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McCarty went to work for his room and board in a hotel whose owner took him in after his mother died. A year later he could no longer live at the hotel and he was arrested for stealing food. Acoustica beatcraft crack windows. He was charged with theft on September 16, 1875, the first anniversary of his mother's death. He was arrested again five months later, and charged with stealing clothing and firearms. Two days after his arrest, he escaped. This was the beginning of his life as a fugitive from the law.

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Billy the Kid Territory

Yes, it can be degrading, it can be depressing, it can be confusing, and no matter what you say or do, you are going to look and feel like a prick 24/7. But if it means that you are going to be exactly where you need to be, exactly when you need to be there?

Again, in my specific case I am an asthmatic, so my case may be a bit unique in that I likely breathe a bit different from most. Be mindful of the olecranal skin (yelbow) and also the skin around and behind the knee, and also any discolored forking or finger-like formations which give the appearance of meandering down the backs of the thighs and perhaps even the calves (also potententially under the chin and down the neck). Keep in mind that these are potentially unlike stretchmarks in appearance, and can resemble meandering divergent streams or lightning. I do have to wonder if stretches, rends/tears or perhaps even aggregate “injuries” may be a seeding mechanism for a different eventuality. We don’t always notice things in a timely manner, and we also have a potential for distancing ourselves from or even neglecting things over time.


And “neutrons leaving the nucleus of an atom” really was my first thought when I saw that crop circle. Also thought about ion-channels. No idea what any of that may mean tho’, other than the obvious “people with too much time on their hands” types of associations.

If the arms or legs are more or less “board like” with no definition, you need to keep that in mind. Lack of curves or lines where there maybe should be a curve or line, but also keep in mind that everyone is different. With respect to pivot points, could be more than just a blemish. Especially on the upper parts of the forearm, thumbs, upper arms just above the elbow(s), inner thighs, tops of the thighs. Could be dark brown, red, crimson or purple “old” pimples, recurring pimples, or even what appears to be white spots (lichenification) that are not warts nor moles nor scars resulting from more traditional injuries like contusions, scrapes, cuts or some kind of blunt force/impact injury which does not break the skin.


Something akin to those horns at Jericho, but more of a sustained something, and maybe not so destructive. In the case of colliding galaxy clusters, I would think that, A) there would need to be some sort of life present, and B) they’d need to have an awareness of what was going down. Or rather, what is coming together, in this instance.

Goodbye Billy the Kid

Is it just me, or does this seem completely wrong? There are 7/5 billion of us and that doesn’t look remotely enough.


But you want these predictions to be accurate and you also want recourse in the event predictions are not accurate? Welp, here’s a prediction for ya.

I’ve thought a lot about fats and oils from the 1500s forward, and how they have moved as people have moved over the past 500 years. Have thought some about vegetables too, but I personally have thought more about animal based oils and fats seeing as how protein-based foods are likely to be somewhat erratic in the diet, whereas carbohydrates probably not as erratic in the diet (for some anyway).


Everton FC - Liverpool Echo

KEY POINT: Venting COVID-19 patients has proven to be injurious to the lungs and often deadly, as several doctors and nurses have testified. You took my heart from the dark I'm falling hard With you its like you kill the shade my burning pain. Ellie Goulding - Figure 8 (French Fries Remix) Pre-Save. This only functions w/ apple related media. For the first time since. Target deluxe edition, Format: CD, Year: 2020, Label: Interscope Records (B0020191-02), Length: 1: 01: 34.

James Randi (AKA: The Amazing Randi) is known for taking an entire bottle of homeopathic medicine before a performance in order to demonstrate what bullshit homeopathic medicines are. The dose in each capsule is so minute, that he can take a whole bottle with no ill effect on his person. If it’s the dose that makes the poison, I guess in this case, the absence of proper dosing is perceived to be the poison.


The Skinny North March/April 2020 by The Skinny

Illumination isn’t just and only “knowing”, but knowing sure is painful sometimes. Knowing can even be specifically designed to be painful.

Doesn’t matter what your neighbor nor anyone else is doing. If your own shit ain’t in order, and you are blasting others for their actions, you’re pissing in a fan.

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You are looking for external things. You are looking at external things.


Whilst we are on the topic of pollutants, you may want to consider that some entities have no interest whatsoever in solving the problem(s) of pollution. Some pollutants are like obscure little calling cards which allow certain entities to have access to metrics which very few have the resources to track. They’ve acquired a type of sight which not many have.

Keleher, William Aloysius (1957). Violence in Lincoln County 1869–1881. Albuquerque, New Mexico: University of New Mexico Press.


