This wave was detected by Space Observing System in Tomsk in Russia, where the activation happened at 9: 55 pm local time. Both the Master and the Bound shall hold fast and true to this Compact through all trial and tribulation. You are looking only down a one way street.


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Plains Plains are large, relatively flat areas of mainly open terrain. Moors, farmland, prairie, savannah, and steppe are all forms of plains. Vegetation is usually to limited to grasses and low shrubs, though some plains, such as farmland, may be the result of deforestation. In these instances, it is not unusual to find small copses breaking up the landscape. Plains may be broken by hills or cut through by rivers, but they are generally good places to live. Soil quality varies considerably—steppe, for instance, tends to be found at higher latitudes, where strong winds blow away top soil (and make it next-to impossible for trees to grow). The types of settlement found on plains varies with climate and soil conditions. Fertile plains may well host cities, towns, and villages, whereas prairie, savannah and steppe may be home to nomadic cultures, or have permanent settlements clustered around patches of fertile soil.

He will start and twitch, and give tongue after the phantom quarry he dreams he is pursuing, and yet continue his sleep without an interval. But have it whichever way one likes, the heart of the mystery is not yet discovered. How do they explain why a noise or a gleam of light—such as the waking senses know familiarly—should at this magical moment of rousing cause the brain to create with inconceivable rapidity a crowd of phantasmagoria in order to explain to itself the familiar phenomena of light and sound?


The sounds they heard, which finally drove them out of the house, were such commonplace ones—the clinking of medicine bottles, the mixing of stuff in saucers—that one hardly believes they could have invented them. Invention would certainly have conceived a more dramatic excuse for abandoning a house. Also, they solemnly aver that it was only upon their giving up the lease that they heard the story of the almost incredible tragedy of the former owner's death.

Warframe has the rather complicated mod system. Each piece of equipment gets eight slots (or ten, in the case of companions) that the player can use to equip mods. Need more health on your Warframe?


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Druid Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background, Knowledge (Arcana) d10+ The character is at home in the wilds. He gains a +1 bonus to arcane skill rolls when in the wilds. In addition, he gains a +1 bonus when affecting plants or animals.

A——'s talk interested me immensely, much more than any of those long-winded mystical triumphs of verbiage the Germans perpetrate. I have seen but two eminent actors in the part.


Examples Here’s two examples of Edges that allow a mage to gain a familiar. The first is generic, suitable for most fantasy settings, and allows the mage to pick the Edge more than once to increase the power of his familiar. The second is tailored to our example setting.

We English-speaking people are a great deal more lenient. Some of the pleasantest talks I've ever had have been with foreigners who waded through a slaughter of my native tongue to a positive throne in my respect.


To know the law, to practise it daily—there is the secret of the fountain of youth, the elixir of life. These Christian Scientists, who practise the latest abracadabra to conjure away the effects of fixed causes, who dream that pain arises from sin, and can be abolished by faith, childishly overlook [Pg 139]the fact that pain in itself is no evil, but rather a good. It is simply a telegraphic message sent over the nerve-wires to the brain to inform it that some member of the physical commonwealth is in danger and requires help.

The hook, pole, and rungs of this 10-foot ladder are hinged, allowing you to fold it into a 3-foot-by-1-foot-by-1-foot bundle. Folding or unfolding it is a standard action.


Yet he writes as if he is a child, born after the millennium, who can behave as if we never lived through the 20th century. He does not know what happened when men, burning with zealous outrage over the false flag burning of the Reichstag - accomplished by Hitler himself and blamed on the Communists - Cui Bono? Who Benefits - created states with total control of "consciousness and the entire social, political and economic system" – and does not want to know either.

Elizabeth, however, was a unique personality and had few imitators. The literature of her day abounds with expressions of supreme humility and loyalty from the one sex to the other. Elizabethan poets deigned to play at captivity and subjection to the overwhelming charms of Saccharissa and her sisters, and turned pretty phrases about her cruelty, but this was merely poetic license of expression.


Hooded Lantern A hooded lantern sheds normal light in a 30-foot radius and increases the light level by one step for an additional 30 feet beyond that area (darkness becomes dim light and dim light becomes normal light). A hooded lantern does not increase the light level in normal light or bright light. A lantern burns for 6 hours on 1 pint of oil. You can carry a lantern in one hand.

No, sunrods can never increase the light level of an area of darkness because they are not magical sources of light. In such an area, it automatically defaults to the ambient natural light level, and then reduces it one step.


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The very name of Saint is a stench in my heretical nostrils. I never knew or read of one who was not a vain egoist, with all the cruelty, obstinacy, and selfishness of the egoist.

The Chinese year being named after the animals of the horoscope, or be assigned by portents revealed in dreams to the high priest or even based on major events of the year. The latter has a problem in that you might end up with The Year of Battles more than once. Assigning names or numbers isn’t of critical importance—but it does add flavor.


The Italian hunched his shoulders, threw his hands out in fan-like gestures, and made volcanic appeals to heaven. R——, who is shy, but chivalrous, and who speaks six Italian dialects, felt called upon to take part.

Path of Exile also has a socketed skill tree. Around the skill tree, there are slots to socket Jewels into, which basically serve as an enchantable passive node, which you can craft to optimize your character's stat bonuses. Unique jewels also interact with the skill tree, such as converting the stats of nearby passive skills to a different one, letting you allocate skills without directly connecting to them, and even upgrade active skills. More complex jewels can replace every passive skill within its radius with new ones, gain bonuses based on how it's connected to your skill tree, or add an entire passive skill cluster of your making, which can have its own jewel sockets.


Drinking a glass of sangwine takes at least 1 round, though many imbibers take longer to savor the wine’s complex flavors. After drinking a glass, the wine gives the drinker’s blood a bitter flavor for 1 hour, causing any creature that deals damage using the blood drain extraordinary ability to become sickened for a number of rounds equal to the points of Constitution damage dealt (this effect is not subject to the poison immunity of vampires and other undead). Repeated uses of the blood drain ability on a creature that has imbibed at least one glass of sangwine extends the duration of the sickened condition.

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Just search The Wrong Man Dragon Age Inquisition (https://middleeastexplorer.com/serial-code/?file=8548) [HOST] For Origins, look no further than 30 Dragon (go), In Peace We Lie, Their Shallow Graves, and And We Shall Rise by mackillian on [HOST] Brilliant stories, an AU with a second Theirin bastard raised by the Couslands. Shrunk with age, the octogenarian still holds herself confidently with an assured patience that only the old know. Even the great physicist, Sir Isaac Newton (1642 -1726) still dabbled in alchemy, while doing his enormous work in astronomy. Its features include - Digitally signed automatic security updates - The community is always in control of any add-ons it produces - Supports a multi-site architecture out of the box - Designed. The world titters on the edge of war and destruction. Behold on this day, 19 Desnus, 4716, in the eighth age of this world, a perpetual Compact is made between Cardinal Adrastus Thorn (hereafter the Master) and those who would be bound to him as his acolytes (hereafter the Bound).


He can in moments of excitement tie the poker into love-knots, and has a hand of velvet with which to touch the dreamer's curls. A ruler of men, he is to be led by a single golden hair. Capable of volcanic passion, which renders him indifferent [Pg 122]to meals or to fatigue, he can yet be moved to these ecstasies by but a single member of the sex, and despite snubs or coquetry can live for decades upon the mere hope of her favour. He excels in all manly prowess and diversions, and yet is never guilty of causing the loved one to mourn his absence during a golf widowhood. He adores poetry and is superior to all vulgar commercialism, and yet manages—in that simple fashion known only to ideals—to accumulate a fortune and be generous in the matter of diamonds. He combines in one stalwart person all the virtues of Galahad, Arthur, Launcelot, and Baron Rothschild.

I accuse man of having wilfully cast from him the noblest crown in the world—of having wrongfully abdicated. War has at least this merit that it forces him to drop the vulgar careless ease of the bourgeois and resume for the time at least those bold and vigorous virtues which made him woman's hero and her cheerfully accepted master.


Unselfishness is not contemplated in its scheme. Every individual has a right to all the goods of life he can get.

Household sharing included. However, an inquisition, known as The Silencers, was founded because many believed that this unearthed technology was received through apostatic means, and thus prosecutes any who utilize it, and thus this threat had caused both the outside and underground worlds to be shut off from each other, yet the Inquisition refused to give up and continues to search for the underground civilization to. Originally the followers of the setting's most important religious figure, Andraste, they secreted away her ashes to Ferelden after her death at the hands of the Tevinter Imperium. The reason why I get "Lost in the Shadows" right away is because I hate the glitchy-ness when moving close to other characters, and it allows me to move more freely. The largest rivers in Central. This world was discovered to have been a testing world for high-tech space-age technology for the Plasmoids that are currently uncovered and under the research of the new planetary inhabitants.


A single heatstone is activated by striking it against any hard surface, after which point it continues to provide heat for 24 hours. An active heatstone does not give off enough heat to cook food or cause damage.

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Disciple of War Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background (Miracles), Strength d8+, Vigor d8+, Faith d8+, Fighting d8+ The priests of the war god are warriors as well as clerics. When taking Combat Edges, they count as a rank higher for the purposes of requirements.

I sprang in spirit to cross the threshold, and there was—nothing. The door was slammed in my face, but I never forgot that I had nearly got through.


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F—— is dead, and with the announcement by cable this morning comes a belated letter from M——, full of hope and encouragement. A sudden rally had made her believe in a possibility of recovery—no doubt it was that last flare which comes often just as the oil fails and the light is about to go out.

When in consequence he wanted to put an end to his life, Cybele changed him into a fir tree, (The cut fir tree represents the column of Energy, the Antahkarana connecting Earth with God. It also represents the cut off penis) which henceforth became sacred to her, and she commanded that, in future, her priests should be eunuchs or as in the Catholic Church, celibate, or the Jews and Islamists, circumcised.


A complete system for randomly generating characters. Every aspect of your character, from his parents' marital status to the outcome of battles, is covered in a series of easy to use tables. Whether you’re stuck for ideas or just want to take a risk and roll the bones, this toolkit will define your character in detail. Get lucky and you might wind up with immense power. Or if Fate is unkind you might wind up with some nasty enemies, or even dead. Get it all in the Fantasy Character Generator Toolkit!

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Bonuses Characters take Edges to get bonuses. Typically a Professional Edge grants bonuses to skills associated with the profession. You wouldn’t expect a knight to get a bonus to Boating or Taunt, but he could reasonably expect to get one to Intimidation or Riding. Typically, a Professional Edge should grant a +2 bonus to no more than three skills. Try to avoid giving blanket bonuses to combat skills, however. An Edge bestowing a +2 to Fighting is effectively giving the character a bonus when using all types of weapons. If you’re handing out combat bonus, restrict them to certain types of weapon. A knight may get +2 with a lance to reflect hours of practise at the lists, whereas a knife thrower might get +2 Throwing with knives but not with other ranged weapons. An alternative is to allow the character to ignore penalties instead or grant a bonus in another way. A merchant marine may get the benefits of Steady Hands at sea, but not on horseback or on a moving carriage.


In Qwerpline, The Pipesmen are an obvious reference to the Illuminati, Free Masons and Stonecutters. They secretly control much of Nsburg though unlike their inspirations are a poorly guarded secret in no small part thanks to their habit to post recruitment posters all over town and having "Open Doors" days with open bar.

While it might look like some goods are more expensive or cheaper in other nations, everything is relevant. You get more or less money in your exchange, but everything costs proportionally more. For instance, in a country where they use Currency A, a long sword cost $250. Travel to a place using Currency C and you pay only $225. You also have 10% fewer coins in your hand, so you’ll run out of money just as quick. Again, this is unrealistic, but it maintains game balance. In the real world, I can get more for my money in America than in England, even with import costs. But the real world is more complex than a game world needs to be. In order to buy something in a foreign nation, the characters have to change their money. To add a little more math, you might want to charge them 5% or 10% in moneylender fees.


From the very beginning, the idea that someone or something manipulated the characters of Lost to bring them to the island was a popular theory. The sixth season has finally confirmed that Jacob messed with their lives to get them to the island, something the Man in Black/Smoke Monster disapproves of.

After 10 minutes of assembly, this collection of wooden slats provides support for a cylindrical watertight canvas cloth. It can hold enough water to allow 1 Medium creature to bathe in comfort without any of the risks that might come from entering lakes, rivers, or other bodies of water.


This drink is a favorite of goblins, boggards, and other primitive humanoids. It is made by soaking a poisonous toad or frog (or its eggs) in weak beer, or by “milking” these animals for their poison and mixing it with the beer (which allows the animal to be used over and over again). Some tribes use wide-mouthed jugs and leave the dead animal inside as a crunchy treat for eating once the drink is gone. A creature drunk on bufo has the dazzled condition in addition to the normal intoxication effect.

Download Magic Realism Study Guide

The Order of the Black Dawn in The Shadowspawn is a centuries-old occult secret society of wealthy aristocrats devoted to attaining supernatural power and world domination. At first they were just a vaguely Masonic conspiracy, but around the turn of the 19th century they received a major upgrade by turning into powerful vampires. They went on to help found the Council of Shadows, the Shadowspawn's globe-spanning ruling body, of which they are still a powerful faction even a couple of centuries later.


In Digimon World 4, weapons and armor found in the field or available in the shop randomly generate with a number of mod slots. The player can add chips to raise stats, apply elemental properties, or produce other unique effects.

The Daath Organization in Guilty Crown is a very nebulous group that is only mentioned, never seen. Supposedly they want to restart the human race by eradicating most of it with the Apocalypse Virus.


Fandoms: Dragon Age - All Media Types, Dragon Age: Inquisition

Monster Hunter: World revamps the game's skill system, and consequently how decorations work. Decorations drop randomly after high-rank missions, and only high-rank armors and weapons have decoration slots, with the "beta" versions of armor pieces having fewer built-in skills than the "alpha" versions, but more decoration slots.

The muscular gymnastics, which modern Italy has imposed upon the world as dancing, are as dissimilar from the real thing as the fiorituri singing is from the old bel canto. The Spaniards make dancing—as all arts should be made—the poetical expression of life and love.


That she in her turn elbowed the preceding generation from its place comforts her not at all. Oh, for again one hour only of the splendid domination of youth—one rich instant of the power to intoxicate.

Me, I have silver and gold and other things. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please, join our community today! This time, however, you will not be doing each jump seperately. To the Rosicrucians, Alchemists, and Illuminati, the cross was the symbol of light, because each of the three letters L V X is derived from some part of the cross. With a few exceptions, all of the items are common.


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One would be always fighting the thought—which pulled the very ground of confidence from under one's feet—and yet always laying traps to prove one's suspicions true, as the jealous notoriously do; wishing yet fearing to know the truth. Hamlet's varying fits of violence and indecision seem natural enough under the circumstances, and not a sign of madness nor of eccentricity of character. He is called the "Melancholy Dane," but to a young confiding heart the first revelation of the possibility of filth and criminality in those near in blood and love causes distrust of all the world; arouses a mad desire for escape out of a cruel existence where such spiritual squalour is possible. If one will bring the situation home to one's self in this way—vivifying it with one's own heart—Hamlet [Pg 149]no longer seems a strange and alien soul, but one's very own self caught in a web of horrid circumstance, and doing and being just what one's self would do and be in like case. Temptation to suicide, murder, "unpacking one's heart with words," bitterness to, and distrust of, the innocent Ophelia, treachery, doubt, indecision,—all are inevitable temptations. Looked at in this way, there is no mystery at all in the play if one reads it straight and simply, and from the human point of view—which view was always Shakespeare's, I think.

This 1-foot-long, silver-tipped tin rod glows dimly when struck as a standard action. It sheds dim light in a 30-foot radius. However, the light given off by a moonrod is particularly easily to perceive for creatures with low-light vision. For such creatures, a moonrod increases the light level by one step (to a maximum of normal) for a 60-foot radius. It glows for 6 hours, after which the silver tip is burned out and worthless.


The Forsworn in Dis Acedia are an ancient, thousand years old religious conspiracy actively sabotaging efforts to solve the titular maze. They have infiltrated most of the setting's factions to a degree or another.

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She told me her daughter was so hoping that the new child would be a girl. Four boys seemed a superfluity of masculinity in one household.


Once in a long while, when quite worn out by her labours, she would climb to the top of a blade of grass, and look out into the world. Sometimes the sun was just [Pg 60]rising and the field was damascened with the blue and white cups of morning-glories, and sometimes it was evening and the moon silvered the dew-hung grass, which palpitated with fireflies.

