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There were a lot of great characters this year, but Natsume was far and away my favorite to watch grow and change. When we first meet her, she's an earnest girl with a dream of entering the frontlines against Gadoll attacks. Her elders and peers have repeatedly attempted to veer her away from this choice because she uses a prosthetic arm. The technology is far from graceful and she finds herself sequestered to clean-up duty. But Natsume doesn't give up, even when her enthusiasm makes others uncomfortable who wish she'd just maintain the status quo. She refuses to see her prosthetic as a hindrance and has to grapple with others perceiving her as a burden. I was certainly caught up in Natsume's determination and it was refreshing to see someone adapt what others saw as a hindrance into a boon that made her more capable than most for the career she wanted. Also, she makes very good cartoon faces.

The Best Anime of 2021 Nick, Rebecca, Steve & Best Characters

The anime, while consistently good, hasn't always quite lived up to its source material(Sword Oratoria's depiction of Lefiya comes to mind), but the third season absolutely knocked it out ofthe park. That's because, while it did gloss over a few bits and pieces, it was ultimately true to the pointof the story arc: that change is hard and scary and the real heroes are the ones who can stand up to allof that, while also understanding that changing the minds of everyone may not be possible. DanMachi –and any fantasy title, really – is in a uniquely good position to explore this without getting out the ol'Sledgehammer of Symbolism because the setup of most fantasy fiction already has beings that arecalled monsters. In the case of this series, the Adventurers have been fighting the monsters in thedungeon since basically chapter one – it's pretty much what Adventurers do in the Dungeon. And anynon-human being in the Dungeon therefore must be a monster, right?


All of this, and Haru is just as funny, likeable, and compelling as any of hermale counterparts on the show. BEASTARS' greatest flaw in my book is that it doesn't give Haru more todo in the story, but what we do get is still head and shoulders above most of the competition. I know themanga just finished, but I would be the first fan on board if Studio Orange went ahead and just madetheir own spin-off that is just all about Haru. Come on Netflix, you know it's a great idea! Just make sureto make the royalty checks out to James Beckett when the idea makes you a billion dollars.

It's also just super funny, with a self-deprecating humor when it comes to its cast of diehard idol fans that captures the vibe of modern-day fandom better than any other piece of media I've seen. There's a self-awareness to its portrayal of both the awkward and euphoric parts of being a fan that both acknowledges and embraces just how silly it can seem to outsiders, while never shaming its characters for the passion or dedication they embody. Even as it prods at the thornier, harsher aspects of fan devotion it manages to find the kernels of human sympathy at the core of it all, and it succeeded in opening my perspective to a community I thought I'd never really understand. It's not perfect, but OshiBudo manages to charm me by being its unabashed self, and there's nothing else quite like it.

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That reveal fully delivers and then some; a glorious moment that had me howling like ahyena as our wayward hero stood slack-jawed, finally realizing just how deep into her webhe's crawled without realizing it. And really, who could blame him? From her striking eyes andfashion sense to Maaya Sakamoto's sublime performance, Echidna stole every scene sheentered with ease, and between her subtle steering of Subaru's actions and the implicationsof late-season revelations, it's not a stretch to say she MADE this season of Re:Zero what itwas in more ways than one. In a year and franchise with more than a few smug animewitches, Echidna was the smuggest and witchiest by far, and I can't wait to join her for teaagain next year.


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Just because you have valid code doesn’t mean you can use it right away. In order for you to use the code, you must first fulfill some requirements. First, this is only available to PC and mobile players, because you need a miHoYo account. You can not use them in PS4, since it uses different system. Secondly, Your account will need to be Adventure Rank 10. So, if you want to get some free rewards such as Primogem and Mora, make sure to level yourself up quickly before use the code.


It's gross, uncomfortable, subversive, and sexually-charged in the best way possible. Beyond that, however, Gleipnir also manages to tie its audacious imagery into a compelling symbol of the burgeoning codependency and romance between its main characters. Claire in particular is a wonderful anti-hero with shades of complexity beyond her villainous exterior, and Shuichi is the perfect timid complement. Although the adaptation concludes without any kind of finality, it left me eager to see how these two broken kids would continue to enable their mutual downward spiral, and I hope I'll be able to sing its praises again in the future. This horrible war criminal girl and her fleshy boy mascot hole were made for me.

That's the safe and comfortable status quo that this season, which adapts the Xenos arc, upends whenBell rescues a young vouivre girl who turns out to be as intelligent and emotional as the humans. For themembers of Hestia Familia, this is weird, but they can handle it, and as it turns out Ouranos, the god incharge of Dungeon exploration, has been waiting for a group like them to help the Xenos (as theintelligent monsters call themselves) with their dream of peaceful interaction with humans and living onthe surface. But the rest of Orario is unconvinced, an evil group, Ikelos Familia, tries to kidnap and profitoff of the Xenos, and Hestia Familia is put in the position of facing off against everyone to do what theyknow to be right. And what's remarkable is that they do.