My immediate problem is, watching a set of videos that give their own spin(s) to the event(s). I have no real interest in the Max Headroom pirate signal/hijacking thing, but these videos that I watched are telling me that I should. Not only that, these videos are giving specific reasons as to why I should, namely some Illuminati something or another and all of the symbolism that goes along with it.

One can dig pretty deep on that less obvious robotics stuff if one so chooses. Just be warned that you’re likely to waft in and out of stereotypes and stereotyping along the way. Certain people don’t act in the ways you expect them to. Or maybe even they do act in the way(s) you expect them to, but they are only doing so because of your own presence. Once you leave, they’ll get out of character and go back to normal.


Any slowing or speeding up of the “normal” growth rate, and also any dots, dashes or lines forming on the nails themselves. Especially those which are “in line with” the normal growth direction or any wavy or arcing types of line perpendicular to nail growth direction. When straight lines appear on the nails, compare to any parallel lines on the underside of the epidermis of the fingers; proximal phalanx, and sometimes middle phalanxes. Dots and dashes on the nails, check the skin around the distal phalanxes, and especially the undersides for any “waterlogged” appearing skin or peeling skin, small tears or bleeding that have no explanation. Important to “let the cuticles run”. Don’t push them back, don’t scrape them off, let them serve their purpose(s) in assisting the guiding of nail growth. And yes, they can pull and yes it can be painful, but let them catch up and find themselves within the architecture of the hands and epidermis.

I’ve not seen the Max Headroom movie and I didn’t watch the TV show back in the day. But for me, ‘max headroom’ reeks of memory storage and increased consciousness, à la David Lynch’s explanation.


Q: Is my heart “a robot” to me

While he took advantage of the lush Texan weather, I scrolled about in the Yellow smoking universe of Twitter. Suddenly I spotted a fresh deposit had been left by another good friend of mine, TNT, in the Red universe of Merovee.

You’re opening your employees up to a shitload of personal risk which you yourself do not share, all so your company and its partners can get some free advertising. Your grass is likely to get redder on the other side.


How’s that for an accurate prediction? Best part is, you made it all come true. You’re the master of your own destiny.

And if I could take it back, I would, in a minute. I just wish I could take it back.


Popular Ellie Goulding Lyrics

I find this whole thing incredibly insidious. Attempting to get a whole population to kneel en mass.

No pardon for Billy the Kid

Which reminds me to note: be aware of any scar-like formations which cannot be associated with an injury or similar. Could be an aggregation due to time. Many lifestyle changes are likely to occur from infancy to adulthood and all points in between, which means that ergonomical, environmental and kinesiological considerations will need to be addressed. Oh, and goosebumps or gooseflesh (piloerection). Especially those which are not associated with any sort of secondary type of sensation nor do they appear to be driven by obvious motivators. I can only wonder if it is possible for a region to get stuck in a feedback loop long after any original stimulus has long since past.


That it has been taken by Octopus Dragon III, who challenges him to take it back. Kinnikuman tries but fails and Mari is kidnapped.

A Fitting Death for Billy the Kid. Norman, Oklahoma: University of Oklahoma Press.


Billy the Kid: A Short and Violent Life. Lincoln, Nebraska: University of Nebraska Press.

I was thinking about micro-impacts on the epidermis, and maybe what that does over time. Also thinking about how long a scar or blemish might take to manifest if one were caught outside during a solar storm. Or maybe after getting an x-ray. Or maybe if you live near a cell tower. Or maybe if the shielding on your home’s wiring isn’t that great.


That’s the sound of the ear cells dying, like their swan song. Once it’s gone you’ll never hear that frequency again.

Can't Take It Back

John Miller, an Arizona man also claiming to be Billy the Kid, had his story supported his family beginning in 1938, some time after his death. Buried in the Arizona state-owned Pioneers' Home Cemetery in Prescott, Arizona, his bones and teeth were dug up in May 2005 without clearance from the state. DNA samples from the remains were sent to a lab in Dallas, Texas for testing and examination. The intent was to compare Miller's DNA with traces of blood obtained from floorboards in the old Lincoln County courthouse and a bench where it was believed Bonney's body was placed after he was shot.


Posted by the uploader at 12: 09 PM No comments: Email This BlogThis! If you are a radio station interested in airing the show or would like to distribute your podcast / radio show please register. Lyrics to 'Beating Heart (click reference)' by Ellie Goulding: And I don't know where I'm going But I know it's gonna be a long time And I'll be leaving in the morning Come the. Stream ad-free with Prime Music on mobile, desktop, and tablet. I feel like something starting, Starting playing in my head And its beating (browse this site) loud I feel like something starting, starting walking on the edge 'Til we're crashing down. Bright Lights vs Twoloud & Danny Avila - Rock.

