particle Phase Space Average Density (P2SAD) in galactic haloes. The model for the calculation is based on the stable clustering hypothesis in phase space, the spherical collapse model, and tidal disruption of substructures.

ORIGIN performs blind detection of faint emitters in MUSE datacubes. The algorithm is tuned to detect faint spatial-spectral emission signatures while allowing for a stable false detection rate over the data cube, and providing in the same time an automated and reliable estimation of the purity. ORIGIN implements a nuisance removal part based on a continuum subtraction combining a Discrete Cosine Transform and an iterative Principal Component Analysis and a detection part based on the local maxima of Generalized Likelihood Ratio test statistics obtained for a set of spatial-spectral profiles of emission line emitters. In addition, it performs a purity estimation in which the proportion of true emission lines is estimated from the data itself: the distribution of the local maxima in the noise only configuration is estimated from that of the local minima.


Public or Shared (NAT) IPv4 Choose between a Public or a Shared (NAT) IPv4 address at no extra cost. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare IIMajorly successful first person. For information on turning on a restore point, please refer to.

The game [PROTOTYPE] is in New York City, how the virus infects humans and military efforts to an end. Sale coupled wheel size and wheelbase. The Pirate Bay also known as the king of the torrents is one of the best and most popular torrent download.


Part 2 Whilst still in the registry editor, expand the Axes folder and find folders 2 and 5, they represent axis Z and Rz respectively. He sees Shepherd and moves in for the kill. Tennis World Tour 2 v1.0 All No-DVD [Codex] Read more.

In an un-dated interview (likely from the 1980s) acquired from the archives of the Stenograph company, an elderly Robert T. Wright discusses the history of his business with Richard Mowers of the National Court Reporters Association. Within the chat, he details how Ward Stone Ireland’s demise actually planted the seeds for the Stenograph’s birth.


Issue #26 new Bernadette Montoya repo owner created an issue 2020-01-29. Additional help links: Contact Us. Close. Download: Torrent search, Download, Crack only.

ORIGAMI is a dynamical method of determining the morphology of particles in a cosmological simulation by checking for whether, and in how many dimensions, a particle has undergone shell-crossing. The code is written in C and makes use of the Delaunay tessellation calculation routines from the VOBOZ package (which relies on the Qhull package).


I have a puzzlement with a Gillette ABC that I have just acquired. The most curious aspects are the bakelite box, the different top of the handle and the apparent lack of a letter in front of the number. As I haven't received the razor (go to website) yet (just couldn't wait to post), the later point will be subject to some future intense scrutiny.

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Nearly 80 years after the first Stenograph Shorthand Machine entered the lives of America’s secretaries and court reporters, the brand has become a proprietary eponym within the culture, a la Kleenex or Band-Aids. The Stenograph company itself (Stenograph LLC, now based in Elmhurst, IL) has also long-since smoked its would-be competitors, owning 90% of the marketplace.

Most model components are held fixed or are tightly constrained. PAHFIT uses Drude profiles to recover the full strength of dust emission features and blends, including the significant power in the wings of the broad emission profiles. This means the resulting feature strengths are larger (by factors of 2-4) than are recovered by methods which estimate the underlying continuum using line segments or spline curves fit through fiducial wavelength anchors.


Download the FUEL-Razor1911 Torrent or choose other FUEL-Razor1911 torrent downloads. Prototype-Razor Prototype-Razor1911 FULL PC ISO MAXSPEED: Year: 2020 Genres: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 3rd Person Developer: Radical Entertainment Publisher: Activision Platform: PC System requirements: OS: Windows XP (with Service Pack 3) and DirectX 9.0c or (Windows Vista with Service Pack 2) Video Card: 256 MB 3D hardware accelerator card required - 100% DirectX 9.0c with Shader Model 3. Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Torrent.

The Pre-History Leading up to Introduction of the Fully Adjustable Razor

The PAL library is a partial re-implementation of Pat Wallace's popular SLALIB library written in C using a Gnu GPL license and layered on top of the IAU's SOFA library (or the BSD-licensed ERFA) where appropriate. PAL attempts to stick to the SLA C API where possible.