If you’re using an Edge, the mage could simply acquire a new one by taking the Edge again. If he had advanced his previous familiar, either through Experience Points or taking the Edge multiple times, he loses his investment, gaining a starting level beast. You might rule that the bond between mage and familiar is a one-time affair. If it dies, he can’t take another one. This is a good way of ensuring familiars aren’t abused. Whatever happens, any abilities gained from the previous familiar are lost.


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Hempen The DC to escape hemp rope bonds is equal to 20 + the CMB of the creature that tied the bonds. Ropes do not need to make a check every round to maintain the pin. If the DC to escape is higher than 20 + the tying creatures CMB, the tied up creature cannot escape from the bonds, even with a natural 20 on the check. This rope has 2 hit points and can be burst with a DC 23 Strength check.

You've heard of the Fourth Dimension, haven't you? She says if that's not the explanation, she cannot imagine [Pg 58]any other. She doesn't really believe it, I think, but she says if they did not stumble into it, where are they?


Who, I wonder, was the stupid phrase-maker guilty of saying that Genius was only an infinite capacity for taking pains? And yet Shakespeare, according to tradition, never blotted a line. How much pains had the little Mozart taken when he began his first concert tour? Creation comes swiftly and with heat.

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It is that same underlying womanliness in Becky—of which Valerie lacked [Pg 266]even an intimation—which makes her human and real. Its absence leaves Valerie incredible and shadowy.


All magicians share the ability to tap into the raw supernatural energy flowing through their world to empower spells. What makes them different is how they access the energy. In game terms, this is their Arcane Background (Magic) Edge, but characters are likely to refer to it as their style, tradition, or school. The text block under Arcane Background (Magic) in Savage Worlds gives an indication of possible casting methodologies when it says, “elaborate rituals, words of power, runes, or perhaps even dark sacrifices,” but there it ends. In theory, a magician could use all four methods mentioned above to invoke his spells without affecting the game in any way. Having all the wizards in your campaign run round casting spells as they see fit might be convenient, or even unimportant to you, but you’re missing out on the chance to make your world special. Even the greatest background story ever written falls flat if you end up with the usual character stereotypes populating it. An arcane background is more than just a name— it’s the way a mage works his magic, understands magic, and learns magic.

There is a group of immortal politicians from an ancient civilization who have been subtly manipulating everything for ages. However, they aren't particularly competent, and have been controlled themselves by Jin, one of the main characters, the entire time. On top of that, all of their manipulations have been for the purpose of fixing the calender machine and saving the world, though they don't know this.


Scrabble_sborisch Python software that performs scrabble like features Brought to you by: scott-borisch. Where to find them and how to farm Tier 3 and Tier 4 crafting materials. PC Gaming Discussion escort, Dragon Age Inquisition, Now no longer needing Dragon Age Keep with new Editor, escort in PC Gaming Discussion. In Dragon Age: Inquisition, component upgrading is introduced for armor and weapons. It can also counts the total number of words in a sentence, checks if a word is a palindrome and can generate a new sentence with almost the same meaning using synonyms and other. In this round, once again, all jump builds must be completed before the first jump is begun.

Of course, that was true, though there is nothing I envy more than the courage of ruthlessness—one of the first laws of social self-preservation. I am always the helpless prey of bores.


The believers in personal immortality labour under the same curious illusion apparently. They are so sorry for those who don't believe in it, and imagine them frightened at the thought of death. To their minds the universe is inconceivable without their presence, seemingly forgetful of the fact that it got on quite well before they came. It is rather an imposing bit of egotism, after all. It rises to the level of grandeur.

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What ambition and courage one had in those days! I studied French while I did the churning. Remembering the strength [Pg 8]and persistency of that time I wonder that I have come to middle age and done nothing. Athletic trainers say that there is in every one only a fixed capacity for development. One may reach that limit readily, and once reached no toil or patience will ever carry the power of the muscles beyond it by the smallest part of a fraction. Mentally, the same probably holds good. My capacity was, no doubt, always small. So far as it went the cramping, unpropitious circumstances of youth had no power to chill it, but prosperity, leisure, opportunity, could not add one jot to its possibilities.


When it appears in a television series, it is usually the Big Bad behind everything, The Man Behind the Man to all others. Expect to see a lot of them in the form of The Omniscient Council of Vagueness. They also tend to employ Evil Plan and the Gambit Roulette. In modern times, an ancient conspiracy commonly overlaps with The Syndicate.

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And again when Authoritarian Dictator Stalin, following closely on British Agent Lenin who used Marxism created by British Intelligence Urquhart's Marx who was given an office in the British National Library in order to write, "Das Capital" in order to stir up the natives to bring in their own Dictator of Death. To reduce Russian consciousness, Sixty Millions of Russians were arrested, tortured, Gulagged, incinerated - All Murdered.


Succor Rank: Novice Power Points: 1 Range: Touch Duration: Instant Trappings: Prayer, laying on hands, curative tonic Succor removes one Fatigue level, or two with a raise. It can also remove a character’s Shaken status. Succor may be used to restore consciousness to those who have been Incapacitated due to wounds as well, though the wounds remain. It does not stop bleeding or otherwise stop mortal wounds from worsening, however.

The enchantment system in Dragon Age: Origins. Sandal can add or remove runes free of charge. The runes themselves come in different grades; the most powerful ones usually have to be bought (which is the case for most of the uber gear in this game). The Expansion Pack added armor runes, and a pyramid style (consuming weaker ones to make stronger ones) upgrade/crafting skill for them (that could be a Game-Breaker if you had enough money). Many players gave their weak ones to the mages/templars to strengthen their forces and get xp in the original campaign, then played Awakening and incidentally missed out on a lot of crafting opportunities.


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The emancipated new woman has various methods of accounting for the humbling of this hoary sovereignty. Some find it only a natural concomitant of the general wreck of thrones and monarchical privilege—in other words, that it is but one phase of advancing democracy. By some it is supposed that in this Age of Interrogation man's supremacy, along with all other institutions, has been called upon to produce an adequate reason for being, and producing no answer that seems satisfactory, he has been summarily forced to abandon pretensions which rested merely upon use and wont.

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Perhaps he is, underneath all that propriety, still so close to savagery that he dare not trust himself to be natural lest he instantly relapse into barbarism. After many generations of breeding he dare be savage and free again if he like—he is so sure of himself.


Played straight in Dread Empire by Glen Cook. The Pracchia is an ancient, secret organisation, which wants to rule the world. At first they seem to be working for their own ambitions, but it is later revealed that in fact they work for the Star Rider.

There is no need to take on the arguments of Russell Brand or Lyndon LaRouche, Alex Jones, Marie Le Pen, Nigel Farage, Lord Monkton, David Icke, or David Coleman. In general they are telling the truth.

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He could imagine how unimposing the King of Beasts might be in négligé. He knew that to be reverenced one must be imposing.


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The hosts have big ideas, big opinions. I attempt to show how this astonishing chain of incidents resonates still in the culture of contemporary Mexico City, a prototype of hypertrophic "third-world" urbanism, plagued by a failed social contract, lawlessness, economic disorder, and a wrecked ecology. Beaded skirts are popular, too, as are elaborately tied braids. His ultimate goal is revenge against Dumbledore and making a new country of free magicals. You would meet some vital self of yours that you had banished during a time of pain or difficulty. To attempt any close study of the great alchemists were foreign to my present purpose, and would entail more space than is at my disposal.

Sound Sonic spells could deafen targets in the same way light/darkness spells blind them. However, since hearing is less important than sight to most creatures, the duration may increase. Having the victim make a Vigor roll each round until he succeeds is a quick option.


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This blend is notable for its acidity and smooth flavor. By drinking two cups of this coffee, you can walk for an additional hour before you must make a forced march. This additional hour counts as an hour of marching beyond the maximum for the purpose of determining the DC of Constitution checks for a subsequent forced march. You can benefit from this coffee only once per day.

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There is a story concerning the king of some ungeographical country, to whom came two adventurers of cynical tendencies, professing to be able—given a certain allowance of jewels and precious metals—to weave a garment of exceeding richness and of such subtle texture that no monarch on earth might hope to match it. Setting up a loom and providing themselves with ample materials from the Royal treasury, they went through the motions of stringing a warp and thereupon industriously threw empty shuttles back and forth.


The actual, documented Italian conspiracy known as Propaganda Due. Unlike many other such groups, it was illegal twice over: Italian law says you can have a secret society (that meets at a known place and time), but you can't have a secret society; and then the sacred tradition of Freemasonry, which is that whatever Grand Orient says, goes. Oh, yeah, this outfit was once a regular ol' Masonic lodge (Propaganda, Number Two) with Licio Gelli as Worshipful Master, but Grand Lodge revoked their charter. Evidently, Grand Orient knew perfectly well that Gelli was bad seed, what with him having fought on the side of the Fascists and said that his greatest ambition in life was to be "a master of puppets". So he continued his puppeteering ways, underground this time, along with a sordid association of friends and contacts. He misled the police about the bombing in Bologna (perpetrated by Fascists). Unlike regular Masons, who meet with bare faces and in decorated bricklayers' aprons, these people met masked, in black hooded robes.

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It also allows you to remain consistent in your description of the world. If the characters meet a merchant from another land, he can tell them how far he has travelled and what geography he has crossed. When the characters visit the merchant’s homeland, they have a good idea of what to expect along the way. The disadvantage is one of time—creating an entire world, even a single continent, can be a timeconsuming process.


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When we at last seriously take up the great task of articulate communication with the animals, a new world will swim into our ken beside which the discovery of America will seem but an unimportant event. Half of the unexplained puzzles of science will be solved with ease, and whole departments of knowledge as yet undreamed of will be opened to our astonished understandings.

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Seas of Burning Oil What if your world have a bizarre geographic feature, such as a sea of burning oil. It might be a natural effect associated with your world (such as it being the Realm of Fire), or it could be a magical effect (perhaps where a god bled). However, given that this is a most nonEarth-like terrain feature, you can place it pretty much anywhere you want, even at the poles. What rules does it have associated with it? Well, unless your characters are immune to fire, they’re going to get burned if they touch it. Mostly likely their ship will ignite first, of course. You could rule that while it does not actually burn things it comes into contact with, it does produce enough heat to make travel over it dangerous. You could use the Heat rules to simulate this effect. Just remember, fantasy doesn’t have to conform to our standards of reality, but it must have some internal logic for your players to accept it as their characters’ reality.


He belonged to the generation who formed their ideals of manners upon Pelham and Vivian Grey. It was Byronism translated into prose. M—— says he bore his sufferings—enormous sufferings—with the light and humorous courage with which it was the ideal of the fine gentleman of [Pg 13]his period to face all unpleasant situations.

Torchwood: Miracle Day also reveals that some of the events of the 20th and 21st centuries have been manipulated by the Three Families, who made a pact to work together and use their combined influence to work in the shadows for the goal of immortality (after witnessing Jack's resurrection) and world domination. A Big Finish audioplay reveals that even the Families were manipulated by an even older (and alien) conspiracy called The Committee.


This torrent of emotionalism to which the nineteenth century gave itself up is amazing to our colder time. It manifested itself not only in its public policy, in its schemes for universal regeneration, but it completely saturated all the thought of the time, was visible in its whole attitude toward life. Madame Necker could not bear the thought of her friend Moulton's departure after a short visit, so that he was obliged to leave secretly without a farewell. She fainted when she learned the truth and says, "I gave myself up to all the bitterness of grief. The most gloomy ideas presented themselves to my desolate heart, and torrents of tears could not diminish the weight that seemed to suffocate me"—and all this about the departure of an amiable old gentleman from Paris to Geneva!

The point at which one finds the widest divergence of the French and English attitudes toward life is in the essay made by each of these chosen spokesmen to show us the adventuress. Taine, who honestly tried to see English literature from English eyes and interpret it to his countrymen, breaks down entirely when he reaches this angle of vision.


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Base speed cannot drop below 0/5 miles per hour unless the character is Incapacitated. Groups usually move at the speed of the slowest member.

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Many half-elves live in large cities or communities where they find it difficult to commune with nature. While some go on long sojourns to the wilderness, others spend their evenings on high, lonely rooftops, gazing at the stars. These lonely souls use star charts to track the movement of the stars and other celestial bodies. Anyone referencing one of these charts on a clear night can attempt a DC 20 Knowledge (geography) check to determine her approximate location and the month. In addition, these charts grant a +2 circumstance bonus on Survival checks made to avoid getting lost at night with a clear sky.


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That the sensitive plate of the brain never loses any clear picture once received, has been demonstrated beyond doubt. The picture, the sensation, may be overlaid and hidden for a long time beneath the heaps of useless lumber that the days and years accumulate in the mind's storehouse, but need or accident, or a similarity of circumstance, will bring the forgotten belonging to light—sometimes with startling effect. There is the well-known instance of a girl who, during an attack of fever delirium, spoke in a language that no one about her could understand. Investigation proved it to be Welsh—a language of which, both before and after her illness, she was totally ignorant. Further investigation showed that being born in Wales she had understood the tongue as a very little child, but had afterwards completely forgotten it.

Witiko Falls: Disillusion

With a successful Climb check, you can advance up, down, or across a slope, wall, or other steep incline (or even across a ceiling, provided it has handholds) at one-quarter your normal speed. A slope is considered to be any incline at an angle measuring less than 60 degrees; a wall is any incline at an angle measuring 60 degrees or more. A Climb check that fails by 4 or less means that you make no progress, and one that fails by 5 or more means that you fall from whatever height you have already attained. The DC of the check depends on the conditions of the climb. Compare the task with those on the following table to determine an appropriate DC.


This definition might also go some way to encapsulating the “Mechanism” of Magic Realism

Grim Dawn has components and augments that can be attached to items to grant stat bonuses, new skills, or proc effects. A piece of equipment can only have one of each type of item attached to it.

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Nothing so moves his scorn as the lazy maggot who shuts himself into the snug nut of his religion and concern himself only to save his own poor, unimportant little [Pg 297]soul. Hear the call of his "Lady of the Snows" to the pallid monks uttering prayers and memento mori. And Stevenson speaks as does he who knows. It is easy enough for those sitting cozily at home to talk loudly of war and danger, but this was a man who literally fought with death daily.


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Dickens somewhere describes a room merely by telling how the winking fire was reflected in every smooth object. The fire winks cheerily; the pewters winking dully, as if afraid of being suspected of not seeing the joke; the furniture twinkling slyly from every polished point, etc, etc, in Dickens's well-known fashion of pursuing a happy fancy round and round. There is not one word of catalogue of the room's contents, yet it remains forever as vivid in the reader's memory as a chamber with which one is intimately familiar.

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And yet the Essay is a great temptation. Doubtless not one of all those who go down into the ink-bottle with pens has quite escaped its seduction. Generally it is, I suspect, merely an outcropping of the somewhat too widely known need of the artistic nature for "self-expression" in more definite terms than ordinary work permits.


Her charm, her sweetness, her well-preserved beauty is as nothing beside mere raw youth. Undeveloped figures, flat chests, blotchy complexions, are of more value than her rounded mellow loveliness. She is pushed from her throne by giggling girls, who stare at her in hard contempt and wonder openly what the old creature does lingering belated in this galley.

Not terrorist it is built and given on the pool. Steam, Origin, Uplay - We Have The. The Project Gutenberg EBook of Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 1 of 4: A-D), by Various This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. It was firstly released on November 18, for MS Windows and PlayStation 4, 3 & XBOX One, XBOX. About Game: Dragon Age: Inquisition (official source) is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. A very young Harry gets help from age 6 to fight against the cruel imprisonment he suffers at the Dursley's house.


The processes were mysterious and thought to be hidden in codes provided by earlier alchemists. Manly P. Hall / The Secret Teachings of all Ages The cross is also highly revered by the Japanese and Chinese. The time of life at which some particular power or capacity is understood to become vested; as, the age of consent; the age of discretion. In 2020, Legacy of Kain series art director Daniel Cabuco launched a new portfolio website, DCabDesign, with an accompanying forum inviting the fan community to ask questions about the games. The planet has 2 large supercontinents, 3 small continents, and 5 oceans. At one point they drew to a full stop and Daniel, glancing out a side-window, found himself within kissing range of a pedestrian-gawky, post-smallpox, perhaps thirty years of age-whose advance down Fleet Street had been barred by all of.

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The fittest survive because they have inherited most clearly the memories of the best means of securing nourishment [Pg 40]and escaping enemies. The marvellous facility gradually acquired by artisans who for generations practise a similar craft is but the direct transmission of the brain's treasures.


Paizo.com - Community / Paizo Blog / Tags / Adventure Card

In Black Magick, the witch-hunting organization Aira has lore that their origins extend back to Ancient Greece. By the sixteenth century some of its members have come to doubt that they are quite that old, but their factual existence does go back for centuries.