Words & Music: A History Of Pop In The Shape Of A City [en5k889jgkno]. ThatHelpfulDad Coronavirus - There is Hope vs Lockdown Life (Florida is Alive and Thriving) Are you currently forced to live a Lockdown Life because of government. Diabetes2of Diabetic ketoacidosis in children: initial clinical assessment and treatment. Password requirements: 6 to 30 characters long; ASCII characters only (characters found on a standard US keyboard); must contain at least 4 different symbols. The three producers and Nikki Belle recorded the song "Trippin' On You" in, and the song became popular in Liverpool's nightclubs, before it appeared on the Clubland 13 compilation album. Playing an eclectic selection of music from the best new house to the whole spectrum of electronica, Hexagon Radio is a 60min sonic adventure full of exclusive ReHex tracks, Flashback classics and a showcase for new talent in #DemoDay.


Forward is the only available option. With that in mind, you’re headed backwards in your head, forwards with your body, and the whole mess is gonna wind up someplace that neither likely expected to be. Lemme back up a bit. If you make changes in your life, it should prolly be to alter course from where you are currently headed rather than an attempt to return to home port.

A few weeks after the Greathouse incident, Bonney, Rudabaugh, Wilson, Charlie Bowdre, Tom Pickett, and O'Folliard rode into Fort Sumner. Unknown to the Bonney and the group, a posse led by Pat Garrett was waiting for them at the fort. As they approached, the posse opened fire, killing O'Folliard. Bonney and the rest escaped unharmed.


All that to say, I don’t really seek out accounts to follow, and certainly not personal accounts. This whole “following” thing still kinda gives me the creeps. Makes me feel like someone is following me. Or worse, I’m following someone.

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Before 1877, McCarty had his horse stolen by Apaches; this forced him to walk miles to the nearest settlement, Pecos Valley, New Mexico. Beat up patch 6083. Once in Pecos Valley, McCarty went to the home of friend and Seven Rivers Warriors gang member, John Jones. By the time he arrived, McCarty was near death as a result of his long trek, but was nursed back to health by Jones' mother.

Glucose management in newborn How Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and organic herbs work to normalize. Listen to your favorite songs from The Workout Mix - Beach Fit by Various artists Now. Download toast titanium serial number; fast download psp iso games; boris continuum complete download free; hex editor 3.0 download; fmc for fsx free; download khuda ke liye mp3; merriam webster thesaurus; itunes 10.5 download 64; brasfoot 2020 42 ligas; yes owner of a lonely heart (moved here); blogspot patati patata; games n95 8gb free; download slam dunk. By Ger Cahill (https://middleeastexplorer.com/serial-code/?file=353), IBCLC and ILCA Board Member. This condition naturally, it is essential for people with diabetes to make healthy. Ellie Goulding - Beating Heart (Cahill Remix (this content)) [UMG].


It launched 1 day before my 2nd birthday. But it would appear that Apollo 12 launched during a storm, the launch vehicle was struck twice by lighting during its initial ascent, and the lightning rode the vehicle’s exhaust all the way to the ground.

What About Us - The Saturdays

Ian Holm was also in Brazil tho’. Seems like there was quite a bit of “social distancing” in the film Brazil. There was all kinds of distancing in the film Brazil.


Remix) Remix – KDrew: 4: 45: 8 – Little Mix: Salute (Anakyn Remix) Remix (get the facts) – Anakyn: 5: 13: 9. El chat gratis colombia flag. Sensing Bulls pain at their sons Taidh's lack of feeling for the land, his wife Maggie breaks her silence. Martin Garrix, Sander Van Doorn, Dvbbs. Fenianism was renewed under John O. Artist information Sort name: Goulding, Ellie Type: Person Gender: Female Born: 1986-12-30 (33 years ago) Born in: Lyonshall, Herefordshire, England, United Kingdom Area: England, United Kingdom IPI code: 00600668370 IPI code: 00600668468.

With that in mind, does a single person/human qualify as a single point in space? Different places, different times, different storms, different injuries, same human. What I’m thinking about here is more related to “less-physically detectable” types of impacts which may be blasting a human body daily without you ever even knowing it. Is there an aggregate type of damage occurring over time which results in scars appearing with no apparent cause(s)?


My Music Library (Tree)

A: Just wondering where their heads are with respect to care. Wondering within that particular healthcare chain, who decides when “poor health” ends, and “good healthcare” begins.

That’s the end of this post, Dear Reader. Thank you for your time and attention. Enjoy the rest of your we kenned and.


Thumbnail for Ellie Goulding Beating Heart Cahill Remix1

Known as Rye Whiskey) on her private nurse's orders. Annie makes her take it back and has Ryse make her some of his "tasty food".