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Crack also works with the CLONEDVD release. The Sims 4 Get Together full version is simulation game for PC and free download The. Far Cry 2 v1.3 +17 TRAINER: 01-05-2020: LIRW: File Archive [40 KB] Far Cry 2 v1.03 +19 TRAINER: 05-12-2020: LIRW: File Archive [136 KB] - STEAM Version: Far Cry 2 v1.03 +12 TRAINER: 17-10-2020: Baracuda: File Archive [4.4 MB] - Can return a false AV Positive.


Xilinx 12.4 License File. Set within the fictional Liberty City (based on New York City), the single-player story follows a war veteran, Niko Bellic, and his attempts to. Truth's surprise at seeing a mortal soul promising to help him had been amusing, Ari had to admit, but easily understandable now that they knew the being's story.

Other than some directory entries in 1920 showing an American Button Company in New York City at 1123 Broadway and another in 1922 in Rochester, NY, I can't find any further information on them after the fire and subsequent lawsuits, but that doesn't mean all that much on its own. They wouldn't have been forced to close through any means other than bankruptcy anyway, though. And even when companies do go bankrupt their assets, including brands, are most often acquired by other companies, as Aschecte is suggesting above. It's entirely possible that their negligence being cited would have limited or eliminated entirely their ability to claim against their insurance policies, leaving few options for them to rebuild their business afterwards.


Mass Effect Legendary Edition remaster releases this May

This is only (additional info) my second post but I have been "lurking" around many of the shaving forums for some time. However, this is the only one that I have joined as a member. I'd firstly like to thank some members whose advice has been especially helpful - alex2363, Chief Broom, Achim and mdevine.

While this thread is active, can I ask ABC experts to review American_Button_Co_Pocket_Editions on the wiki? I tried to pull in some of the knowledge from this thread, including the sighting of a D7xxxxx. Should the production dates be 1908-1917?


It appears that I have jumped the gun. I just found the box - I was looking in the wrong era. It is on mr-razor as a 1949 Tech Set No27, so it is mismatched.

Scene: 1839 uprising of slaves aboard Amistad, taken to New Haven, trial, eventually repatriated back to West Africa. Same money used to found college that was used for the defense.


We have constructed a grid of non-LTE disk models for a wide range of black hole mass and mass accretion rate, for several values of viscosity parameter alpha, and for two extreme values of the black hole spin: the maximum-rotation Kerr black hole, and the Schwarzschild (non-rotating) black hole. Our procedure calculates self-consistently the vertical structure of all disk annuli together with the radiation field, without any approximations imposed on the optical thickness of the disk, and without any ad hoc approximations to the behavior of the radiation intensity. The total spectrum of a disk is computed by summing the spectra of the individual annuli, taking into account the general relativistic transfer function. The grid covers nine values of the black hole mass between M = 1/8 and 32 billion solar masses with a two-fold increase of mass for each subsequent value; and eleven values of the mass accretion rate, each a power of 2 times 1 solar mass/year. The highest value of the accretion rate corresponds to 0/3 Eddington. We show the vertical structure of individual annuli within the set of accretion disk models, along with their local emergent flux, and discuss the internal physical self-consistency of the models. We then present the full disk-integrated spectra, and discuss a number of observationally interesting properties of the models, such as optical/ultraviolet colors, the behavior of the hydrogen Lyman limit region, polarization, and number of ionizing photons. Our calculations are far from definitive in terms of the input physics, but generally we find that our models exhibit rather red optical/UV colors. Flux discontinuities in the region of the hydrogen Lyman limit are only present in cool, low luminosity models, while hotter models exhibit blueshifted changes in spectral slope.

Yes, it’s not good to have a brand new gun not function properly right out of the box. In this particular situation, it seems to be a rather common issue and an even easier fix. A few dollars (mine cost $4) for what is likely the most common recoil spring on the market, and the gun runs perfectly fine. These are for people who like to tinker and don’t mind dealing with an issue that might arise.