The Mage's Association itself qualifies. As does the Assembly of the Eighth Sacrament.


Petrify Rank: Veteran Power Points: 2 Range: Smarts x 2 Duration: 3 (1/round) Trappings: Turned to stone, frozen in ice, aura of energy binding victim. Despite its name, petrify does not necessarily turn a victim to stone—it merely prevents them from moving. The spell affects a single target within range. Targets of this spell may resist with a Spirit roll opposed by caster’s arcane skill. Those who fail are completely paralyzed for the duration of the spell and have a Parry of 2.

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Polygamy is routed, and the errant fancy of the male tamed to yield itself to a single yoke. She has, "with bare and bloody feet, climbed the steep road of wide empire," but to-day she stands at the top—mistress of the world. Man, with his talents, his strength, and his selfishness, has been tamed to her hand. The sensual, dominant brute with whom she began what Max Nordau calls "the toilsome, slow ascent of the long curve leading up to civilization," stands beside her to-day, hat in hand, her lover—husband; tender, faithful, courteous, and indulgent.


I was thinking that players can share some builds with together. Builds like glass cannons, tank style or support builds are needed. People are searching and need kind a pro hints for it. So please help those who needs it and share your cool builds.

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The sound of children's voices outside, the smell of the cut grass, and the blue of the day, all seemed freshly sweet and pleasant because of the pleasure the freaked beauty of the bowls full of pinks give me. I am sorry for the people who don't care for flowers. The amiability they always awake in me is one of my most valued bits of secret property. That is the kind of possession that moth and rust cannot corrupt. It is safe from burglars, and even age does not wither one's satisfaction in such belongings. Most of my life I have been poor, as the world reckons poverty, but in reality I have owned more than many millionaires.


Healer of Merieth Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background (Miracles), Faith d8+, Healing d8+, must know the healing power The Healers are an elite troupe, within the priesthood of Merieth, goddess of healing. The goddess grants the Healers +2 on Healing rolls and the Healer Edge. Stronger devotion is required by Healers, however—all sins become one category worse.

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If you decide on creating an Edge, give it Novice and Arcane Background (Magic) requirements— unless familiars are particularly powerful in your setting, a starting character should be allowed to get one. You may also want to add other requirements, such as Knowledge (Arcana) or a high Spirit die.


The Ascended from Feng Shui are a conspiracy of animals that have taken human form in defiance of the natural order. They control everything in the 1850 and contemporary junctures since using Time Travel to capture enough feng shui sites to cause a Critical Shift and evict the world's previous rulers, the Four Monarchs, to the Netherworld by pulling history out from under them. Because magic is the only thing that can revert these transformed animals back to their natural forms, one of their driving goals is to suppress magic, relying on the media and scientists to discredit those who try to prove that magic is real, and Pledged hit squads to kill known sorcerers and supernatural creatures. It doesn't exactly help that most sorcerers and supernatural creatures tend toward the evil persuasion themselves.

How many of the great and good have fallen victims to those Brinvilliers of the swamps—the anopheles mosquitoes? And a greater number of the young flower of the armies of America and England were slaughtered by the enteric germs carried by flies than fell victims to Boer or Spanish bullets.


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A Frenchman once complained to me bitterly of the comic porter in Macbeth, who comes grumbling to unlock the gate so soon after the horror of the murder of Duncan. To him the touch of comedy seemed vulgar and inept. It was impossible to make him understand how to the Anglo-Saxon mind this veracious touch of comedy jostling tragedy but heightened the dramatic poignancy of the play. This incapacity to see the humorous contrasts of life and character is generally characteristic [Pg 267]of youth with its narrow inexperience of realities, and the French and the unhumorous of our own race seem never to outgrow this juvenility.

The caster must pick a single target within range and make an arcane skill roll opposed by the victim’s Smarts. If successful, the mage causes the victim to lose concentration and coordination. The victim’s trait rolls are made at –2 for the duration –4 on a raise.


Far more forgiving in Diablo III. Once you find your jeweler, Covetous Shen, you can both combine gems that drop from monsters and treasure hoards into higher-stat gems by using his Crucible, and you can have gems removed from weapons, armor and other items for a nominal fee, which is VERY helpful, because creating the higher-end gems becomes hideously expensive later on.

Skill unlocks give characters new abilities and ways to use their skills upon reaching 5, 10, 15, and 20 ranks in a skill. Any character with the Signature Skill feat can earn skill unlocks for a single skill, and they are a prime feature of the revised version of the rogue who uses her rogue’s edge ability to gain skill unlocks for several of her most iconic skills. Alternatively, you might make skill unlocks a universal part of the game, but you should be aware they add significant power and flexibility to skills, so giving them for free to all classes would grant power boosts to other highly skilled classes such as the investigator and bard, particularly in comparison to the rogue. Another alternative is to eliminate access to the Signature Skill feat, limiting skill unlocks to rogues and rogues alone.


Or one might go very suddenly around a corner and be There. Always there was the sensation that it was lying just beyond, just outside of one's self, and that only a certain heaviness of the flesh, a certain lack of concentration of attention, prevented one's participation in it.

Age Minotaur age and mature at about the same rate as humans up to the age of 18. From then on they age slowly staying fit for at least 150 years. Her makeup is subdued, yet tasteful, as are her clothes, which currently entail a black blazer over a teal sweater with a gold accent. How to Patch unofficial - posted in General Dragon Age: Inquisition Discussion: So How to patch Dragon age inquisition? Title: CH Spurgeon - Sermons on Proverbs, Author: Servant of Messiah Ministries, Length: 413 pages, Published: 2020-04-03. Persons engaged in mercantile pursuits, or preparing themselves therefor, and above the age of fourteen years, shall be eligible as members of the Corporation, and entitled to vote and act as officers thereof; excepting that no person under twenty-one years of age shall be a Trustee. Armor Crack Alchemist's Rigging Type Rare Medium Armor Item Level 10 Restriction Luka Upgrade Slots Empty Medium Arms Empty Medium Legs Armor Stats +3% Ranged Defense Appearances Dragon Age: Inquisition - Multiplayer The Crack Alchemist's Rigging is a rare medium armor in Dragon Age.


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It was displayed in convulsions of philanthropy so violent that a man might not refuse the offered brotherhood and kindness save at the price of his life. The cold dictates of the head were ignored. The [Pg 168]heart was the only guide.

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To the European parent this seems a most flagrant abandonment of duty. There the anxious care for the offspring reaches out to the third and fourth generation, and every safeguard which law or custom can devise is thrown around the child. From the moment of its birth the parent of Continental [Pg 213]Europe begins to save, not only for the education and upbringing, but for the whole future existence of the child. It is not alone the daughter who is dowered, but the son also has provision made for his married life, when, as his parents keenly realize, the greatest strain will be made upon his resources and capabilities.


How could those sweet, foolish tears fail to water the hard soil of life and cause a thousand lovely flowers of goodness and gentleness to bloom? That we have not solved the riddle of the Sphinx, that we have not found the secret of happiness, is hardly cause for wonder or shame. Neither will our successors find it, but it is interesting to speculate as to what clue they will [Pg 187]use to guide them in the search. It is plain that our ideals, our formulæ, are being cast aside as inadequate, but the new century is coming in with no programme as yet announced. It is thoughtful, silent; it avoids our drums and shoutings and vociferous over-confidence.

Press, 1977), which both discuss Borges in relation to magic realism

The Encyclopedia Foundation on Terminus is established for roughly fifty years before Hari Seldon appears in the Time Vault to announce that the Encyclopedia Galactica was a sham concocted to establish them as the nucleus of a second Galactic Empire. At this point, it's a very public conspiracy that Terminus will take over the galaxy. The information needed for the Encyclopedia grants them a broad base of scientific knowledge, which they continue to develop because they're at the extreme edge of the Milky Way and have almost no natural resources.


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Miner’s Lantern A smaller version of the bullseye lantern, a miner’s lantern provides normal light in a 30- foot cone and increases the light level by one step in the area beyond that, out to a 60-foot cone (darkness becomes dim light and dim light becomes normal light). A miner’s lantern does not increase the light level in normal light or bright light. It burns for 6 hours on 1 pint of oil. A miner’s lantern comes with straps for attachment to a helmet or other piece of sturdy headgear, but it can also be carried in one hand.

The church, which is most opposed to individual liberty of thought, has been reconquering great territory in the very citadels of free conscience. One large body of Protestants is repudiating its protests against irresponsible authority, and basing its claims rather upon appeal to ancient precedent.


It will lie at the bottom of the ocean as if wounded. Then its enemies will approach, and yet it will lie quite still. And then its enemies will take little bites of it, and yet it remains still. Commodus: So, we will lie still, and let our enemies come to us and nibble.

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You can also apply some forethought. Think about the cost of the spell and the effect in relation to how many Power Points characters can have at each rank. Work out how many times it can be cast before the characters runs out of Power Points. At the end of the day, common sense should prevail. If you allow arcane spellcasters to have an Instant Death spell at Novice with a cost of just 2 Power Points, don’t be surprised when your lovingly crafted villains drop dead like flies.


Village Add a temple, tavern, marketplace, and a few crafters to a hamlet and it becomes a village. Unlike hamlets, villages are usually self-sufficient in basic needs. What they usually lack are defined borders and a local government. Villages are often located near towns, serving as agricultural centers for the larger population. In such places one may find a mayor or village council, answerable to the nearest town or noble. Defense is handled by militia, raised only in times of need. Population can vary from a few dozen to several hundred, depending on the terrain and the resources and services available.

Superb energies, passionate patience and ardour, master intellects, were wasted in the long endeavour to find some means by which nature could be conquered and man made master of circumstance—all given fruitlessly; thrown into that bottomless pit of error never to be filled. And these earnest, misguided travellers—so blinded were they—when one of their number turned about in the other direction promptly fell upon him and beat him into submission, as one who would check the struggle towards light and knowledge.


MapleStory allows players to use a device bought with mesos to add a socket to their each of their armor that they can put a Nebulite in to increase their stats. Nebulites can either be obtained through world bosses or you can get them through an item Gachapon.

Acts of the Divine by Axis II

Be one minotaur or gorgon, or maybe creatures like harpies and basilisks are created through ancient and foul rituals, serving as guardians in only small numbers. More “natural” monsters, like orcs and goblins, are often plentiful, at least in certain areas, and serve as common foes. Perhaps in your setting they are remnants of a branch of humanity who fell to evil ways, or are sent by evil gods to torment the good races. Many battles in these settings, however, are against fellow humans. Although at first low fantasy may seem bland, the introduction of a single powerful relic or an ancient evil whose power is akin to those of a god, can make even the most mundane setting become something special. It worked in a trilogy of books which recently became three major Hollywood movies!


They start with Boating at d6. • Greedy (–1): The Stal measure a man’s value in society by his material goods. They begin with the Greedy (Minor) Hindrance.

He stands in the Vatican, and follows, with upthrown head and far-seeing eye, the flight of the golden arrow that slays the serpent of the miasmatic marsh. One feels a sad tenderness for the poor bleeding deity, who hangs dead and helpless from a thousand crucifixes here in Rome, but to-day, for the first time in my life, I felt the impulse to fall on my knees and worship. Here is at last, and indeed a god, whose fine feet disdain the earth, whose proud youth never knew suffering or defeat. Here is the [Pg 105]embodiment of the ideal of the European—beauty, health, power. How he must smile to stand here, merely a statue, in the place where the Christian reigns, amid luxury and pomp, in the name of the sorrowful Hebrew democrat who had not a place to lay his head. Apollo's ideal, his worship, still remains dominant, though they call his religion by another name. The European remains, and always will remain, a pagan; none more pagan than the popes with their lust for temporal power.


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These prices are for meals and beverages in an average city or town. Unless otherwise specified, the amount received for the listed price is presumed to be a standard meal serving for a single person.

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Using Powers The powers in Savage Worlds cover a wide range of effects. This chapter takes a look at ways of using them, creating new powers, and finally a list of new powers you can add to your game.


This drink is brewed by pouring boiling water through crushed, roasted coffee beans. A very strong form is potent enough to reduce the penalties from the fatigued condition from –2 to –1 for 1 hour.

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To what H—— calls my [Pg 259]"robust nature" it seemed merely deliciously funny and human, and I am not fond of French fiction as a rule. Most of it leaves in my mind only a sense of dreary nastiness—a sort of more closely knit Hall Caine-ism, with his sloppiness of style left out. Yet a good many of one's contemporaries profess to find French fiction vastly superior to English literature of the same sort: to find Balzac a greater artist than Thackeray; but those who make this assertion are, I find, generally lacking in humour and imagination themselves, and therefore blind to a whole side of life. They, of nature, think marionettes liker life than beings of flesh and blood. Balzac's dry, minute descriptions give them an impression of reality.


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Certainly animals possess very distinctly these inherited memories. A young horse never before beyond the paddock and stables will fall into a very passion of fear when a snake crosses his path, or when driven upon a ferry to cross deep, swift water. He is entirely unfamiliar with the nature of the danger, but at some period [Pg 30]one of his kind has sweated and throbbed in hideous peril, and the memory remains after the lapse of a hundred years. He, no more than ourselves, can recall all the surrounding circumstances of that peril, but the threatening aspect of a similar danger brings memory forward with a rush to use her stored warning. When the migrating bird finds its way without difficulty, untaught and unaccompanied, to the South it has never seen, we call its guiding principle instinct—but what is the definition of the word instinct? No man can give it. It but removes the difficulty one step backward. Call this instinct an inherited memory and the matter becomes clear. Such memories, it is plain, are more definite with the animals than with us; but so are many of their faculties, hearing, smell, and sight.

Lord Palmerston is engaged in a campaign to make London the undisputed: center of a new, worldwide Roman Empire. He is attempting to conquer the world in the way that the British have already conquered India, destabilising every other nation to the role of a puppet, client, and fall-guy for British imperial policy. Lord Palmerston's campaign is not a secret.


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Bellow Rank: Veteran Power Points: 2 Range: Cone Template Duration: Instant Trappings: Rippling earth, buffeting winds, arm gestures Bellow allows wizards to knockdown multiple foes in a single spell. The caster makes an arcane skill roll and then places a Cone Template in front of him. Any character touched by the Template, friend or foe, must make a Strength roll opposed by the caster’s arcane skill roll. On a failure the character is knocked back 1d4” and becomes prone. If he rolls a 1, regardless of his Wild Die, he is Shaken as well.

The fruit did not exist for the benefit of the vine; the vine existed to produce, to nourish, to minister to the perfect culmination of its species in the fruit, which drank its sap as of right. Here again the European followed Nature, that Arch-Aristocrat who destroys multitudes to produce a few perfect specimens—whose right is always might.


Introducing New Spells If you’re already running a game and use this section to add some new powers, think about how you’re going to introduce them. If you just turn round and say, “Here’s a load of new powers you can take,” you’re players might be a little upset. After all, their characters might have taken different powers from day one. A better way is to introduce them slowly. One option is to have the characters find spellbooks as part of treasure.

Amusing also is it to remark that the Roman women were not handsome. In both races the resemblance between the sexes is too strong.


Town Towns have a defined border, often a wall to prevent attack, a local government (possibly of a different type to the central government), a variety of tradesmen, at least one permanent market, and places of worship. Towns are also likely to have schools, hospitals, and other public buildings, though access may be restricted to certain demographics.

Timeless: Rittenhouse has apparently been controlling America since the days of the Revolutionary War, and according to the Doc in episode 6, it was founded in 1778 by a clockmaker named David Rittenhouse. The secret is held so tightly that even rumors of the existence of Rittenhouse are violently suppressed before they can spread. This was Flynn's Start of Darkness. While working as a contractor for the NSA, he found a series of large transactions between Rittenhouse and Mason Industries (to develop Time Travel). Four days after he reported it to his boss, there was a home invasion, and his wife and daughter were killed. Flynn himself barely managed to escape and swore to avenge them. Since he has no idea who ordered the hit, his plan is to Ret-Gone Rittenhouse using Mason's time machine, even if it means destroying the US. At the end of season 1, Lucy convinces her grandfather in 1954 to gather evidence against Rittenhouse. By the time they meet again in 2021, he has enough solid evidence to arrest all known members of the organization, although, it appears that Rittenhouse has a backup plan in place. She also gives Flynn the name of the man, who ordered the hit on his family, but Flynn is arrested before he can make use of the information. Throughout the season, Lucy learns that she's more intimately connected to Rittenhouse than she likes, as the Cahill family (her father's) is a longstanding member of Rittenhouse.


