Just days before the 2020 election the bureaucratic forces behind the original claim of Russian hacking of state election-related websites in 2020 launched a new drive to spawn fears of Moscow-made. Emily Rokke November 19, 2020. At the beginning of the game, we embrace power over a small village. Also there are no cheat codes or anything similar, since this is a multiplayer game.

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Strategically, Congress has established clear guidance, consolidated authorities, and restructured US institutions to strengthen security cooperation as a tool serving diplomacy, development, and defense globally. Although US military leadership has historically underestimated the expertise and time required to successfully support partner states’ efforts to improve their security sector, there is broad support for new, more holistic, approaches. USAFRICOM, in particular, is well positioned to dismantle misconceptions concerning developing state partners and better realize its mission to act by, with, and through African partners to resolve issues of mutual concern: violent extremists, maritime security, and general insecurity. The Combatant Commands, in the midst of strategic and structural reform efforts, possess the opportunity to press for operational and tactical level reforms that save taxpayers money and improve the effectiveness of security cooperation. The current COVID pandemic has forced Combatant Commands to idle many of its direct engagements with partners in the short term as all, understandably, focus on the pandemic crisis at hand. There may never be a better time to develop US capability and capacity at the operational level to understand and engage our state partners. To do so, the Combatant Commands will have to divest of practices that have seldom worked and commit to new approaches to training, actualizing, assessing, and measuring success.

Elves as a race are deeply rooted in the natural world. They live and breathe magic, existing in close harmony with nature. This is reflected in their city buildings, which are both functional and aesthetic and sometimes even alive, like the stone-harvesting Golems or plank-producing Treants.


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Since the Foreign Assistance Act passed in 1961, the US Department of State has traditionally led US security assistance to train, equip, and assist foreign partners, in cooperation with agencies, to include the Department of Defense (DoD). In practice, however, the US military is the largest implementer of international security assistance and cooperation, usually charged with improving Partner Nation capability in the security sector so as to “create space” for diplomacy and development efforts. Echoing the sentiments of Mr. Gates, the DoD was not designed to collaborate easily with US development and diplomacy efforts in countries facing complex security environments. Historically, military leadership has been hesitant to draw focus away from traditional military operations to invest in advancing its foreign capacity-building expertise and processes. This hesitancy has resulted in a disproportionally large pool of well-meaning, forward-leaning novices bent on doing, compared to few experienced security cooperation professionals guiding the process.


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Conducting security cooperation is no place for well-meaning but untrained and inexperienced generalists working in silos. It is the manifestation of US policy into concrete action and requires the same professionalism and teamwork the US military nurtures for more kinetic manifestations of US policy. Successful security cooperation requires understanding of both US and African intent, military and government structures and cultures, and a high degree of collaboration between the embassies, Combatant Command, and DC-based institutions.

The US provided C-208 fixed-wing reconnaissance aircraft and Command and Control (C2) equipment to Niger, Chad, and Cameroon to support counter-Boko Haram operations from 2021-2021. The security cooperation programs related to these capabilities included two small aircraft, a building, communications gear, computers and training, and was designed based on US doctrinal-norms. This regional program provided a natural experiment, with the same basic security cooperation packages and trainers implementing the same set of capabilities with three small francophone states. For all three, US planners did not fully account for the partner states’ lack of a joint culture and failed to consider to what degree these partners would need to reorganize and find national resources to successfully use this equipment through its full lifecycle (fielding, sustainment, and disposal). During the delivery and fielding phase, the US realized these partners did not have a way to generate operators independently; one or two “train the trainer” courses would not suffice. Therefore, the US launched a second significant capability build using a combination of workshops, advisors and episodic training, to enable Chad, Cameroon and Niger to independently operate.


Make sure you produce a lot of Goods whose production you can boost. Use your Trader to exchange those surplus Goods for Goods from other players. If the market is currently a bit empty, you can use the Wholesaler within your Trader building to supply yourself with the bare necessities. Of course, you can also always build a Manufactory that produces the Goods you need, but that is not your best option since it takes a long time and requires space in your city you could use for other buildings.

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It’s also important to recognize developing states may be cautious in changing their military to reflect a US model. The militaries of African states often include a shadow of the structure and tradition imposed by bygone colonial powers and the potential to upset civilian governance. Simply put, US security cooperation personnel should not be shocked if partner leadership doesn’t readily accept American advice to streamline (and empower) security forces. For the US, working with countries that follow the Francophone model of the military, gendarmerie, and law enforcement, is difficult because it doesn’t cleanly match the structure and legal framework guiding the US military, Coast Guard, and law enforcement. Unable or unwilling to invest in significant reorganization for more reasons than they articulate to US officers, partner states may opt to keep existing force structures and purposely restrict joint coordinated action to the highest levels of the Ministry of Defense or the Executive Branch. In some cases, partner leadership may be purposely using limited pay, poor training and equipping, to maintain control over the military. In Cote d’Ivoire, for example, President Boigny, known as the “Sage of Africa,” kept the army weak throughout the difficult process of gaining independence from France and thereby successfully ushered in a 20-year period of economic prosperity. Regardless of the reason, without civilian and political support for a more capable military, no amount of US training and equipping will be sufficient to measurably or sustainably improve military capability.