Oxkat semi-automatically performs calibration and imaging of data from the MeerKAT radio telescope. Taking as input raw visibilities in Measurement Set format, the entire processing workflow is covered, from flagging and reference calibration, to imaging and self-calibration, and (optionally) direction-dependent calibration. The oxkat scripts use Python, and draw on numerous existing radio astronomy packages, including CASA (ascl:1107/013), WSClean (ascl:1408/023), and CubiCal (ascl:1805/031), among others, that are containerized using Singularity. Submission scripts for slurm and PBS job schedulers are automatically generated where necessary, catering for HPC facilities that are commonly used for processing MeerKAT data.

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Installing: 1. Delete for previous mods from your SimCityData and SimCityUserData. PROTOTYPE CRACK ONLY RAZOR rar skype webcam hack Ufc Undisputed 3 Manual Ps3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is a first person shooter video game and is the sixth installment in the Call of Duty series.

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Razor Serial Numbers were impressed on all Gillette razors (see this site) from 1904 until 1921, and on deluxe models from 1921 until 1931 (except for a period in 1927-28). This corresponds to the time King Gillette was directly associated with the business, and may have been at his insistence. These serial numbers were on the top of the guard, or sometimes the inner barrel. There were no razor (https://middleeastexplorer.com/serial-code/?file=985) serial numbers from 1931 until 1951.


There were no razor serial numbers from 1931 until 1951

Download Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Keygen and get your game key now for free. Name (Order by: Uploaded, Size, ULed by, SE, LE) View: Single / Double. See more ideas about racer, cyclekart, antique cars.

Picktorrent: razor1911 - Free Search and Download Torrents at search. Sound Card: DirectX(R) c compliant. I run windows vista 32bit.


OBERON (OBliquity and Energy balance Run on N-body systems) models the climate of Earthlike planets under the effects of an arbitrary number and arrangement of other bodies, such as stars, planets and moons. The code, written in C++, simultaneously computes N body motions using a 4th order Hermite integrator, simulates climates using a 1D latitudinal energy balance model, and evolves the orbital spin of bodies using the equations of Laskar (1986a,b).

NuRadioMC simulates ultra-high energy neutrino detectors that rely on the radio detection method, which exploits the radio emission generated in the electromagnetic component of a particle shower following a neutrino interaction. The code simulates the neutrino interaction in a medium, subsequent Askaryan radio emission, propagation of the radio signal to the detector and the detector response. NuRadioMC is a Monte Carlo framework that combines flexibility in detector design with user-friendliness. It includes an event generator, improved modeling of the radio emission, a revisited approach to signal propagation, and increased flexibility and precision in the detector simulation.



Mass Effect Legendary Edition rebalancing certain gameplay elements in the interest of unity

Patrick's son Gerald Murphy, having just graduated from Yale, had come to work at Mark Cross in 1912. He would stay six years there before moving to France and becoming a key figure of what came to be known as the Lost Generation. His work at Mark Cross would inspire two of his best known paintings, including The Razor (https://middleeastexplorer.com/serial-code/?file=4728) in 1924. Gerald would later appear as Scott Fitzgerald's protagonist in Tender is the Night.


NICOLE, written in Fortran 90, seeks the model atmosphere that provides the best fit to the Stokes profiles (in a least-squares sense) of an arbitrary number of simultaneously-observes spectral lines from solar/stellar atmospheres. The inversion core used for the development of NICOLE is the LORIEN engine (the Lovely Reusable Inversion ENgine), which combines the SVD technique with the Levenberg-Marquardt minimization method to solve the inverse problem.

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NOD3 processes and analyzes maps from single-dish observations affected by scanning effects from clouds, receiver instabilities, or radio-frequency interference. Its “basket-weaving” tool combines orthogonally scanned maps into a final map that is almost free of scanning effects. A restoration tool for dual-beam observations reduces the noise by a factor of about two compared to the NOD2 version. Combining single-dish with interferometer data in the map plane ensures the full recovery of the total flux density.