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Is there, perhaps, some secret tie between cruelty and beauty; between crime and art? It is certain that religious reformers have always thought so, and have acted with logical fury. In our peaceful, decent country, beauty, except such as Nature herself affords, is rare. A race that loves its neighbour as itself seems incapable of creating an art.

The rulers may not be the richest in the land, or even the most suitable, but they hold the reins of power through dint of their bloodline. In some lands the government may be effective, producing strong leadership. In others, the realm may have spiraled into decadence as the ruling elite become inbred or more interested in holding power than wielding it. Land may be broken down into family holdings, each with a town or large village as its seat of power. In large nations these may be city states, powerful military or mercantile forces in their own right. Within its domain the family has total authority, undoubtedly controlling all aspects of government and law enforcement, but in rival lands it has little to no influence.


Remember, the Savage Worlds rules are templates for you to play with. Let’s take a look at some possible alternate trappings and their game mechanics. Most are best suited to offensive spells, but some can be used defensively as well. One important thing to remember is that trappings with special effects should be balanced. If you create a version of bolt that inflicts more damage, everyone will want it. A weak trapping, even one with a game mechanic attached, will look less attractive.

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Decipher Rank: Seasoned Power Points: 1 Range: Touch Duration: 10 minutes (1/10 minutes) Trappings: Waving hands over text, text changes to a known language, whispered words. Whether exploring ancient tombs from a bygone age or stealing coded papers from enemy spies, the ability to read texts in a foreign language can reveal valuable information. For the duration of the spell, the contents of one book or scroll can be read as if they were written in the caster’s native language. This power does not allow illiterate characters to read. Depending on the size of the book, one to three pages can be read per minute.


In the Monster Hunter series, weapons, armor, and talismans each have zero to three slots that players can put decorations in to put points into a skill, which becomes active once enough points are added. Some of these decorations take away points from a different skill, which can activate a skill with a negative effect if enough points are taken away (for example, having enough negative points in a skill that boosts fire resistance will make you more vulnerable to fire-based attacks). Some decorations take up two or three slots, in exchange for providing a bigger boost than decorations that just need one slot.

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Few Gods, One Aspect A pantheon may comprise a number of gods linked to a single aspect, such as war, healing, nature, and so on. Each god would cover a subdivision of the aspect—in a war pantheon, for example, there may be a god of valor, honor, healing, cowards, berserk fury, guardians, spearmen, and such like. How many gods and how specific their remit depends on your particular wants and desires. A single aspect pantheon can cover a wide area of life while still be limited to one aspect. A healing pantheon can range from birth to death, with all manner of cures and ills in between. The advantage of this pantheon is that you have a narrow to work in—you don’t need to think about anything outside of the single aspect. Which, of course, is also its disadvantage. In most cases, some aspect of nature will get left out.


Corpse Lord Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background (Miracles),Faith d10+, Knowledge (Undead) d10+, must know the zombie power Corpse Lords serve the god of death. Give them the bonuses of the Necromancer and Improved Necromancer Edges (page 53).

National Borders Now it’s time to start drawing borders on the map. Look at your cultures and races and decide where you want to place them. You can use the cultures as guidelines, but don’t feel constrained by them. There’s no reason why a feudal society base on Medieval Europe couldn’t exist in a desert. Rather than owning huge tracts of land, nobles would own oases However, keep in mind common sense.


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The end phase of corruption of the civilisation comes as the previously hidden rituals are externalised as in the Externalisation of the Hierarchy. So the end of civilisation comes with externalised corruption of the Satanic Rituals becoming performed in public. BDSM, Fifty Shades of Grey, Piercing and Tattoos as pain and torture become externalised.

Blind Rank: Seasoned Power Points: 4 Range: Smarts Duration: 3 (1/round) Trappings: Cataracts, skin grows over the victim’s eyes, In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king, or so the saying goes. A blinded foe is a reduced threat. This spell is an opposed roll of the caster’s arcane skill versus a single target’s Spirit. If the mage is successful, the victim is completely blind and suffers a –6 penalty to all trait rolls for the duration. Because the victim can’t see incoming attacks, his Parry drops to 2. Creatures whose primary sense is not sight (such as bats), while still suffering the penalty, are less hampered by this spell.


I have been reading in one of the magazines a record of travel in the Rocky Mountains of the Arctic regions. It is illustrated with pictures of some ten polar bear skins—two of them evidently mere babies of bears—a dead ram, a dead caribou—the former killed, the author explains, to furnish the first food he had in forty-four [Pg 221]hours. He concludes his article with this naive charge: "Wolves, when pressed by hunger, do not hesitate to fall upon one of their own number and sacrifice it to their beastly cravings.

Hypnotic Trance Rank: Veteran Power Points: 3 Range: Smarts Duration: 3 (1/round) Trappings: Swirling orb of light. Using this spell, a magnificent ball of glowing magical light is created in the air. The orb is so wondrous that it can draw the attention of all targets within a Large Burst Template. This spell is an opposed roll of the caster’s arcane skill versus the targets’ Spirit. Victims failing the roll can do nothing but stare at the orb until the spell ends. Attacking a victim allows them a Spirit roll to escape the trance, but this Spirit check counts as an action.


You can use this thick block of soap to scrub clothes, pots, linens, or anything else that might be dirty. A bar of soap has approximately 50 uses.

Hanging Tent A hanging tent is a small tent (able to comfortably house a single Medium creature) with a teardrop shape, which hangs from a sturdy anchor rope. The rope can be tied to a tree limb, grappling hook, or even a piton hammered into a cliff side. Hanging tents are used primarily in mountainous terrain (where no flat surface may be available for camping) and swamps (where no dry ground may be available). Climbing in or out of a hanging tent is a full-round action that requires a DC 10 Climb check. Failure indicates another attempt must be made, while failure by 5 or more indicates the camper has fallen from the tent.


This trope often has an interesting combination of Critical Research Failure and Shown Their Work. On the one hand, many writers clearly have spent hours poring over books on history and symbolism and can throw out dozens of completely factual precedents and weave them into an interesting narrative. Then these same authors display a horribly deficient understanding of how the social sciences work. This can make for very frustrating instances where a writer's knowledgeability in one area is undermined by their ignorance in another.

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Long ago, of a summer morning, threading with soundless paddle and slow-sliding canoe one of the quiet streams that wound like a blue vein across the sunburned breast of those marshes, I found in the deep grasses, that everywhere grew breast high, an illimitable garden of flowers. Looked at from above there was but the smooth, deep fleece of verdure—but thus intimate, close to the warm skin of these vast salt prairies, thousands of beautiful freakish blossoms revealed themselves—many-tinted, heavy as wax, fragile as cobwebs, perfumed, fantastic, multitudinous.


By this time it was late, and I came away. Outside the sun was shining and the trolley cars buzzing by. The theory of the Fourth Dimension seemed absurd, but I wondered where those poor young girls could have gone, and felt an oppression in my breathing.

Parodied in Sluggy Freelance in its "Years of Yarncraft" parody of World of Warcraft. Items could have sockets for rather random items like blenders, and some headgear was headgear-socketable, meaning you could have your old hat socketed onto your new hat.


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That started the great revolutionary year of 1848, and in the course of that year, every government in Europe was toppled, and every monarchy badly shaken, at least for a time. Metternich of Austria and King Louis Philippe of France fled to London, where they now spend their time playing cards. There was war in Italy, civil war in Austria, barricades in Paris, and tumult in Germany.

To this jewel, so hardly won, so long toiled for, it would be natural to suppose that woman would cling with all the force of her nature; all the more as education broadened her capacity for reflection and deepened her consciousness of self. On the contrary, the little learning she has so far acquired seems, as usual, a dangerous thing, and with the development of self-consciousness the keen, unerring flair of her instinct for the one thing needful has been blunted and enfeebled. It is not necessary to give undue weight to the blatant and empty-headed crew who announce marriage to be a failure, and that women are tired of, and will no longer submit to, child-bearing. There are crowing hens in all barnyards, and their loud antics never materially affect the price of eggs.


Man found painful barriers of time, space, and physical decay fencing him out of his Eden of gratified desire, and like a child he straightway fell to dreaming of flying carpets, of magic lamps, of transmutable metals, of fountains of youth and elixirs of life. At first these miracles were thought to be the gifts of shadowy, higher powers, who were happily superior to the cruel limits of material existence, and might give their assistance according to their capricious elfin fancy. Later, man began to believe that in himself lay the powers which were to break the chains that bound him the unhappy slave of distance, of the need for labour, of the tyrannies of nature, with her resistless heat and cold, storm and flood, pain and age. A glimmering of the truth, this, at last, but only a faint reflection on the horizon of the rising sun, on which he had turned his back.

Puritas Cordis from Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis. It's unclear whether it was continued from the original, or collapsed and restructured, though.


With most parents the sense of responsibility ceases when the boy begins to earn his own living, when the girl dons orange blossoms. Like the birds, the American parent works hard to feed the nestlings, carefully teaches them to fly, and then tumbles them out into the world to fend for themselves. So far in our history this elemental method has worked well, no doubt. The result of it has been to breed the most precocious, self-reliant, vigorous, irreverent race the earth has yet [Pg 211]seen. One may see the whole situation epitomized in the orchard any pleasant June day—an astonished fledgling ruffling his feathers upon some retired bough, ruminating upon the sudden shocks and changes of existence, and afraid almost to turn his head in the large, new, lonesome world surrounding him.

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Of course, I've a theory of my own about Hamlet. It seems to me that the difficulty most persons experience in endeavouring to penetrate what they call "the mystery" of the Prince's character arises from the fact that they read the play either carelessly or with some prepossession, to fit which they bend all that he says or does. The German critics blunder through forgetting how essentially sane and unmystical was Shakespeare in every fibre of his mind. To him the cloudy symbolism of the second part of Faust would have sounded very like nonsense. His interest was in man—the normal, typical man and his [Pg 146]passions of hate, love, ambition, revenge, envy, humour.


Additional Information from Pirates of the Inner Sea: Sailors, especially on pirate crews, often demand daily rations of alcohol. To prevent hoarding of alcohol (resulting in drunkenness and subsequent hangovers), most captains mix alcohol with water and a bit of lime or lemon juice to make grog. The water dilutes the alcohol and causes it to spoil more quickly, while the citrus juice masks the taste of spoilage and also prevents scurvy.

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Bloodvine Rope This 50-foot length of tough, lightweight rope is made from alchemically treated bloodvine, a rare scarlet-colored vine that grows only in warm jungle environments. Though prized by climbers for its durability, bloodvine can also be used to bind creatures. Bloodvine rope has a hardness of 5 and 10 hit points, and can be broken with a DC 30 Strength check. A creature bound by bloodvine rope can escape with a DC 35 Escape Artist check or a DC 30 Strength check. The DC to create bloodvine rope with Craft (alchemy) is 30. Price 200 gp; Weight 5 lbs.


This multi-part plastic kit allows you to assemble an Arkanaut Ironclad. Due to its status as the flagship of a Kharadron skyfleet, it is an impressively sized model, and covered in weaponry.

Wall Walker Rank: Novice Power Points: 2 Range: Touch Duration: 3 (1/round) Trappings: A crushed spider. Spellcasters are frequently targetted in combat because of their arcane prowess and high-utility spells such as this are great for getting the caster safely out of harm’s way. Of course, it countless other uses too. Wall walker allows a wizard to function much like a human spider. He can stick to any surface, allowing him to climb walls and even hang from the ceiling. The character can move along such surfaces at his normal Pace and may even run.


Level 6-7 is the ideal level I go into threatening once I have "Lost. We have new books nearly every day. This package implements a content management system with security features by default. The key requirement for scientific progress must be known. I would like to see some SM scouts beat the. Her wrinkled face is marked with tiny liver spots upon her brow, and framed by gray and white locks that have been stylishly curled and coiffed.

This simple glue is created by extensively boiling animal skin, bones, hooves, horn, and tendons until they turn into a ochre syrup that cools when it hardens. Before you use animal glue, you must heat it until it liquefies. You normally apply it with a brush and hold the pieces together for a minute, at which point it is cooled and hardened. The glue is sufficient to coat 1 square foot of surface, or (because of waste and spills) up to 40 smaller applications of approximately 2 square inches each. Pulling apart a large glued surface (at least 1 square foot) requires a DC 15 Strength check. Pulling apart a small glued surface (anything less than 1 square foot) requires a DC 10 Strength check. Animal glue slowly dissolves in water, reducing the Strength DC needed to break it by 1 per 10 minutes. It softens if heated, even with steam, reducing the Strength DC needed to break it by 1 per minute.


Purify Rank: Novice Power Points: 2 Range: Smarts Duration: Special Trappings: Prayer, whispered words, concentration. From the paralyzing venom of a ghoul to the deadly sting of a giant scorpion, there are many poisons in the average fantasy world. Purify instantly neutralizes any poison within range. It does not heal damage already caused by toxins, but it does negate toxins already in a body. Poisonous creatures within range of the power, must make a Vigor roll, or Vigor roll at -2 if the caster scored a raise, or their poison is negated for 3 rounds.

In Morrowind, nearly the entire plot of the main quest traces back to the events surrounding the Battle of Red Mountainnote and the death of Lord Nerevar some 4000 years prior. Due to his perceived treachery, House Dagoth, the Sixth House of the Dunmer led by Dagoth Ur, was dissolved. The Sixth House Cult later formed in reverence and service to Lord Dagoth, who they (rightly) believed would return one day. In the years leading up to the events of the game itself, the Cult ramped up their activities, including assassinating Imperial officials. This is one part of the ("official") impetus for the Emperor ordering the Player Character to be sent to Vvardenfell.


Pick a Name Often the hardest part of creating a race is coming up with a cool name. Avoid giving it a humorous name—the joke will soon wear thin and your setting will suffer as a result. If you’re stuck, look through books on mythology or a foreign language dictionary. Don’t use well-known mythological names for races unless you are creating that specific race—calling a feline race centaurs will just confuse everyone.

She was growing much encouraged about her own work. All the other ants in the field wondered at and admired it, and as one could nearly see out above the grasses by standing upon her hill on tiptoe, the happy insect began to dream of immortality.


He tore open the bellies of the shivering, sweating, blindfolded horses, who staggered a few steps trailing their entrails in the sand and then crumpled helplessly; he caught a man in the breast and tossed him over the barrier with blood spurting from the hole his horn had made. He himself leaped the fence once, as agile as a deer, and brushed the crowd back like flies, but he did it all without a sign of hope, and never made a sound.

High Thief Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background (Miracles), Agility d10+, Climbing d6+, Faith d8+, Lokcpicking d8+, Stealth d8+ The character may be a cleric, but his patron is the god of thieves. Whenmaking Climb, Lockpick or Stealth rolls, the character rolls a d10 for his Wild Die.


This e-text includes Greek and characters that require UTF-8 (Unicode) file encoding. If any of these characters do not display properly make sure your text reader’s "character set" or "file encoding" is set to Unicode (UTF-8).

Fantasy religions are typically polytheistic. Having multiple gods allows for a variety of faiths, giving rise to conflicts, and therefore adventures. Think about the number and types of gods you want in your setting. We’ve listed the common pantheon types below.


The only exception to the rule was Russia, and now Lord Palmerston is preparing to invade Russia, with the help of his strategic catamite, Napoleon III, also known as Napoleon Le Petit. That will start in about three years, and it will be called the Crimean War. As soon as the war against Russia is over, Palmerston and John Stuart Mill at the British East India Company will Satanically and Psychopathically start the Great Mutiny in India, which some historians will call the Sepoy Rebellion.

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Bottom-Up Bottom-up design starts small, focusing only on the area of the world in which the players begin. Usually this is a single nation, but you may wish to start with a single settlement. When you’re ready, move onto the neighboring areas, expanding the map as the characters begin to explore their world. This method has the advantage of not requiring much time. Drawing a single nation and placing a few settlements and adventure areas is much quicker than drawing everything of interest in the world. However, limiting the players to one geographic area may be constraining to their wanderlust. Unless there’s a good reason to stay in one place, such as a strong series of Plot Points, the characters are likely to want to know what lies beyond. You’ll also need to keep detailed notes of any other lands or geographic places you mention during the early days of the campaign. If the merchant from the previous section turns up, make sure you note how far he has come and the lands he has journeyed through, so you can add them later.


I suppose that everyone who has reached maturity has been aware of a sense of a dual personality—of a something within him that is a me and a not me; of opposing influences that puzzle his judgment, weaken his resolves, and warp his intention. These natures he finds engaged in an eternal conflict which sways him from the course he would instinctively follow, and draws him along lines of thought and conduct satisfying to neither side of his being, and achieving only a helpless compromise between the two.