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It's much more about the title's “forest spirit” in some ways than it is about Somali – Golem, the protective dad, picks up a little human girl in the woods where she is the lone survivor of a carriage accident and decides to help her find a place where she'll be safe. This is harder than it sounds because they inhabit a world where humans are discriminated against and hated by the animal-people who are the dominant species, and Golem finds himself jumping through more and more hoops in his efforts to keep Somali alive and well than he ever imagined. He also finds that helping her is something that he ends up wanting to do – the longer he stays with Somali, the more he starts to think of himself as the father she addresses him as, and the more emotive he becomes. Despite the fact that he's nearing the end of his predetermined lifespan, Golem is finally learning how to live as a person, to realize that the idea that golems don't have feelings is a lie, and to want things for himself.

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Genshin Impact Codes List & Wiki

The central relationship in the series, between real-life authors Kyōsuke Kindaichi and Takuboku Ishikawa, isn't healthy by any stretch of the imagination, and it's clear that Kindaichi is a better friend to Ishikawa than Ishikawa is to him. We as viewers don't necessarily like Ishikawa, but the story doesn't ask us to – it instead asks us to look past our dislike of him and to see how much he means to Kindaichi and to be sad not because Ishikawa's death is sad for us, but because it's a loss that Kindaichi will feel forever.

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From the bubbly chaos engine that was Maple in BOFURI to the fluffy nervous wreck of BEASTARS' Legoshi,there's no shortage of iconic and memorable personalities to pick from in anime this year. But for all that makesthose characters a joy to watch, there's just no beating a good villain. Or perhaps not even avillain, really, as Echidna occupies a much more nebulous and fluid space in Re:Zero'ssecond season. She's at once our hero's closest ally and most dangerous threat, offering himinformation and resources he desperately needs as the world itself conspires against him andhis loved ones. Yet through every eerily quiet tea party and smug smile, there's the sense thatthere's something more to this witch than her fluffy eyebrows and infinite knowledge of theuniverse. Really, for all the many (many, many) dangers Subaru faced throughout the season,the greatest source of tension was waiting for that other shoe to drop and reveal just whatEchidna was after this whole time.


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Pay attention to the redemption conditions and validity period of the redemption code. A code cannot be redeemed after it expires.

Before redeeming a code, log in to your account and make sure you have created a character in the game and have linked your miHoYo account in the User Center. Otherwise, you will be unable to redeem the code.


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I was culturally predisposed to like golems long before this show came along – my grandmother used to tell me stories about the Golem of Prague. In Jewish mythology, the golem is a protector, and legend has it that, like many other folk heroes, he sleeps, waiting for the day when we need his help again. That tracks with Golem from Somali and the Forest Spirit. He's an artificial construct like the mythological golem, created to watch over the world and keep things in balance. But he alters his path when he finds the orphaned Somali, and in taking care of her, he discovers that there's a lot more to him than just an emotionless automaton. Over the course of the series, we watch as Golem discovers that he can feel and does love, and to become comfortable enough with that and with what he wants that he becomes Somali's father in truth rather than just in title. It's a slow, sometimes harrowing transformation and it ultimately makes the series as warmly rewarding as it is, even more so because no Blue Fairy waves her wand to turn Golem into a real dad – just the experience of learning how to be one.


Once a code is redeemed, the redemption cannot be revoked. Make sure you log into the correct account before redeeming the code.

Gal & Dino made for one of the most consistently delightful experiences—anime or otherwise—in my 2021. I'm someone who likes looking for stuff I've never seen before, and this series hits that mark with a comically oversized Acme-brand mallet. Gal & Dino mixes animation, live-action, and everything in between into an eclectic collage that's one part manga adaptation, one part Sesame Street, one part art exhibit, and one part absurdist humor. That last part comes as no surprise, considering this is helmed by the same creative team behind Pop Team Epic's landmark adaptation—in fact, there's even a storyline here that shares continuity with Shouta Aoi's cameo in the Poptepipic finale. Trust me, it makes sense if you watch it. Kind of. However, Gal & Dino also achieves a level of sincerity and warmth that belies its shitpost spiritual ancestor. Dino's antics are shockingly adorable, and in its best moment, it feels like a children's show made for grownups who love animation and want to rekindle some lost childlike delight. There's also a part with an underwear-clad cowboy who haunts Dino's nightmares. It is a bizarre experience from tip to tail, but I love it to bits, and I'm never again going to be able to look at a dinosaur without hearing a lightsaber sound effect.

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The game allows you to play the part of a phantom representative, which obligation would be to solve cryptic events being activated by legendary creatures. As you progress through the narrative increase your degree, as you go and summon Daemons. This situation go worst so we have given you a opportunity to get the game under your hand in the form of ayakashi ghost guild hack tool no survey. You may also gather unlimited conflict and sealstones and release strong Daemons which are secured with ayakashi ghost guild cheat tool. Dark summoner hack tool no survey. In addition, it provides a conflict system to beat all players who are fighting with their daemons. Ayakashi Ghost Guild hack no survey is accessible on all iOS apparatus like iPod Touch and iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and for tablet computers or Android mobiles. Begin playing the game with some with a pro attitude and be a phantom representative to summon, and Guild, fuse, and stage up your daemons with this ayakashi ghost guild cheats android tool.