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Insure your classic Find a classic car dealer Sign up to our newsletter. The Prologue v1.0 All No-DVD [DARKSIDERS] Read more. In folder 2 (the Z axis), find "Attributes 01 81 00 00 01 00 32 00" and change it to "Attributes 01 81 00 00 01 00 35 00".

OMEGA (One-zone Model for the Evolution of GAlaxies) calculates the global chemical evolution trends of galaxies. From an input star formation history, it uses SYGMA to create as a function of time multiple simple stellar populations with different masses, ages, and initial compositions. OMEGA offers several prescriptions for modeling the star formation efficiency and the evolution of galactic inflows and outflows. OMEGA is part of the NuGrid (ascl:1610/015) chemical evolution package.


Obit is a group of software packages for handling radio astronomy data, especially interferometric and single dish OTF imaging. Obit is primarily an environment in which new data processing algorithms can be developed and tested but which can also be used for production processing of a certain range of scientific problems. The package supports both prepackaged, compiled tasks and a python interface to the major class functionality to allow rapid prototyping using python scripts; it allows access to multiple disk -resident data formats, in particular access to either AIPS disk data or FITS files. Obit applications are interoperable with Classic AIPS and the ObitTalk python interface gives access to AIPS tasks as well as Obit libraries and tasks.

Sales figures for the Mark Cross as reported by company representatives should be taken with dump truck loads of salt. According to William Walker New York City's entire allocation of 100,000 razors (his explanation) was sold out the first day. New England allocation of 900,000 razors within the first few days as well. Unfilled orders were said to total 2 million (figures which would exceed cumulative Gillette sales).


Clicking the second download button you can download the full version of Prototype 2 (No need to download Prototype 2. Prototype 2 no cd crack Prototype 2 crack dlc Prototype 2 crack free download Prototype 2 cracked Download Prototype 2 Crack Prototype 2 Skidrow. Frech cuts and carry bevels. I love that I can help people who I wouldn't normally have direct access to, get stronger for other endeavors they have in their life.

NGMIX implements Gaussian mixture models for 2D images. Both the PSF profile and the galaxy are modeled using mixtures of Gaussians. Convolutions are thus performed analytically, resulting in fast model generation as compared to methods that perform the convolution in Fourier space. For the galaxy model, NGMIX supports exponential disks and de Vaucouleurs and Sérsic profiles; these are implemented approximately as a sum of Gaussians using the fits from Hogg & Lang (2021). Additionally, any number of Gaussians can be fit, either completely free or constrained to be cocentric and co-elliptical.

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Nightfall is an astronomy application for fun, education, and science. It can produce animated views of eclipsing binary stars, calculate synthetic lightcurves and radial velocity curves, and eventually determine the best-fit model for a given set of observational data of an eclipsing binary star system.


For the first run, a configuration file is used to modify orbit host selection and the region around orbit host used for the superset of orbiting halos. Each orbit host has a orbit forest (containing halos that passed within the region of interest); the code generates a pre-processed catalog which contains a superset of orbiting halo for each identified orbit host. The second run uses the file list generated in the first stage for the creation of the orbit catalog, which is the final output.

Nyx code solves equations of compressible hydrodynamics on an adaptive grid hierarchy coupled with an N-body treatment of dark matter. The gas dynamics in Nyx use a finite volume methodology on an adaptive set of 3-D Eulerian grids; dark matter is represented as discrete particles moving under the influence of gravity. Particles are evolved via a particle-mesh method, using Cloud-in-Cell deposition/interpolation scheme. Both baryonic and dark matter contribute to the gravitational field. In addition, Nyx includes physics for accurately modeling the intergalactic medium; in optically thin limits and assuming ionization equilibrium, the code calculates heating and cooling processes of the primordial-composition gas in an ionizing ultraviolet background radiation field.


Prototype razor crack only download nicki Database Application Programming with Linux download pdf Assimil el nuevo japones sin esfuerzo tomo 2 pdf sivieri vivian grammatica greca pdf download Powered by TCPDF ([HOST]) 4 / 4. To copy the download to your computer for installation at a later time, click Save or Save this program to disk. Don't try to use them online else your account can/will be banned/closed!