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Called upon once to help a grief-stricken mother to lay away the belongings of a boy summoned suddenly out of life, we unearthed among his abandoned treasures [Pg 6]a curious collection of odds and ends concerning which we could imagine no value that should have moved him to keep them by him. A shell, a bit of ribbon, a rusty nail; scraps of paper with a scribbled line or two; cuttings, whose printed words referred to nothing which seemed to bear in any way upon what we might guess of as touching his life.


A typical orc trail ration consists of coarse black bread, thin sausages as hard as leather that must be chewed slowly to soften them, dried meat of uncertain origin, and pungent peppers. If you are an orc or half-orc who subsists on nothing but these rations for at least 1 week, you add +2 to the DC to resist any Intimidate checks you make. This bonus lasts until you eat a meal other than the rations or go for a full day without eating a day’s worth.

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In course of time a young lark was [Pg 62]hatched. A great red, sprawling, featherless thing, with a big bill and no idea but worms.


The impression Amiel leaves upon the reader is that he was at least a gentleman—that he had a gentle soul; clean and modest, continent and grave. His melancholy seems neither so profound nor so touching as Mrs.

I can't define what the other life is. It is all around me. I feel it in the water when I swim—a sentiency. If I could only look close enough into the shifting depths, I should see—a hand clasped quickly enough would grasp—what always just evades.


In the Trails Series, the organization Ouroboros was founded to obtain the Seven Sacred Treasure of Aidios, known as the Sept-Terrion. Naturally, they're the villains of the overarching series.

To an ant the man standing beside him is as a creature three thousand feet high, would be to us. Now let us imagine this colossal person stooping to examine the tiny beings hurrying to and fro in a channel between a row of structures built of fragments that would appear to him no bigger than grains of sand. He would, of course, be unaware that this channel was called Broadway, or the Strand, or the Avenue de l'Opera.


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The person who extorts my reverence is not Saint Elizabeth, but that poor boy, [Pg 157]her husband, bearing the torments of her hysterical squeamishness with such noble patience and chivalry. One can picture that tired, sleepy young fellow, busy with his duties of government all day, dragged out of his proper slumber to behold his ridiculous wife climbing out of bed to lie on the cold floor in her nightgown, while the attendants stood about and crossed themselves in admiration.

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Candlestick This saucer-like object has a flat bottom, a handle, and a spike on top. You can affix a candle onto the spike (up to 3 inches in diameter) and hold the candlestick by the handle. The flat bottom means you’re able to set it down and not worry about the candle falling over and extinguishing itself. A typical candlestick is crafted from baked clay or a cheap metal such as copper, but elaborate and expensive ones exist.


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Tongue Tied Rank: Novice Power Points: 2 Range: Smarts x 2 Duration: 3 (1/round) Trappings: Gestures, speaking a stream of gibberish, voodoo dolls. Not all spells need physically harm a foe to be effective. Sometimes just removing an opponent’s ability to converse can be a weapon. A guard who cannot shout for help or an officer who cannot give orders is just as helpless as if he were slain. This spell prevents its victim from speaking coherently for the duration. The caster must succeed at an opposed roll of his arcane skill against the target’s Spirit. This is especially useful against verbal spellcasters, as it removes their ability to work magic.

MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Kain and Raziel have the misfortune of getting mixed up with all three. Kain because he is the Scion of Balance and the one destined to defeat the Elder God and the Hylden. Raziel because he is a living temporal paradox and thus the only being in existence who can Screw Destiny.


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The character has a limited ability to glance into the future and make minor manipulations to the timestream. If the casting is successful, the caster may rearrange any two Action Cards (four with a raise) for any ally or foe (including himself) as he sees fit each round for the duration of the spell starting the round after the spell is cast. Cards must be moved before anyone acts.

Ok so I'm one of those out there who has the cracked offline version of Dragon Age Inquisition for the pc. The problem I get into (and I know I'm not alone) is that if you go online you loose everything and you cannot get into Dragon Age [HOST]. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Armor typically has arm and leg slots, while one-handed weapons typically have a grip/haft slot. It is strange: but just as the thwarted will can persist evilly. By the time he was twenty-six he had risen to be manager of the business. Dragon Age Inquisition Crack Share By GH. Dragon Age Inquisition Crack is video game, the game was developed by BioWare team and published by Electronic Arts.


The League of Assassins has existed for centuries, led by Ra's Al Ghul, a man who remains immortal thanks to periodic use of Lazarus Pits. Their goal is to reduce the human population to more manageable levels as mankind is slowly destroying the ecosystem.

He died recently in Germany in horrible, useless, ridiculous pain. Wagner, I am sure, would have thought him the ideal Siegfried, for he never made vocal gymnastics a fetish, but demanded satisfaction for the eye as much as for the ear.


The warm, impulsive, blundering me we know, but who is that other? Whence comes this double, this alter ego, this bosom's lord, and strange, nameless ghost who haunts the house of life? How many thousand deaths have we died to give him life? For he is inexpressibly aged, infinitely sophisticated; and while the me still crowns its locks with youth's golden illusions, he is grey with knowledge and hoary with disenchantment. Though a part of our most intimate selves, he is not at one with us. He sympathizes with none of our enthusiasms, is tempted by none of our sins.

They blame all the members of a group even though most of the members of the group are not guilty. Then they kill all the innocent and enrich all the guilty.


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The modern woman is so spoiled, so indulged, that she does not realize how much a man gives and how little he gets in marriage. He gives a half, sometimes—indeed often—more than half, of his earnings, his name and its honour, his protection and defence of her person, and a lifelong responsibility for her and her children, and he gets—what? Her person, and it is to be hoped her affection. The woman of the present day lays too much stress upon this gift of her person. She appears to think that this gift alone renders man her eternal debtor. To speak a little brutally, he knows that he can easily buy a like gift elsewhere and for a less price.

Star Wars: The Old Republic has the Star Cabal, a group of influential non-force sensitives that serve as the central antagonist of the Imperial Agent storyline who are dedicated to the eradication of Jedi and Sith-ruled governments and seek to plunge the world into another galactic war to wipe the slate clean. It's members include various characters featured in other storylines. The Genoharadan make a brief appearance in the Bounty Hunter storyline.


The higher type of woman cried out to man for spiritual rather than physical love, and she found his natural sane tenderness for her person brutal rather than beautiful. The young girl, sedulously guarded from knowledge of the fundamental reasons of her being, cast suddenly and unprepared into marriage, shrank with disgust from a relation which her husband—educated in wholeness of thought—regarded as the culmination of the flower of life into its fruit. It is not too much to say that four fifths of all modest, pure girls—as a result of their foolish training—contemplated [Pg 94]the sexual relation with the bitterest reluctance. They had been led to believe that virginity was in itself a virtue, instead of regarding it only as the sanctification of the body until such time as it legitimately becomes the temple of life. With many this feeling survived marriage, and embittered it to both the wife, who resented what she looked upon as a baser nature in the man, and to the man who resented, and was rebuffed by the coldness of his companion.

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God might instill his followers with Bloodthirsty, or he may demand the priest kills a foe of equal or greater rank in single combat once a year, or even once a month. Failing to do so would be a major sin. Don’t go overboard, or the faith is going to look less attractive. In most cases, players should be encouraged to choose appropriate Hindrances.


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When Stalin blamed the prosperous Kulacks for the poverty of the general citizens. The Kulacks were the guys who ran the farms and provided food for the general populace. When Stalin shipped them off to Siberia where they all died of cold but also, this destruction of the Kulacks was responsible for millions of deaths of the general population from starvation. The Holodomor in the Ukraine killed millions of people.

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Buckle rather shocked a pious world when he announced that in many cases the best kings, considered from the point of [Pg 268]view of their private characters, made the worst rulers; but all history is loud with this truth. The moment anyone in power began to consider the question of his soul with seriousness, tears and blood soon began to flow. A ruler who had strong secular tendencies usually had some sort of consideration for human happiness, but one who turned his mind to what was called "higher things" waded through the wretchedness of those in his power with noble insouciance.


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The conviction that humanity had once known perfect equality, and that freedom had been filched by the unscrupulous, was shown to be quite unfounded. Rousseau's Contrat Social was made absurd by Darwin's Descent of Man.

When filled with coal and common herbs worth 2 sp, this miniature brazier fills an area 30 feet in diameter with light smoke for 1 hour. Any creature in the area of this smoke gains a +2 circumstance bonus on Fortitude saves to resist inhaled diseases.


The Illuminati, Illuminaughti, Illuminasti, and Freemasonry are Russian dolls because hidden with each Religion, Gang, Secret Societies or Tribes are hierarchically Satanic ruling elites worshipping Lucifer - like the 33rd Degree Freemasons or the Skull and Bones Society at Yale. Britain is run by Luciferian Pedophile Gangs.

There is in the breasts of many parents a half-resentful feeling that they should not be asked to sacrifice themselves to the new generation. They insist upon their own right to all that is to be got out of life, feeling that what they give to the children is never repaid. This selfish type forgets that in doing their duty they are but returning to their children what they themselves received from the past generation, and that the children will in turn pay to their descendants the inherited debt of honour with interest.


We need a psychological Copernicus badly. I am convinced that what are commonly called [Pg 151]"superstitions" are really observed results of unknown causes. When I was a child the negroes always warned one that it brought bad luck to go near a stable when one had a cut finger. Nothing could seem more blindly uncorrelated, and yet it is now known that the germ of tetanus breeds only in manure, which shows that their observation was correct, though they had no conception of germs, or microbes. It was an old superstition, derided by the medical profession, that there was some merit in hanging red curtains at the windows of a smallpox patient; yet recently some interesting discoveries have been made as to the effect of red light upon sufferers from this disease.

The Dragon Cults formed in ancient times in service and reverence of the dragons (https://middleeastexplorer.com/serial-code/?file=2784). After the ancient Nord heroes manged to banish the leader of the dragons (view website), Alduin (using an Elder Scrolls to cast him out of the time stream), the remaining dragons (you can find out more) were either slain or forced into hiding while the cultists and their Dragon Priest leaders were persecuted, executed, and entombed in Skyrim's many ancient barrows. With the return of Alduin during the events of the game, he is not only resurrecting the dragons, but the cultists as well. Dragon age inquisition crack only.


Sold in balls or spools of 50 feet, string and twine are useful for rigging traps and alarms and are a vital component of grappling bolts and arrows. String or twine has hardness 0, 1 hit point, and a break DC of 14.

For example, a mage could breathe underwater if his familiar was able to breathe air. If the familiar eats, the mage counts as if he had eaten, and such like.


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Sir Hilary of Agincourt, returning from France, found his lady from home, and he and all his weary men-at-arms sat there—mailed cap-à-pié—throughout the entire night until she returned to welcome them home and receive their homage. What if at other times Sir Hilary may have been something of a brute? Lady Hilary, flattered [Pg 202]by this fine piece of steel-clad swagger, would, remembering it, forgive a thousand failures of temper or courtesy.

Dampen Backlash Rank: Seasoned Power Points: 2 Range: Self Duration: 3 (1/round) Trappings: Wave of the hand, whispered words Even the most experienced wizards can suffer from magical backlash. This simple charm was created to prevent the wizard suffering backlash when casting multiple spells in a short space of time, such as when in combat. Mages operating under the effects of this spell do not suffer a magical backlash if they roll a ‘1’ on their Spellcasting die.


Gothic Lovecraft Burleson, Donald R. & Tyson, Donald & Webb, Don & Thomas, Jonathan & Gresh, Lois H. & Burleson, Mollie L. & Jones, Mark Howard & Kilpatrick, Nancy & Kiernan, Caitlin R. & Shirley, John. With Answer Key and Tapescript, Lin Lougheed 9781416936572 1416936572 Monster Maker, Jim Benton 9780160680342 0160680344 Minerals Yearbook, 2020, V. 3, Area Reports, International, Asia and the Pacific 9780688163044 0688163041 "Rolling Stone" Raves, Anthony Bozza 9780160450716 0160450713 Occupational Projections. When the "Execute p1" button is clicked the javascript function p1 is executed. The acquiring of knowledge cannot move forward without the inspiration of the. About half of the fortresses in Dwarf Fortress meet their demise due to some form of shameless, unabashed hubris on the part of the Cruel Player-Character God. Opinions (2) Hall brilliant, masonic?

Rank: Novice Power Points: 2 Range: Smarts Duration: 3 (1/round) Trappings: Slow motion, dragging legs Pursuers or escaping foes are usually the recipients of this spell. Slow is an opposed roll of the caster’s arcane skill versus the target’s Spirit. With a success, the recipient’s base Pace is halved. With a raise, movement becomes an action as well, giving the target a multi-action penalty if he wants to move and act in the same round.


They had been there all through the month of May, doing picture galleries, churches, and the museums, and occasionally a theatre. One Saturday they had tickets for a concert, [Pg 54]and as the place was near and the day was fine, they decided to walk to the place where the concert was to be given, stopping at a shop in Regent street on the way to give an order about something being made there.

The Sphinx lies watching the generations whirled past her into existence. She listens to the cries, the turmoil, the bitter plaints of those within the walls who believed that they had solved her problem a century ago, and as she listens she smiles her cold, incredulous smile. Not yet have they divined her secret, if one may judge from their loud protests, and this new generation pouring in among them has but small patience with their failure. The newcomers are quite sure that they at last have answered the immortal conundrum correctly. They have found it quite easy, and they mean to show their silly predecessors how simple it is to find happiness if one has only the correct formula.


She is the concentrated essence of the bourgeoisie. A savage can be natural; he knows nothing else, but when his eyes are opened and he sees himself to be naked the reign of the fig-leaf begins.

Banquet A banquet meal includes several food courses, good drinks, and servants to bring the food and take away empty plates. The listed price is for having a banquet at a restaurant (though some restaurant owners can be hired to serve a banquet at a private location). The price listed above is per person.


Metternich presided over one of the most pervasive police states in history. Men said his rule was shored up by a standing army of soldiers, a sitting army of bureaucrats, a kneeling army of priests, and a creeping army of informers.

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Mary Magdalen, because of her sumptuous repentance, was of more value than the busy and virtuous Martha. The Prodigal Son was more welcome than the patient home-keeper. The lost sheep was the really important member of the flock. The repentant thief was the heir of Paradise. The sinning woman was bid go in peace. All the offenders against the laws of Society were welcomed: the dull walkers in the beaten path were contumeliously branded as Philistines and Pharisees. At once, by this point of view, the prisoner was freed from his cell. It was possible to stand upright once more and return frown for frown with his judges. All these were redeemed by their "beautiful moment"—? Well, let him too have his beautiful moment and he was really of more worth than those who had condemned him.


A torch burns for 1 hour, shedding normal light in a 20-foot radius and increasing the light level by one step for an additional 20 feet beyond that area (darkness becomes dim light and dim light becomes normal light). A torch does not increase the light level in normal light or bright light. If a torch is used in combat, treat it as a one-handed improvised weapon that deals bludgeoning damage equal to that of a gauntlet of its size, plus 1 point of fire damage.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time has a forgiving gem system that works well with character customization. All equipment has one or more slots. Using equipment in battle increases its level. When it's level 3 it can be destroyed to produce a "Jewel". Jewels can be added and removed for a small fee. Some Jewels increase the level cap of equipment, and equipment produce two and three Jewels at levels 10 and 20 respectively. After beating the game for the first time, the player will have several Jewels and Armors to specialize their characters.


Oblivion Lock picking was better than SKyrim but still not as immersive as Morrowind

You can make your own handholds and footholds by pounding pitons into a wall. Doing so takes 1 minute per piton, and one piton is needed per 5 feet of distance. As with any surface that offers handholds and footholds, a wall with pitons in it has a DC of 15. In the same way, a climber with a handaxe or similar implement can cut handholds in an ice wall.

Rivers, like the ocean, have a high and low mark—at low tide they may be crossable by an exposed ford. Lakes are formed when water flows into and (in most cases) out of a depression. A lake may be freshwater or saltwater, depending on its location. In most worlds, oceans divide continents. Of course, there’s nothing to stop you having a world with no oceans, or with oceans completely surrounded by land. Unless you’re building a Weird setting, oceans are fed by rivers. You don’t need to go into depth about currents and tidal effects (unless you want to, of course). The majority of settlements on your world should be located near fresh water. As well as providing drinking water, they may be used for washing, they might hold fish or be home to water fowl, be navigable by boats or barges, be a source of minerals (gold panning), and can form natural defenses. Some races may make their homes underwater, either because they are aquatic or living in magically sealed cities.