McNerney, Michael J. Assessing Security Cooperation as a Preventive Tool. Santa Monica, California: RAND, 2021.


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After many millennia, the ancient and untouched world of Elvenar seems ready to be explored once again, having recovered from its previous inhabitants. A new era dawns for your people. Choose either Elves or Humans and create a lush city in the city builder game Elvenar. Both races rely on the vision and leadership of you as their new ruler.


Choose either Elves or Humans and create a lush city in the city builder game Elvenar

I don’t want Elvenar to play any music. Is there a way to turn the music off?

Totem 2: Travel west to a tribal camp on a high cliff overlooking the water. For decades, Precious Moments figurines have been helping share the gift of love with figurines that make the perfect thoughtful gift for every occasion. We Can All Play Apart Together - A message from Mod Pips Community 09 April 2020. Get free tribal wars scripts. Sep 25, 2020 - Explore Tom's board "Tribal Cover up" on Pinterest.


Our advice: Keep a balance of where your Culture Bonus comes from. Try to reach the first or second bonus step on your own by building enough Cultural Buildings. Your neighbors can then polish your Cultural Buildings to increase the culture output temporarily to reach the third or even the maximum bonus step. It won’t do your town any good to build too many Cultural Buildings, so you should help to establish a neighborhood where everyone helps his neighbors rather than trying to get the maximum bonus on your own.

Lastly, developing states tend, for political and practical reasons, to develop and emphasize “Special Forces” or “Presidential Guards” structures that enable them to concentrate training and resources into smaller, more elite organizations reporting directly to the President and/or senior staff rather than the Ministry of Defense. In the US, military command flows from the President to the Secretary of Defense down to the most junior recruit. The default for US senior military engagements is to identify the Chief of Defense, as the highest-ranked officer in a nation’s armed forces, and assume that individual has a similar range of authorities and control as their US counterparts, neglecting significant but parallel security or paramilitary power structures. Divergent organizational structures create confusion and frustration, as the US may not be communicating with the appropriate powerbroker. The consequences of communicating with the wrong individual and failing to understand the partner’s organizational dynamics can result in wasted time and money, and lead to negative feelings about US assistance.


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Most personnel assigned to USAFRICOM are not Africa or security cooperation experts. Reforming security cooperation at the operational level presents a common challenge for every regional command because they are staffed with military members that are rightly focused on developing skills within their particular career field, except for the few region-focused foreign area officers. The lack of Africa or security cooperation expertise, however, can lead to the sense that the AFRICOM Headquarters is disengaged from Africa itself, turning the cogs of military bureaucracy without being all that invested or interested in the result. The current workforce should be balanced by recruiting more Africa and security cooperation experts into key staff positions, and by encouraging continuing education to develop expertise even if only for the benefit of a single tour. Encourage those flagged to be in security cooperation positions to take advantage of the Defense Security Cooperation Certification program. The current pause in security cooperation-related engagements and personnel working from home provide time and space for these personnel to complete this critical training.

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Despite these substantive reforms, the formidable task of implementing processes at the operational level remains and represents a significant opportunity for Combatant Commands to shape the future of security cooperation. Sun Tzu’s classic insight, to “Know thy self,” is the first step in any military endeavor. To achieve success in security cooperation, it’s critical the US expand this exercise to include its state partners.


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Common requests include support in developing a Military Intelligence Corps, developing a Counter-Improvised Explosive Devise (C-IED) capability, acquiring new transportation or reconnaissance aircraft, or expanding the size of security forces for border security or to contribute to peacekeeping efforts. A primer on the most common requests could propagate best practices, encourage interoperability, and/or gently nudge partners toward more sustainable versions of the capability they are trying to achieve.


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Regional multinational organizations provide a barrier against “might makes right” justification of larger states, and provide, in conjunction with international law, an arena to mitigate interstate conflict. This is a useful forum as developing states navigate the demands of international powers, historic ties to Europe, and demands of their own state and peoples.


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The ancient Elvenar will not be pleased to hear this, but your wish is their command. You can tell them to stop singing by accessing the game settings menu from the bottom right of your screen. Simply click on the “gear wheel” and then on the icon showing a musical note. You can also turn off the game sounds from the settings menu.

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The number of citizens increases when you place or upgrade residential buildings. Most of the time upgrading will be easier than finding a new spot for another building, so it is recommended you look for possible upgrades first.


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At the top of the list is the challenge of mirror imaging bias. According to a 2021 RAND study, the more similar a state is to the size, economy and political organization of the United States, the easier it is for the two systems to interact. Broadly speaking, security cooperation has been more successful in democratic states with stronger state institutions, good governance and greater state capacity, such as Latin America or Europe, than in states with more authoritarian regimes, or “low state reach,” such as states in the Middle East or Africa. The majority of African nations in particular, occupying the spectrum between developed and developing countries, tend to be among the US’s most challenging security cooperation partners.

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To be able to interact with another player, besides writing messages, you need to first find the place where he lives by scouting the surrounding area. Once you have discovered a new player, you can visit his or her city by clicking on it and then give some neighborly help! In addition, trading with this player will be a lot cheaper since the trader fee on his or her offers will be removed. Maybe this player produces and trades exactly those Goods you need – just visit the city and check it out!


An elven artist will only accept the best available tools and supplies for his profession. Elven workshops take great care to offer only products of highest quality.

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