Prototype 2 skidrow crack [HOST] 1 Year CD Rates dota 2 beta keygen crack razor rar As of: 07/13/ front mission evolved skidrow crack only. Coaches & Professionals There are thousands of people. The storyline of this game is simply amazing.


Many thanks to the Royal Armouries for allowing me to film and disassemble this very scarce trials rifle! The NFC collection there – perhaps the best military small arms collection in Western Europe – is available by appointment to researchers, and you can browse the various Armouries collections online.

Lange retouched the photo (removing the thumb). Didn't ask the ethnicity of the mother.


Processor: Intel Pentium D 2.6GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ 3. Memory: 1GB RAM (2GB for Vista) 4. Free Disk Space: 8GB 5. Video Card: Shader Model 3.0 and 256MB RAM (ATI Radeon X1600/nVidia GeForce 6800) 6. Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Recommended System Requirements: 1. Operating System: Windows XP/ Vista 2. Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ 3. Memory: 2GB RAM. The Animus 2.0, a new version of the machine of the same name present in Assassin's Creed, provides in-game context for changes and additions to several game elements. The hardening is accomplished by heating the blade to a cherry-red heat and suddenly quenching it in cold water, which.

Pangloss reconstructs all the mass within a light cone through the Universe. Understanding complex mass distributions like this is important for accurate time delay lens cosmography, and also for accurate lens magnification estimation. It aspires to use all available data in an attempt to make the best of all mass maps.


Try this, or just search for. Judson's system failed to catch on, and he sold only 20, all to the US mail service as bag fasteners. Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Repack Black Box; Prototype RIP PocketGames; LEGO The Lord of the Rings RePack PC Game; The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Repack Black Box; Just Cause 2 (PC/MulTi2) RePack; Left 4 Dead 2 Razor 1911; Motorama RELOADED; Silent Hill 4: The Room RIP Version; Valkyria Chronicles RIP Version; Outlast Repack – Faction Manager.

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Robert Wright himself remained in his role as president of Stenograph until retiring in 1978, and he never completely separated himself from its operations. Back in the 1960s, he also co-founded the College of Lake County in Grayslake, IL (where he eventually served as Chairman during the mid 1970s), and created the Stenograph Research Foundation at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston.


Consumerism: Ads, three giggling girls, woman on the left with a lot of makeup. The commercial transaction framed like it is an ad itself. The viewer is placed on the street level, looking up at the ads with everyone else.

P2DFFT is a parallelized version of 2DFFT (ascl:1608/015). It isolates and measures the spiral arm pitch angle of galaxies. The code allows direct input of FITS images, offers the option to output inverse Fourier transform FITS images, and generates idealized logarithmic spiral test images of a specified size that have 1 to 6 arms with pitch angles of -75 degrees to 75 degrees. Further, it can output Fourier amplitude versus inner radius and pitch angle versus inner radius for each Fourier component (m = 0 to m = 6), and calculates the Fourier amplitude weighted mean pitch angle across m = 1 to m = 6 versus inner radius.


Prototype 2 is a world of action. RAZOR games, cracks and comments - Razor (also known as RZR and RazorDOX) was founded in, to crack software for Commodore 64, but also had a major presence in the Amiga and the IBM PC warez scenes. Players will never be bored while playing this [HOST] can also Red Alert 2.

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ODUSSEAS (Observing Dwarfs Using Stellar Spectroscopic Energy-Absorption Shapes) uses machine learning to derive the Teff and [Fe/H] of M dwarf stars by using their optical spectra obtained by different spectrographs with different resolutions. The software uses the measurement of the pseudo equivalent widths for more than 4000 stellar absorption lines and the machine learning Python package scikit-learn (https://scikit-learn.org/stable/) to predict the stellar parameters.


Wikiarms.com Search Engine Results

Incidentally, the Hedman Company came out with its own shorthand machine years later, and tried to undercut Stenograph in the process. It failed and quickly disappeared.