Most curious of all is that these ants also keep pets—several varieties of tiny insects which they feed and protect, and which apparently serve no purpose save to give pleasure by their playful gambols. In every well established city of the parasol ants there resides a small green snake in a chamber built about him by the ants themselves, who feed and guard him, and when by any accident the little reptile is removed they abandon all their affairs until another is found to replace him. Unless this snake [Pg 234]serves them as a fetish or deity there is no means of accounting for their desire for his presence, for as far as can be discovered he fills no purpose of utility. Mark Twain declares that the ants "vote, keep drilled armies, hold slaves and dispute about religion," and for all we know this little snake may be the centre of a complex system of theology.

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In the midst of all these excursions and alarums of war, and preparation for war, a sudden and great silence has fallen upon the everlasting discussion of the relations of the sexes. Before the stern realities of that final and [Pg 188]bloody argument of Republics, as well as of Kings, further dissection of the Women Question has been deferred.


About this mod. Recent discussions on Dragon Age: Inquisition Forum. Interestingly, this ancient conspiracy. About the Grantville Gazette. PM. Page 3. Virginia Pitts Rembert. Crack Alchemist's Rigging (DF) Alchemist's Inquisition Operative Armor (DF) Arcane Warrior's Inquisition Warmage Robes (EM).

The argument against is that each trapping represents a unique spell. Characters should pick a trapping when they select a spell and that becomes immutable. For instance, if you have blast with a fire trapping, then it will always have a fire trapping. If the mage wants to do an icy blast or a necromantic blast, he’ll need to learn a new power. The argument for is that the mage has a basic understanding of the power, and can add trappings by altering the incantation, hand movements, or whatever. With this method, the mage knows one blast power but can produce a multitude of special effects. Which version you prefer is personal choice, but it should be defined before play begins and then remain a constant.


Oh, amiable and philosophic white page! To you I can be a tiresome and protesting bore, sure of no strictures in your silence.

Socketed items were intorduced in the first Expansion pack. Sockets come in three different colours (Red, Yellow and Blue) (plus Meta Gems and Prismatic Slots), gems come in 3 primary and 3 secondary colours (Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green and Purple, as well as Prismatic) and you get a bonus for matching up the colours. Gems can be either found or cut by Jewelcrafters. The best Gems can also only be used by Jewelcrafters. Uncut gems cannot be placed in sockets (in a massive aversion of All-Natural Gem Polish).


As stated, tundra exists only at the polar regions or at high altitudes. Placing them is a matter of common sense. Hot deserts, at least on earth, are usually found in high pressure belts centered on the tropics, where the air is always dry. One other geographic feature also plays a key part in determining where deserts form—mountains. The presence of mountains causes precipitation over the high ground, preventing moisture-laden air from reaching the lands beyond. Settlements in either type of desert are likely to be temporary structures belonging to nomadic cultures. In hot deserts there may be towns, even small cities, but these require a permanent supply of water, such as an oasis, to provide agriculture. Typically, wood will be in short supply, so buidings must be made of stone or (near an oasis) mud. While cold deserts remain permanently cold, temperatures in hot deserts can reach dangerous highs by day and drop below freezing by night. Check the Fatigue rules in Savage Worlds for notes on extremes of temperature.

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Mary R—— was telling us to-day the details of Zola's accidental death—if it was an accident. There are a few, she tells me, who whisper privately that the enemies he made by "Lourdes" and "Rome" are of the sort who wait long and patiently, and strike hard, and strike at the back when the time of vengeance comes. That sounds rather sensational, and certainly the general public have heard no such suggestion.


Never from his lips had fallen a word that could give warrant for the insult offered woman by his church. He was the first of all men living to denounce the injustice of visiting upon the woman the whole penalty of a double sin, and his life was beautified with [Pg 89]the tenderest friendships with women. But already, before a church had been fairly organized, Paul was dictating silence to women, covered heads and supreme submission to the male, and was declaring against marriage as a weakness. If a man must marry because of his weakness, he might do so, but not to marry was better.

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They may be limited to a chosen elite, or practised by all sentient beings, but no one thinks it unusual to see a spell invoked. Gods may grant minor powers to all worshippers, perhaps allowing them to cast a version of boost trait affecting only set skills appropriate to the faith, yet never increasing in power. Magic items vary in power, but are common objects. They may be so common that all characters start with one. Some may even be created by common folk, though these are usually minor items bestowing a bonus to skills rather than wands of fireballs. Nonhumans are usually part of the populace. In some games they may mix freely with other races, maybe even interbreeding. In others, they are few in number or aloof, preferring to deal only with their own kind.


My mind has been full of amazement all day. It is so difficult to realize that a strong, aggressive personality is finally and definitely extinguished. I have been thinking of their odd, romantic story. He must have had great seductive power—not easily realizable now—to have come into her life and have persuaded her to abandon everything to follow him. I have heard her tell the story often.

Most races find this pale and frothy beer too salty to swallow, but halflings simply consider it an acquired taste. Drinking three or more cups of Luglurch in a 1-minute span gives a halfling a –2 penalty on Perception checks and a +1 bonus on Reflex saves and Acrobatics checks for 10 minutes.


Carlyle says: "No nobler feeling than that of admiration for one higher than himself dwells in the breast of man. It is at this hour, and at all hours the unifying influence in man's life. Religion, I find, stands upon it. what, therefore, is loyalty proper, the life breath of all society, but an effluence of hero worship; submissive admiration for the truly great!

Arcane Familiar Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background (Rune Magic), Knowledge (Arcana) d10+ Any rune mage may pick an animal familiar, though his choice is limited to wolf, raven, horse, or bear— these being the sacred animals of the barbarians. The mage and the familiar acquire the Loyal Hindrance with regard each other. The familiar is not a slave, however, and can refuse to follow orders, especially ones which will cause it harm. Both can understand each other’s speech. To others, the familiar is simply making animal noises— the mage talks his normal language. The familiar is a Wild Card with respect to wounds and Wild Die, but has no bennies. The mage may spend his for the familiar, however.


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Here was a shock to her faith and loyalty! The all-powerful [Pg 198]male admitted his inability to provide for these sisters, cousins, aunts, and more distant kin who had looked up to him as the fount of existence, and had toiled and fed contentedly under his roof, yielding to him obedience as the natural provider and master. Woman went away sorrowful and—very thoughtful.

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This polished lantern contains a continual flame and sheds light as a common lamp. If its font of consecrated crystal and metalwork is filled with holy water, the lamp’s light is sanctified for 24 hours, adding a +1 bonus to the save DC of channeled positive energy or energy channeled to harm evil outsiders within a 30-foot radius.


You are so foolish you cannot eat of the fruit of desire and at once make it as though it had never been by one "beautiful moment" of emotion. You are so stupid you cannot content the neighbour who owned the fruit by accusing him of being hard because your repentance does not satisfy him for his loss.

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Slumber Rank: Seasoned Power Points: 2 Range: Smarts x 2 Duration: 1 minute (1/minute) Trappings: Sing lullaby, gestures, blow powder or sand at targets. Blasting a hoard of enemies into tiny pieces may be popular with some mages, but those who favor stealth or have a pacifistic bent are drawn to this spell. The character picks where he wants to center the spell and places a Medium Burst Template. He then makes an arcane skill roll. Any living creature (not undead or constructs) within the area must make a Spirit roll, or a Spirit roll at –2 if the caster scored a raise. Those who fail fall into asleep. Loud noises awaken the sleepers as if they were a normal sleeper. When the duration expires, the sleeps naturally wake up.


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Artifact Hunter Requirements: Novice, Notice d10+ Artifact hunters scour ruins for magic items. If there is an Artifact Hunter in the party, the chance of finding a relic increases by 10%. If the chance is 100%, they find one artifact and have a 10% chance of finding a second.

Rules Depending on the surface, gradient, and weather, you may wish to give modifiers to Climbing rolls. Unless the characters are walking through a pass or on a ledge, they may receive a penalty for using two handed weapons, or find using them impossible. Trying to fire a bow while using your feet to hang onto the rock face is likely to result in a fall.


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The portrait busts of the Romans were their highest achievements in art. One sees literally thousands of them in Italy, and their painstaking accuracy is obvious. What is to me most interesting is that the sculptured Roman head and face might easily be taken for a portrait of the English people of to-day.

The House is the granddaddy of them all in the Red Room series. They are a group of wizards who have been controlling the world since, according them, the time of Gilgamesh. Possibly subverted as Derek says they only have the word of the Committee (all notorious liars) on this and their records only go back to the late Renaissance. Still old but not nearly so impressive.


Memories and emotions, so long disused as to be almost forgotten, boiled up with the impetuosity of geysers. Possessions of my secret life that I think I was never really conscious of at all came to life. I haven't the least idea, for example, why the buoyant feathery boughs of the first Southern cedar I saw made me strongly wish to weep lovely, sentimental tears, but I knew at once why I had invariably felt bored with the conventional admiration of mountains. Why, indeed, should scenery only be important when perpendicular? To my mind, to have [Pg 308]the landscape getting up on its hind legs and hiding the view is simply tiresome. Here one could see everything—could open one's lungs and breathe what the Creoles used to call la grande air, and let one's heart go out to the land.

The Southern Cross Organization in Inferno Cop is an over-the-top parody. Doing things seemingly For the Evulz, controlling the whole country, having mysterious code names and wearing cloaks with large hoods. They even have a symbol they brandish their people with.


Arcane Professional Edges Not all Professional Edges need to cover mundane jobs—they can be used for arcane spellcasters just as easily. While tweaking the Arcane Background Edge can be used to create variant casting systems, using a Professional Edge can add flavor to a mage or priest with far less effort. If you don’t like the idea of changing the Arcane Background Edge, using Professional Edges gives you another avenue to explore. As with other Professional Edges, those designed for spellcasters should have requirements, one of which must be an appropriate Arcane Background. They can be used by mages or priests with little modification. Each Edge should grant one or two bonuses with no drawbacks. Having limitations on its use is fine, so long as they do not render the Edge unusable.

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In any case, the similarities between far left and far right are more striking than their differences. Brand made this point for me too when he held up the death cults of ultra-reactionary religious fundamentalists as examples to emulate rather than the enemies to fight.


For those who enjoy the thrill of melee, or want to improve their companions’ skills, this spell provides a quick solution to a lack of training. With a successful arcane skill roll, a single recipient gains the benefits of a single Combat Edge as chosen by the caster. The caster (not the recipient) must meet the usual Rank requirement of the Edge but ignores other requirements, even those requiring other Edges. For the duration of the spell, the recipient gains all the benefits of the Edge. Edges gained through this power provide no additional benefit if the character already has the Edge.

The women, whose faces I watched instead of the shambles after the fight began, grew devilish, a hard smile drew their lips back over their teeth; their eyes glittered; a look of lust strained the lines about the nose. They forced the children—some of whom cried, and shrank from the horrid sight—to turn and see the blood and the struggle.


I had the sense of having often done this before. The warm night, the padding of the bare feet in the dust, the hot smell of leaves, were all an old, trite experience.

The true nature of the Heaven's Feel in Fate/stay night and Fate/Zero. Specifically, the goals of the three families Eizenbern, Makiri, and Tohsaka. A subversion in that they never actually finish grail ritual; they've tried it four separate times before Fate/Stay Night and each time it failed for a completely different reason, usually due to infighting between factions. It's actually impossible for them to succeed, as the Grail was corrupted beyond repair, thanks to the Einzbern clan summoning Angra Mainyu during the third war.

1 40 92%
2 41 65%
3 42 70%
4 43 31%
5 44 53%
6 45 67%
7 46 4%
8 47 31%

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Grave Speak Rank: Seasoned Power Points: 3 Range: Touch Duration: 3 (1/round) Trappings: Runes carved on bodily remains, black candles, “leather” books, Ouija boards. It is said the dead know many secrets, and through the black arts a mage can reach beyond death to contact departed souls. Though not evil, many good spellcasters avoid using this power. In order to work, the spell must be directed toward a particular soul. The caster must either know the name of the deceased or possess a personal item, which includes their corpse, or any part of it at least. If the spell succeeds, a ghostly voice makes itself known and may be questioned. One question may be asked for each round the spell is active. The spirit contacted is not necessarily friendly and can lie, but it may not refuse to answer or make guesses. The GM must adjudicate what information the entity knows—it is not omnipotent and knows only what it knew in life up to the moment of its death. A roll of a 1 on the caster’s arcane skill, regardless of Wild Die, may summon up a demon or other hostile entity.


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and its film adaptation turn slavery in America into this. A means for Southern plantations to obtain cheap labor? No, that's just what they want you to think. Slavery was really a ploy by vampires to obtain a steady source of nourishment all along. When Lincoln's Gettysburg Address mentioned "government of the people, by the people, and for the people," he wasn't talking about democracy, he was talking about wanting a country run by human beings instead of the undead.

They were just quiet, middle-class Philadelphians,—you know the type,—modest, conventional, devoted to the proprieties. That's what makes their story all the more tragic.


Nor did the delicate female monopolize all the delicacy and emotionalism. The Man of Feeling was her fitting mate, and the manly tear was as fluent and frequent as the drop in Beauty's eye.

By blood and soul the Bound commit to the Compact and swear. Networking All-in-One For Dummies. This is a source namespace page. She replies it's happened more than once. HIERONYMUS BOSCH Hieronymus Bosch and the Lisbon Temptation: a view from the third millennium. Age] Warden Playermodel & Ragdoll.


I wonder if anyone will ever muster up sufficient courage to write the true history of the ferocious egotism engendered in the human heart by a belief in human immortality. The most cynical might well shrink from the sorrowful task.

If the Edge forces the character to stay around the Western Marches, then make sure the majority of adventures are set there. If he wants to go wandering, have him seek permission from his superiors. There’s an adventure hook right there—the character can go after he’s completed a minor task for the rangers. Drawbacks can also be tied into the bonuses. A knight may have to swear fealty to a lord, which restricts him from going where he please when he please in case his lord requires his services. A sea captain may get a boat, but he still has to pay his crew or they’ll leave.


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That the memory uses in sleep the material it has gathered during the day, and during the whole life, no dreamer will deny; but here again it is capricious; some parts of the day's—the life's—experiences are used, others rejected. Added to these natural and explicable possessions of the memory are a mass of curious, conflicting, tangled thoughts, which are foreign to our whole experience of existence, and which, when confused with our own memories, makes of our nights a wild jumble of useless and foolish pictures.

The pietist will meticulously perform rites and ceremonies in this same need to soothe the imperious call within him for some justification of his life. Having washed and bowed and recited, his sins of practice trouble him but little—those genuflections have made his balance good in the book of virtue.


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Weird Fantasy Weird Fantasy covers settings which ignore the laws of nature in one or more ways (excluding magic). Weird Fantasy is rarely used by itself, and is most commonly an aspect of High Fantasy. A world which is actually a flat disc with edges you can fall off, is a Weird Fantasy setting. It may have the standard warrior-and-wizards feel in other areas, so it’s also High Fantasy. Settings where the world is a single terrain type, such as desert, are not Weird. A realm which is swathed in seas of burning oil, where landmasses are composed of hot ash and scorching temperatures are the norm, and yet in which the natives suffer no ill-effects, is Weird.

Ice Ice differs from a cold trapping in that irt is a solid substance, and the trapping effects should reflect that. One obvious thing about ice is that it is slippery. You might decide that a blast or bolt also makes the affected area slippery. Each bolt would affect a 1” square, whereas blast affects the area under the Template. Anything moving through the affected area would count it as Difficult Terrain. If they run, they must make an Agility roll or slip and fall prone, becoming Shaken if they roll a 1 (regardless of Wild Die). In a hot environment, the ice remains for just 1 round. Under temperate conditions it lasts for 3 rounds, and in cold environments it lasts for 10 rounds.


The touching point of the story is that it has all been done without any consciousness of special merit. The duty was to be [Pg 286]done, and was done without trumpets or drums. Such silent, patient, unreflecting, unadvertised goodness would, of course, never appeal to the Sentimentalist. If he could be brought to see it 'twould merely disturb his self-satisfaction.

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Examples We’ll stick with using the Viking-like Stal as an example. Historically, the Vikings had a monarchy, although hereditary ascent to the throne was not assured if other contenders had a legal claim. As has already been mentioned, the Stal equate social worth to wealth—a perfect match for a plutocracy. While we could leave it at that, adding a little more detail can breathe more life into the culture. Every year, the various clans gather in the largest town to determine who has the most wealth. Land, cattle, and of course metal, all count toward a clan’s wealth. The value is appraised by priests of the god of merchants. The heads of the five richest clans are chosen to form the ruling council for the next year. More often than not, certain clans are chosen year after year.


I suppose all girls see him more or less in their lovers. Imagination deceptively moulds their features to a similacrum of that noble legendary person, until the fierce light which beats upon the married reveals the unprepossessing traits of plain everyday humanity. Yet every woman begins her sentimental life with hopes unabated by the depressing failures of others.

That sort of remark is a shot between wind and water, and leaves one speechless. I crossly denied being an ——ist of any sort, and changed the subject.


His kinship with encompassing nature was so close that it touched him on every side. He became as aware of the souls of [Pg 290]all things about him as he was aware of his own. He felt a similar spirit of life in the trees of the forest, the stones of the mountains, in the sea winds, in the brooks, the rivers and their reeds. He guessed at their names, their loves, their histories, as one guesses at those of unknown passers-by travelling the same road. Out of these speculations arose all his arts, his poetry, his legends, and his myths. When the moon stooped toward the western hills she leaned in a passion like his own toward youth and desire.

The second game featured a full range of different components for each slot; weapons had three slots apiece, armor had two, and lightsabers had five (although two were "crystal" slots that worked like in the first game) not counting their color crystal. Any given slot had between about three and six different types of upgrade, each with multiple levels. These can now be crafted, with a large variety of skill requirements, making your crew's skills more useful. The main character (only) can get a special crystal that changes effect with the player's alignment and level, but the specialness is reserved for that crystal alone this time.


The Sofa King podcast is a twice-weekly show dedicated to influential people, popular culture, historical events, true crime and listener suggested topics the hosts find interesting. Key registration on Nosgoth; 1.204 Blood Omen 1 and Dracula Coppola; 1.205 Soul reaver 1 Questions; 1.206 Drag Reaver AKA When Boredom Strikes; 1.207 Malek vs Raziel oddness; 1.208 Yet another questions about Soul Reaver 1; 1.209 Wraith Blade Raziel; 1.210 Soul Reaver blade question; 1.211 Soul Reaver Alpha; 1.212 Art? Grey Warden Playermodel. The hybridization attempt for creating the super race bloodline was based on the Taran Egyptian Serres prototypes and made from. The Jordan Peterson False Analysis of the Postmodern, Satanic Frankfurt School, Neo-Marxist, Tribal template of Oppressors, versus the Oppressed against the Sovereign Individual in the Modern Nation State and Satchidanand Correction Tribal. Psychic energy must be applied in all realms of life.

Theresa seems to have been a sort of Moyen-Age Hedda Gabler; no better than an ecclesiastic flirt. Go through the whole list and the story is always the same. One never hears of a person with a sense of humour—which implies a sense of proportion—setting up as a saint. The breath in the nostrils of these gentry is the stare of the unthinking multitude, who are awed by anything out of the ordinary. And yet it takes so much finer patience, so much greater self-abnegation, to do the plain duties of life. I feel far more like crossing myself when I look at the humble commuter, who has sat on a stool all day, and travels with his arms full of parcels to that cheap, draughty cottage in the cold dusk [Pg 158]of Lonelyville, to listen patiently to Emily's recitals of Johnny's cut finger and Mary Ann's impudence. It is upon such as he that civilization and the world's happiness and sunshine depend. He has done a man's duties; upon him depends a helpless woman, and innocent children. His tedious, petty drudgeries rise to nobility compared with the lives of these fat and lazy grubs with their complines and sexts and primes.


Range: Smarts x 2 Duration: Instant Trappings: Bright flash of light. This simple but effective spell creates a brilliant flash of light, affecting all targets within a Medium Burst Template. All targets within the Template must make an Agility roll at -2 to avert their gaze or be blinded for one turn. With a raise, victims must make a Spirit check at –2. Blinded victims suffer –6 penalty to all trait rolls and have their Parry reduced to 2.

Alchemically treated to enhance their natural heat-generating properties, these round or ovoid stones of volcanic glass provide enough heat to keep chambers warm in the coldest winter. One heatstone keeps a 20-foot-square area comfortably warm even in extreme cold (below –20° F), or a 40-foot-square area in severe cold (between 0° F and –20° F).


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Power Points gained this way are commonly used to save the sorcerer’s own Power Points, at the expense of a living being’s life. Example: Khazamar the liche wants to cast blast at a group of advancing knights. Realizing he may need his own Power Points later, he grabs a nearby slave and plunges his knife through his chest whilst invoking the sacrifice power. He changes the slave’s d8 Vigor into eight Power Points and uses six of them to cast blast two rounds later, when the knights are in range. The remaining two points are lost.

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Some individuals are like these extremely sensitive plates. The emanations thrown out in the condition of intense emotion affect them, and give them an impression of sounds or sights which appear, in our present state of ignorance, to be supernatural. Of course, any psychologist or scientist would pooh-pooh this hypothesis of mine, if it were made public, but equally they would have sniffed fifty years ago at a guess at wireless telegraphy, or the Roëntgen ray, or the radioactivity of radium. After all, however, they are right in thinking that guesses are not very valuable unless one has the industry to demonstrate their accuracy.


Can it be that Empire reproduces the type? Yet ethnologists trust more to the shape of the skull in the study of race affinities than to any other proof.

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Fantasy gods created using the guidelines above. Names are generic, but you should give the gods an individual name. You can make one up or borrow one from history. You might even let a player name the god his character follows The assigned powers and duties are examples— change them as you see fit. If you’re planning on adding new powers to your game, you’ll need to decide which gods can grant them to their priests.


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That is to say, if she repressed all the animal side of life she might entirely neglect the spiritual. She might be but indifferently honest, a liar, a slanderer and a tattler, guilty of every minor baseness, and yet be held in good and honourable [Pg 93]repute. The wonder is that woman's morals survived at all so false a training!

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A foul mix of different alcohols and whatever’s handy, grog was invented by pirates and sailors and never managed to crawl far onto land. Grog is no one’s first choice of drink, but anyone who’s spent enough time on a ship has had at least a taste.


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The next logical question is, do all mages have access to a familiar? You may decide to limit familiars to certain types of mages or allow any wizard to possess one. In our example setting, limiting them to earth mages might seem logical. Of course, rune mages are based loosely on Viking mages, so allowing them a limited choice of familiars (bear, horse, wolf, or raven) might also be appropriate.

Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton: As Supergirl, Asuka must fight against giant monsters, alien beings, an evil cult and an ancient secret society comprised of old madmen whose goal consists in killing everybody and merging their souls to give birth a new god. Said secret society is not happy with the unforeseen appearance of a super-powered girl coming along out of nowhere and interfering with their plans.


In sleep the brain is peculiarly active in certain directions, not being distracted by the multitude of impressions constantly conveyed to it by the five senses, and experiments with hypnotic sleepers prove that some of its functions become in sleep abnormally acute and vigorous. Why not the function of memory?

This warm, woven blanket has straps so it can be rolled up and tied. Blankets are often used in conjunction with bedrolls to provide additional warmth or a ground cushion.


Hamlet A hamlet is a small village, usually one without a temple or other place of worship. Population varies, but typically there will only be a few dozen people. Many hamlets may originally have been farmsteads, which have grown over the years into a small community. Hamlets may be grouped together or isolated. Groups of hamlets likely share common village features between them, rather than having one each. One may have a temple, another a marketplace, a third a tavern, and so on. Over time, these hamlets often expand and eventually merge to become a single village. An isolated hamlet may be a frontier town, a mining colony, an order of reclusive priests, or just farmers who found a good patch of land and set up home. They are more likely to have a tavern, if only as a central place for the locals to gather, and crafters to serve the inhabitants’ basic needs.

Forest Fire Forest fires are common in temperate forests when the ground vegetation is very dry, and in hot grasslands, though here they are called brush fires. To escape the fire, the characters must make a Survival roll at –2. With a failure, the characters suffer 2d10 damage from the combined effects of fire, heat, and smoke. On a critical failure, the characters suffer 3d10 damage. If you are planning on using a forest fire in an adventure, you can make it more dramatic by using the Chase rules in the Savage Worlds rulebook to represent the flight from the fire.


How do other races perceive them? Spending a few minutes deciding these facts makes the next step much easier.

You need both hands free to climb, but you may cling to a wall with one hand while you cast a spell or take some other action that requires only one hand. While climbing, you can’t move to avoid a blow, so you lose your Dexterity bonus to AC (if any). You also can’t use a shield while climbing. Anytime you take damage while climbing, make a Climb check against the DC of the slope or wall. Failure means you fall from your current height and sustain the appropriate falling damage.


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The unbridled rage of the berserker lies in every soul—sometimes it just needs a helping hand reaching the surface. With a single touch, a wizard can turn the most mildmannered person into a slavering berserker. Unwilling targets may make a Spirit roll versus the caster’s arcane skill to resist the effects. A success on the arcane skill roll means the target gains +2 to all Fighting and Strength rolls, and increases his Toughness by a similar amount but reduces his Parry by 2. With a raise, the target’s Parry is unaffected. The target ignores all wound penalties, but cannot use skills requiring concentration, including Shooting and Taunt, but not Intimidation. The berserker can try to end the spell prematurely. He must spend an entire round doing nothing (not even moving) and make a Smarts roll.

Necromancer Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background, Knowledge (Arcana) d10+, Knowledge (Undead) d8+ Necromancers practise dark arts, the most common being the zombie power. When the character is in a graveyard or other area associated with death, he gains a +2 bonus when casting zombie or powers with a necromantic trapping.


H—— said that the greatness of a people depended upon its trees. This sounded rather cryptic, and I entreated him to be more diffuse. We were walking home from that enchanted garden, owned by the Pallavicini, [Pg 102]which rewarded the Moor for betraying his city.

M——, who has, with some flourish of trumpet and tuck of drum, gone over to Rome, is the daughter of a Presbyterian minister, I am told, and, what is odder still, is a very clever and humorous creature. One can discount the parson and the cleverness, but a humorous Protestant 'verting is more difficult to understand.


A rare breed of wasp produces the honey used to make this spiced, mead-like drink. For 1 hour after consuming a glass of wasp mead (this takes 1 round), the drinker is quick to respond to harm, gaining a +1 alchemical bonus on attack rolls against any creature that has damaged her with an attack within the previous round. This bonus does not stack with itself. A typical bottle holds four glasses’ worth of wasp mead.

By the side of this road lies a chimæra, with woman's breasts couched upon lion's paws. It is the old direful Questioner of Thebes; the Propounder of Riddles; the prodigious Asker of Enigmas.


Bell Net Copper bells hang at each the corners of this 5-foot-by-5-foot wire net. A bell net is designed to blanket gear while you sleep, hunt, cook, or otherwise can’t give it your full attention, raising an alarm if your possessions are disturbed. Creatures attempting to access gear protected by a bell net must succeed at a DC 25 Sleight of Hand check to avoid chiming the bells. Hearing the chiming bells of a bell net requires a DC 0 Perception check. Because the many bells chime when you move, traveling with a bell net gives you a –2 penalty on Stealth checks.

Background Unique Professional Edges, specifically those based around an organization, should have some background text associated with them, if only to let the player know more about the organization. You don’t need to write a complete history, but there should be enough detail so the player knows what is expected of him and how the organization functions.


No animal was ever more beautiful than this splendid beast, the perfect focus of [Pg 98]power and rage. He knew that he was facing murder.

Attacked, abused, execrated, we begin to sympathize with those dead nobles, who were perhaps as honest, as well-meaning, as we feel ourselves to be; who were as disgusted, as scornful, as little convinced by our arguments as we by those who accuse us in our turn of being greedy, idle feeders upon the sweat of others. Perhaps to him the established order of things seemed as just and eternal as it does to us. We begin to have more comprehension of that dead aristocrat.


Assassinated Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal Economics when he demanded that the Rothschild Privately owned Federal Reserve create trillions of dollars of credit to build the Infrastructure which made the people of America the richest population in the World for sixty years. Following the techniques of FDR shows the way out of the purposeful Oligarch Austerity Depression designed to Dumb Down Humanity, create universal poverty and Rule the World.

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Power Points: 4 Range: Smarts Duration: 3 (1/round) Trappings: Prayer, whispered words, concentration Time magic is risky business, but limited tinkering with the flow of time is possible. When cast, this power “freezes” the target in a certain part of the timestream. In game terms, he keeps whatever action card he has in front of him for the duration of the power. This works with Jokers as well—the GM still shuffles the deck, but without the Joker being replaced.

Mountains Scientifically, mountains come in four main types— fold, block, dome, and volcanic. How the mountains in your world were formed is often more fantastic—the bones of gods, the spines of a vast, sleeping dragon, formed by giants, or whatever. Most people imagine mountains as towering, craggy peaks topped with snow and ice. These peaks are usually young mountains or made of hard rock, where weather erosion has had little effect, or at high altitudes, where frost cracks (https://middleeastexplorer.com/serial-code/?file=135) the rocks and glaciers scour the sides to produce serrated ranges of jagged peaks. In contrast, the Appalachian Mountains are more weathered and rounded, and also smaller (in height) than the French Alps or Himalayas. In many respects, they are more like steep hills, and can be traversed more easily. When placing mountains on your map, think about the barrier effect they cause. Do characters have to climb sheer surfaces to traverse them, or is there a pass? Passes are natural trade roads linking areas on either side. They are still steep trails, but you don’t normally need climbing equipment to get across them.


Sentry Rank: Seasoned Power Points: 3 Range: Smarts x 2 Duration: 3 hours (1/hour) Trappings: Ghostly warrior, glowing eye, large dog. Getting a good night’s sleep in the middle of orc country is easier said than done. Sentry duty is tiring and lonely, and a single sentry nodding off can spell disaster. Sentry provides additional security for the wary traveler. This spell creates a ghostly sentry who watches over the camp but cannot move further away from the caster than the spell’s range allows. The sentry has a Notice of d6, plus one step per raise on the casting roll to a maximum of d12, is always alert, and suffers no penalties for bad lighting. Despite being visible as a ghostly form, the sentry is not a physical manifestation and cannot be harmed, though it can be dispelled. The sentry may be given instructions on when to sound the alarm but it is not an intelligent, reasoning being. Instructions may contain no more than 10 words (+5 per casting raise) and must be clearly defined. For the purposes of identifying potential threats, the sentry has the same knowledge of monsters and hazards as the caster.

I tried hard to get some explanation from her as to her point of view, but she was entirely vague. Fancy—she has a patron saint, beads, etc!


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A woman never forgets her first lover. A man to the end of his life can recall his first triumph, or his [Pg 27]most imminent danger, and a trifle will often, after the lapse of half a century, fill the eye with tears, make the cheek burn, or the heart beat with the power of the long-passed emotion, preserved living and fresh by the memory.

She towers a good half a foot over the average human male and she's rarely met a non-Qunari taller than her. Rewarded upon completing the war table operation Smash with any advisor. It provides a blog engine and a framework for Web application development. Once again, all time between jumps will be slated for an extra-long rest between rounds. Due to the bloody history between dragons and Ishgard, any native of Ishgard that drinks dragon blood can transform into a dragon (which, while true, is much more complicated than any of the Ishgardians realize at the time). Publishing platform for digital magazines, interactive publications and online catalogs.


Let’s face it, money is usually the driving force being adventuring parties. Few characters risk their neck for a pat on the back or a free meal. Savage Settings don’t usually go into much detail on world economies. Unless your gaming group is full of accountants and economists, most players would rather their characters be engaged in combat or exploring a dungeon than calculating exchange rates. In general, a Savage Setting only has one form of currency. Unless you’re planning on reworking the cost tables in the rulebook, one fantasy currency unit equates to $1 in the rules. This doesn’t mean that only one denomination exists. You may have coins worth two, five, ten, twenty, and even a hundred standard coins, perhaps even composed of different metals or being different sizes, shapes, and weights, but at the end of the day everything is listed in your equivalent to the dollar. And don’t worry if everything costs whole units— you’re building a Fast!

Palmerston is the man the others - the Russells, Disraelis, and Gladstones simply cannot match. Palmerston was first a Tory, then a Whig, always a disciple of Satanic Psychopathic Jeremy Bentham, head of British Secret Services Intelligence, and for 35 years there is scarcely a cabinet without Palmerston as foreign secretary or prime minister. In London they call him Lord Cupid, a Regency buck always on the lookout for a new mistress, perfectly at home in a menage a trois. On the continent they call him Lord Firebrand. The schoolboys of Vienna sing that if the devil has a son, that son is Lord Palmerston. Bisexual "Pam" is an occultist who loves Satanism, seances and menages a trois.