—Stenographic Machines, Inc. v. Federal Trade Commission, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit

NPTFit is a specialized Python/Cython package that implements Non-Poissonian Template Fitting (NPTF), originally developed for characterizing populations of unresolved point sources. It offers fast evaluation of likelihoods for NPTF analyses and has an easy-to-use interface for performing non-Poissonian (as well as standard Poissonian) template fits using MultiNest (ascl:1109/006) or other inference tools. It allows inclusion of an arbitrary number of point source templates, with an arbitrary number of degrees of freedom in the modeled flux distribution, and has modules for analyzing and plotting the results of an NPTF.


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Gillette Blade Date Codes (and earlier lot systems) were imprinted on one side of the blade as a series of letters and/ or numbers, or on the cartridge. The blade system adopted in 1931 is still in use today, and was used on razors as well after 1950. All the coding systems are listed below.

Search only Safety Razors

Subsonics are surprisingly low recoil and low percussion. The linear compensator works very well. The "Grip-N-Rip" charging handle is amazing. I upgraded the trigger to a Triggertech Diamond for less trigger travel and a shorter reset. Still waiting for delivery of a Dead Air Nomad-L to complete the package. I'm expecting scary quiet, <120db.


Challenging tradition: colors "Magnificently vulgar" she said. Exploring: scale, reference interior, exterior, mass, space, convex as concave. At four colors, bright blue, suggesting space surrounding central motif.

In 1989, roughly a decade before his death, Eastern Illinois awarded Wright an honorary doctorate for his years of public service and creative business leadership. Around the same time, Stenograph left Skokie for a new facility in Mt. Prospect. It would remain there for 20 years, before relocating to its current HQ, 596 W. Lamont Rd. in Elmhurst, in 2009.


Finally, in 1958 Gillette had solved the blade loading and adjustablity problems using engineering and marketing focus groups to produce a widely available, low cost solution to the problems. Gillette now had a one size fits all razor blade holder that could provide almost all individuals with a great shave albeit with some exposure settings experimentation on the consumer's part. The widely popular Fatboy was born!

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Orbfit determines positions and orbital elements, and associated uncertainties, of outer solar system planets. The orbit-fitting procedure is greatly streamlined compared with traditional methods because acceleration can be treated as a perturbation to the inertial motion of the body. Orbfit quickly and accurately calculates orbital elements and ephemerides and their associated uncertainties for targets ≳ 10 AU from the Sun and produces positional estimates and uncertainty ellipses even in the face of the substantial degeneracies of short-arc orbit fits; the sole a priori assumption is that the orbit should be bound or nearly so.


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It can also handle “strange stars” that have a huge density discontinuity between the quark matter and the covering thin baryonic crust. NSCool solves the heat transport and energy balance equations in whole GR, resulting in a time sequence of temperature profiles (and, in particular, a Teff - age curve). Several heating processes are included, and more can easily be incorporated. In particular it can evolve a star undergoing accretion with the resulting deep crustal heating, under a steady or time-variable accretion rate. NSCool is robust, very fast, and highly modular, making it easy to add new subroutines for new processes.

Octgrav is a very fast tree-code which runs on massively parallel Graphical Processing Units (GPU) with NVIDIA CUDA architecture. The algorithms are based on parallel-scan and sort methods. The tree-construction and calculation of multipole moments is carried out on the host CPU, while the force calculation which consists of tree walks and evaluation of interaction list is carried out on the GPU. In this way, a sustained performance of about 100GFLOP/s and data transfer rates of about 50GB/s is achieved. It takes about a second to compute forces on a million particles with an opening angle of $ heta approx 0/5$.


OpacityTool computes dust opacities for disc modelling; it includes a number of robust facts obtained from observations and theory and goes beyond astronomical silicates. It provides output files with κext(λ),κabs(λ),κsca(λ) as a function of wavelength λ, and the 6 scattering matrix elements for randomly oriented particles, F11(λ,θ), F12(λ,θ), F22(λ,θ), F33(λ, θ), F34(λ, θ), F44(λ, θ) as functions of wavelength and scattering angle θ.

Nfield uses a stochastic formalism to compute the IR correlation functions of quantum fields during cosmic inflation in n-field dimensions. This is a necessary 1-loop resummation of the correlation functions to render them finite. The code supports the implementation of n-numbers of coupled test fields (energetically sub-dominant) as well as non-test fields.


OMNICAL calibrates antennas in the redundant subset of the array. The code consists of two algorithms, a logarithmic method (logcal) and a linearized method (lincal). OMNICAL makes visibilities from physically redundant baselines agree with each other and also explicitly minimizes the variance within redundant visibilities.


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The library structure simplifies the inclusion of non-standard cosmological models. Besides the functions related to cosmological quantities, this library also implements mathematical and statistical tools. The former were developed to enable the inclusion of other probes and/or theoretical models and to optimize the codes. The statistical framework comprises algorithms which define likelihood functions, minimization, Monte Carlo, Fisher Matrix and profile likelihood methods.


OSPEX (Object Spectral Executive) is an object-oriented interface for X-ray spectral analysis of solar data. The next generation of SPEX (ascl:2007/017), it reads and displays input data, selects and subtracts background, selects time intervals of interest, selects a combination of photon flux model components to describe the data, and fits those components to the spectrum in each time interval selected. During the fitting process, the response matrix is used to convert the photon model to the model counts to compare with the input count data. The resulting time-ordered fit parameters are stored and can be displayed and analyzed with OSPEX. The entire OSPEX session can be saved in the form of a script and the fit results stored in the form of a FITS file. Part of the SolarSoft (ascl:1208/013) package, OSPEX works with any type of data structured in the form of time-ordered count spectra; RHESSI, Fermi, SOXS, MESSENGER, Yohkoh, SMM, and SMART data analysis have all been implemented in OSPEX.

Blade Loading Mechanism: At the beginning of the 1930's Gillette was toying with the idea of a quick opening mechanism. By providing an innovative product, not only could Gillette increase customer satisfaction, but they could protect their markets though proprietary intellectual property. Before the twist-to-open knob, Gillette envisioned activated "cap" doors that would open exposing an area to accept a razor (discover more here) blade. This was the birth of the toggle lever. However, the toggle lever would be phased out completely by 1961 after first being exposed to the public in June of 1956. The twist-to-open mechanism would become the undisputed top method of opening the head of the razor for blade loading. The twist-to-open mechanism was also important to Gillette in that if consumers had a simple easy mechanism to change their blades, they would do so more frequently and thereby increase Gillette's sales.


Comments(392) Previous post: The Legend of Crystal Valley-SKIDROW. The development of the game started in the beginning of the year 2020. Far Cry 2 v1.3 +17 TRAINER: 01-05-2020: LIRW: File Archive [40 KB] Far Cry 2 v1.03 +19 TRAINER: 05-12-2020: LIRW.

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Assassin's Creed II takes place in an open world with nonlinear gameplay, allowing the player to roam freely within several regions throughout late fifteenth-century Italy such as Venice, Florence, and the Tuscan countryside. A banker (firm Ironside and Belchier) at the sign of the Black Lion in Lombard Street. It was released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles on 29 April 2020, and for Microsoft Windows on 2 December 2020.

The Stellar Yields for Galactic Modeling Applications module (SYGMA) models the enrichment and feedback of simple stellar populations which can be included in hydrodynamic simulations and semi-analytic models of galaxies. It is the basic building block of the One-zone Model for the Evolution of GAlaxies (OMEGA, ascl:1806/018) module which models the chemical evolution of galaxies such as the Milky Way and its dwarf satellites. The STELLAB (STELLar ABundances) module provides a library of observed stellar abundances useful for comparing predictions of SYGMA and OMEGA.


NOVAS is an integrated package of subroutines and functions for computing various commonly needed quantities in positional astronomy. The package can provide, in one or two subroutine or function calls, the instantaneous coordinates of any star or planet in a variety of coordinate systems. At a lower level, NOVAS also supplies astrometric utility transformations, such as those for precession, nutation, aberration, parallax, and the gravitational deflection of light. The computations are accurate to better than one milliarcsecond. The NOVAS package is an easy-to-use facility that can be incorporated into data reduction programs, telescope control systems, and simulations.

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