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Placement Where you place your settlements is as much about setting requirements as it is common sense. However, most settlements follow some basic rules. Settlements of any sort are usually located near fresh water, whether that be a river, stream, spring, pool, or a well—regardless of sanitation issues, water is a fundamental requirement for life. Access to food is also essential. Where possible, settlements will be on or around good agricultural or grazing land.

Full text of "Dragon Magazine" - Internet Archive

Xenoblade Chronicles X uses a similar system to its predecessor with slots for augments. This time around, while there are equipment with pre-equipped augments, they don't fill up any slots, and a Randomly Generated Loot system allows for dropped equipment to have varying numbers of slots. After completing a mid-game sidequest, a shop that allows for adding additional augment slots is unlocked. However, there are some items that can't have any extra slots added.


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The Sentimentalist, along with all his kind, is hunted by that implacable need of virtue. To satisfy it he seizes upon the wrongs done by others, and in his hot denunciation of another's sin, in his clamour for its punishment, he experiences the warm ennobling glow of personal merit.

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This mind of the other hemisphere could never reconcile itself to the inevitable blotting out of its own individuality. Impossible as it was to deny the incontrovertible fact of death, it conceived, as an escape from the greatest of evils, the idea of the continuance of its identity either in an endless round of reincarnations, or as an impalpable essence triumphant in heaven or defeated in hell. The shadow of their own terror cast upon their imagination the figures of monstrous deities—thousand-armed, myriad-eyed, maleficent, and unakin to themselves.


And then there's 'effing Tzeentch, a one-god ancient conspiracy who has his hand in everything. Yes, even the plans that oppose each other.

Following the New 52 reboot, a new secret organization was created for Bruce to deal and one alot closer to home: the Court of Owls. A group consisting of some of oldest families of Gotham, they have been the secret power behind Gotham since colonial times. They're so clever they convinced Batman himself that they were nothing but a myth (albeit, at a time where he was still new to the detective scene and mainly because of a crime they actually didn't do). In fact, they're so dangerous that they did not consider Batman much of a threat and hence why they didn't pursue him and left him a wreck when they tried to get him, thanks to their legion of guards, The Talons.


One wonders if there is any privacy so entire that she would consider dishevelment of behaviour permissible. How exhausting to herself such flawless respectability must become!

Concentrate Rank: Seasoned Power Points: 2 Range: Self Duration: 1 minute Trappings: Concentration, focused look Wizards maintaining powers may be disrupted. The concentrate power keeps the wizard’s mind focused on his magic, even when his body and mind are being assaulted. With a success, the caster receives a +2 bonus to rolls to resist disruption, +4 with a raise. Because concentrate cannot be maintained, it is not dropped if the wizard is disrupted.


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Heat A heat trapping may inflict Fatigue damage as with cold, or heat metal objects. Dehydration may cause a similar loss of reflexes. Unlike fire, however, the target has no chance of catching fire. A fire trapping is already powerful, so don’t add these two together. Used with deflection, a heat trapping would be a veil of heat haze, making the caster harder to see, and therefore hit.

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Need to be provided by outlying settlements. As such, it may lie on a good road nexus. Give some thought to terrain as well, especially from a defensive viewpoint. Fortifications especially are likely to be on high ground, to give the troops a commanding view of the approaches. If there’s an island in the middle of your marsh, the locals are likely to have made home there. Ports may be constructed on navigable rivers or the coast, but they need to reachable by boat and provide shelter from storms. Some ports exist on tidal rivers, preventing access at certain times of day. Though this may be a minor inconvenience to merchants, it does limit the ability of enemy fleets to attack. There’s nothing to stop you placing a vast city on a mountain plateau, but even in a fantasy game there should be some logic. You may not care about how the locals get their food, but your players might, and not having a good answer could ruin their sense of disbelief.


In moments of the most real gravity, when he is face to face with death, he clings to the egotistic superstition that perhaps—most probably—there is somewhere some wise kind Power deeply interested in his doings, his emotions, his future. He is profoundly convinced that it is important how he feels, how he bears himself.

Those caught in a blizzard or sandstorm must make a Fatigue roll at –2 every hour until they find shelter (Survival at –4, one roll per group). A roll of 1 indicates not only failure but the character wanders over a deep crevasse as well). Naked flames are automatically extinguished, and visibility counts as Pitch Black.


To the born Protestant such bondage is as intolerable as spoon feeding and a wheeled chair would be to an athlete. Whatever the moral or mental situation may be he must deal with it for himself—must stand on his own feet—use his own moral muscles. Neither can ever understand the other.

The wall in this way does not count as an action for spell’s recipient. The blades cause damage equal to the caster’s Smarts+1, or Smarts +3 on a raise. The wall of blades moves with the recipient, but only slowly. The receipient may not run or he becomes a victim of the blades’ attack.


There is a sad day later in the year when one is aware all at once that summer is [Pg 74]ending, and the warm, mild weeks that follow never console for that hour's realization that the apex is crossed and the rest of the path slopes downward. Just such a day comes in one's life,—while one is still young and strong—a sudden sense that youth is done; the climacteric of passion passed. Life has a long Indian summer still, but it's never again the real thing,—that ripening toward fruition; that ecstasy of expansion and growth.

Arcane Background (Alchemy) Arcane Skill: Alchemy (Smarts) Starting Power Points: 10 Starting Powers: 3 Spell List: armor, blast, boost/lower trait, burrow, detect/conceal arcana, environmental protection, fly, greater healing, healing, invisibility, light, obscure, quickness, shape change, smite, speak language, speed, stun, and teleport. Background: All the major races practice alchemy in one form of another—dwarves craft potions made from crushed rocks to blast away rocks and orcs, elves prefer herbal concoctions focusing on healing and stealth, and humans and small folk are happy to use whatever works best for the task at hand. Alchemists are often looked upon as second-rate wizards, unable to harness the raw power of the universe without resorting to powders and potions. Alchemists see things differently. Their concoctions come with a guarantee they will work every time, they can ensure their spells are available at their maximum potency, and their magic does not require them to be present for it to be wielded. Most commoners view alchemists as slightly dangerous—more than one tavern has been destroyed by catastrophic backlash. Even those who specialize in healing arts are encouraged to work their magic away from buildings or livestock. The center of alchemical study in Thracis is the renowned Alchemists’ Guildhouse, which stands in oasis city of Al-Ansir, the capital of Araji. Its vast libraries are crammed with alchemical texts gathered from across the continent and available to any alchemist in good standing with the Guild. Likewise, their laboratories are well stocked with a wide range of apparatus and ingredients.


Hetty was the sister of the founders of Methodism, and Quiller-Couch has availed himself, in writing the book, of the letters and papers of that remarkable family. He has told his tale very simply and with an artist's comprehension and sympathy, setting down nothing in malice and leaving the reader to draw his own inferences.

Rules for making magic items, from scrolls and potions to magic weapons and armor containing Edges as well as powers and trait bonuses. Hundreds of detailed magic items, ranging from potions to weapons, intelligent items to powerful relics, new guidelines for non-standard weapons and armor, as well as rules and examples for using fortifications and siege weapons. Get it all in the Fantasy Gear Toolkit!


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Problems Credit notes are lighter than a sack of coins and don’t attract as much attention from bandits. In the Middle Ages, when credit notes were first used, literacy rates weren’t high and most notes were in Latin. A bandit finding a piece of paper had no idea of its value, but he knew what coins could buy him. In a typical fantasy game, everyone is literate. Naturally, this makes credit notes of less use. Any bandit could, if he had the inclination, read the note, and then use it to get money at the next guildhouse.

It is interesting to note that there has not been one feminine voice raised to protest against the situation. The entire sex, as represented in this country, has, as one woman, fallen simply and gladly into the old place of nurse, of binder of wounds, of soother and helpmeet. Not one has claimed the woman's equal right to face villainous saltpetre, or risk dismemberment by harbour mines.


Arcane Professional Edge Examples Combat Mage Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background, Smarts d10+, Fighting d10+ The character is both warrior and wizard. He may cast spells that affect him only and use a melee weapon with no multi action penalty.

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Parodied with the Stonecutters in The Simpsons, a world-wide group who claim to have fought since ancient times to "split the rock of ignorance that obscures the light of knowledge and truth", along with a few other tall claims (robbing cavefish of their sight, rigging every Oscar night). Mostly what they do is just hang out and get drunk.


Wandering Senses Rank: Novice Power Points: 2 Range: Smarts x 2 Duration: 3 (1/round) Trappings: Gestures, hard stare, glazed look Accurate intelligence can allow a party to avoid trouble or prepare a suitable reception for approaching foes. Wandering senses allows a character to project his sense of sight, hearing, and smell. The caster can move his senses 6” each round to the limit of the spell. The senses work as if the character were actually moving—he cannot see through a solid objects, but he can listen at doors. If the character cannot naturally see in the dark then neither can his wandering senses. Any sensory enhancement powers, such as darksight or farsight, affect the caster’s wandering senses.

Some GMs and players like long spell lists—it gives characters more choice and allows more variation in powers. We’ve come up with a batch of new powers for you to use, ignore, or alter as you see fit. Some are borrowed from existing Savage Settings, grouping them together for the first time, others are based on spells from other games. If you don’t like a power, don’t allow it in your world. If you want to increase or decrease the cost, range, or effect, you can do so without worrying about keeping things canon.


The power cannot be used to locate supernatural objects, persons, or effects. With a successful arcane skill roll, the caster senses the direction and distance of all objects within range named during the casting. He can detect objects concealed by mundane means, but cannot discern how to reach them, or sense invisible objects.

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As time cools our cocksureness, more and more is one willing to let the world go its own gait and retire into one's secret life; and there comes at last one day a revelation of the meaning of it all, and this revelation brings peace and poise. The four walls of character and environment are an unescapable prison. Heroic effort will not open a door or break through its blank solidity. One may look out upon the world from one's little room, but there one must live one's appointed time. In youth [Pg 311]one does not understand or accept this: then anything seems possible of expansion or change, but veillesse savait.

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The ants of one nest murder those of another. It is a point of honour with them.


Pavilion: A huge open-air canopy, plus stakes, poles, and ropes. A pavilion holds 10 creatures and takes 90 minutes to assemble. Pavilion tents are large enough to accommodate a small fire in the center.

Age is peaceful, perhaps—but middle age—! The wave clings to the shore, but the inexorable ebb draws it down relentlessly into the deep. This is the time that men go musth, like old elephants. This is the period when both men and women do their mad deeds, which belie all their previous records. It is their one last frantic [Pg 75]clutch after vanishing romance and passion. Men buy a semblance of it from young women sometimes, and resolutely endeavour to persuade themselves that it is the real thing—that gold can renew youth, can purchase a second summer—but they know well that it is only a mechanical imitation. Those cruel old satirists, the comedy writers, loved to paint the trembling dotard resolutely shutting his eyes to the lusty young rival hiding behind the jade's petticoats.


Grand Book of the Sith

The Torchwood Institute, a secret organization founded by Queen Victoria to operate outside of the British government, fighting aliens and confiscating their technology by force for the good of the British Empire (with the implication of starting a new one when it dissolves). Though its sinister façade of mystery fades prior to the debut of the Torchwood Spin-Off.

Used by swimmers for longer dives, this bladder is similar to a waterskin, but is relatively airtight. If inflated, it holds enough air to sustain a Medium creature for 1 round or a Small creature for 2 rounds.


This trope is played straight in the science fiction series, Alterien by Adam R. Brown. The Alteriens Oberon creates go on to form a massive society that spans time and space. In order to more covertly assimilate selected candidates into their society and firmly establish their fellowship on 3D Earth, they create an extension of their nation, a secretive organization they call the Community. Members of the Community are either Alteriens or humans who will soon be transformed into Alteriens. Despite their efforts to keep this secret society a secret, a human who overheard them in the mid-20th century later investigated further. Though that person's efforts to reveal them were never successful, word of their society's existence continued throughout the next two centuries, albeit within the context of an old conspiracy.

But after all, the leaven had reached every part, and had tinctured it past any possible casting out. Never could the European be free of Asian influence. The pendulum has swung back and forth ever since—ever moving a little higher toward the side of the natural, material development of the race, but ever checked and brought back to the old Jewish revolt against nature. To-day the influence of [Pg 110]Asia shows itself in the absurdities of democracy, the phantasies of socialism.


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Are simply a nation of powerful merchants, bringing new ideas to lands in a peaceful way. They may even be driven by a holy zeal to bring enlightenment to “lesser” cultures. The Roman legions during the imperial age were more than just a military force—they were a political force as well. Many emperors were military commanders, using the might of their troops to secure the throne. It doesn’t have to be this way in your world. Maybe soldiers are considered the lowest of the low, or have no right to hold government office. During the Republic, military commanders, such as Julius Caesar, were rich nobles who had to finance and equip their own armies. Anyone with the money could raise an army. Maybe this holds true in your world as well. The characters could eventually become generals, leading their forces to conquer new lands for Rome, gaining popular support as they do. During its reign, Rome was a kingdom, a republic, and finally an empire.

AGAINST SATANISM VOLUME 3 - Satanism is defined by Satanic Rituals

As army after army met defeat, so the Scavengers took the metal weapons and armor of the dead. Supplies of easily accessible metal ran low. Plate mail gave way to chain, and eventually to leather and wood armor. High quality steel weapons were replaced by iron ones of inferior manufacture and quality. Eventually flint weapons were produced, and are now the main armament for all but the elite units. Skilled smiths became rare, unable to supply enough metal to keep their forges open and pass on their knowledge from father to son. The elves retreated deep into their woods, scorning the use of metal to protect themselves, the dwarves sealed their great underground cities and prepared to fight to the bitter end, and humans tried to carry on as they always had done. What mines remain in operation are heavily guarded by troops, sorcerers, and, some claim, dragons. Villages, towns, and cities have become fortresses, protecting themselves against a relentless, unfathomable enemy. Attacks on travelers carrying metal are frequent, and few seek to journey far from civilization.


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The modifier remains until the next phase begins. Alternately, you could create a modified Arcane Background based on the phases of the moon. Perhaps mages pick one of the phases (full, waning gibbous, waxing crescent, and such like). During this time, they receive double their normal Power Points, but at all other times receive 5 points less.

DA:Inquisition Multiplayer builds and hints

Well, he is the literal embodiment of conspiracy. So much so that, should his grand plans ever actually succeed, thus ending the conspiracy, he would immediately cease to exist. So it makes quite a lot of sense for him to have two opposed goals. Well, as much sense as Chaos ever has.


Trappings The easiest way to create “new” powers is to alter the trappings of an existing power. If you want a necromancer to be covered in bone armor, just add bone as a trapping. It doesn’t change the rules one bit, but it makes the power more flavorsome. Ideally, each character should give his standard powers a suitable name, based on his style of casting and the trappings. Calling a power blast when it actually creates a field of life-draining necromantic energy lacks flavor. Likewise, teleportation could be referred to as mystic hand or invisible companion. Trappings can also be used to add additional game effects.

Trappings: Glowing eyes Whereas light creates a source of illumination usable by others, darksight affects only a single person. The advantage is the target can see but does not radiate light. This spell allows one target to see without any source of light, negating all penalties for bad lighting, even conditions of darkness created by magic. The target must be capable of sight in order for the spell to function—it does not allow the blind to see.


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Which is the I he cannot always say. The two companions are never at one. Sometimes [Pg 73]the struggle breaks into open flame.

Alternative Title: Ancient Conspiracies

Plot Points are the Savage Worlds way of scripting a campaign. They have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Sure, you can create a fantasy world with no Plot Point. There’s still likely to be plenty of adventure possibilities in such a world, but a good Plot Point keeps the characters motivated, gives them a defined goal, and still allows them to explore other aspects of your creation. Remember, at this stage all you need is a basic idea—expanding the idea into a background story comes next.


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Later on the wife develops an ideal less magnificently ornamental than this choice collection of bric-à-brac virtues. The married idol must be thoroughly domesticated: prepared to throw himself with enthusiasm into the study of croup and measles; is deeply versed in the matter of female domestic service, and yet so full of tact as to be able to obliterate himself at moments of domestic crisis.

Fire Mage Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background, Vigor d8+, Knowledge (Arcana) d8+ The character has a strong affinity with fire and heat, drawing power from available sources. For every d10 damage of a fire, he reduces the cost of powers by 1 Power Point (minimum of 1).


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Rules At your discretion, marshes may provide some natural concealment—tall reeds are not uncommon in temperate marshes. A bonus to Stealth may be given if such vegetation exists. Again depending on the season and type of marsh, a bonus or penalty to Survival rolls may be appropriate. Water may be brackish, salty, or muddy, but there is usually some edible animal and plant life.