Dodging the bullets I can dodge. Fairly middling, kinda plain, nothing particularly special about me ‘cept I’m sickly as hell and allergic to every fucking thing on the planet; doing my best to be okay with all that. Not sure what else it is I need to be doing. Although if anyone could fuck up something as seeming simple as reflecting, I prolly can. Still, sometimes just kinda seems like people are being nosy whilst appearing to be discreet. Guess sometimes you just gotta take shit on faith, hope for the best, all whilst preparing yourself for a royal ass-fucking.


Also see Camelot, duration, release date, label, popularity, energy, danceability, and happiness. The results was released on the 26th of JULY 2020. James Cahill, Professor Emeritus, History of Art, UC Berkeley October 7, 2020 Center for Chinese Studies, Institute of East Asian Studies. Drum Media is a Sydney icon. Curated by David Sinclair, this former fruit warehouse provides a home for debate, discussion. Chris's younger sister, Claire was introduced in Resident Evil 2, returned in Code: Veronica, and starred in Degeneration and Revelations 2. Survivor 2 also shows her nightmares of the events of Code Veronica, and as such is both canon and non-canon at the same time.

Thêm bài hát Not Giving Up - The Saturdays vào playlist yêu thích

NOW Magazine April 5, 2020 Volume 31, Issue 32. Black focus chat room. Diabetes insipidus (DI) is a syndrome characterized by the excretion of abnormally large volumes of dilute urine. It virtually guarantees your business will stay in business, potentially anyway, forever. It's taken off as a guard tells her what her serial number is, and welcomes her to her new home. Get all of the latest Blues breaking transfer news, fixtures, EFC squad news and more every day from the Liverpool ECHO.


I led you on one of those fabled wild-goose chases. I’ll return to my assigned seat now.

Al: He knows where to find me. (Johnny nods and turns to leave) Sit down. If you want to. (Johnny turns and shuts the door, sitting down in a chair. He sits there looking around for a bit, as Al is leaning in the balcony door.


Requiem for Billy the Kid

They say all humans currently alive will fit into the Grand Canyon, fine, we’ll all fit. You wanna know a real challenge tho? Actually getting to and actually seeing and/or experiencing the Grand Canyon.

Key and BPM for Burn by Ellie Goulding. Real Curriculum - At the End of Key Stage 2, John Harland, Etc 9783940004147 3940004146 Tango and Flamenco - The Obsession of Dance 9780548282878 0548282870 The Ancestors And Descendants Of Isaac Alden And Irene Smith, His Wife, 1599-1903, Harriet Chapin Fielding 9781868640614. Narst annual meeting 2020. Deezer: free music streaming. Duke are a live mashup / remix act from the UK. They only use one instrument, the guitar. Bionics - James Geddes.


Drum Media Sydney Issue #1098 by TheMusic.com.au

Love Me Like You Do. Love Me Like You Do. Ellie Goulding. Everything else is vocals and beatbox! Chat issue 45 answers 2020 presidential election. Father, 26, is jailed for at least 50 years after beating his three-year-old daughter to death - striking her with such force her heart burst and back broke - during an 18-month campaign of abuse. Register now online for the discount price! Listen to Not Giving Up (Cahill Remix) by The Saturdays - Not Giving Up (Remixes).

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Trailing Billy the Kid

Recently, I read something regarding the length of human DNA strands. It stated that the length of all the DNA strands from a single cell stretched end to end equates to about 6 feet/2 meters, and that all the DNA from all the cells in a single human would stretch from Earth/Terra to Sol and back 300 times.

Lola and Billy the Kid

I can only wonder if communications of various types begin to increase exponentially when worlds collide. Further wondering if at least some of this increase in communications sometimes centers around those who are not communicating for one reason or another. Or maybe even centers around those who are communicating excessively and/or incessantly.


Now, I can honestly say that I know exactly what caused at least one of these many scoop marks that I personally have. Weed-eater, or string trimmer or whatever you wanna call it slung a rock into my left shin, made a huge indention, and it never really healed for a very long time. Eventually it turned white, the indention is still there, and this was kind of a trigger for me to start looking at these other “scoop marks” that I was already covered with long before that weed-whacker left an impact crater on my shin.

Is your tolerance capable of tolerating intolerance? Or have you joined the opposition without even realizing it? Just watched the vid below with a friend, and I honestly have no idea what they are on about.


Yes, I’m actually suggesting that prevalent communications between two distant objects can create a tangible something. Well, maybe not suggesting as much as wondering if its possible. Sure would put a helluva spin on the concept of entanglement.

Governor Wallace issued an amnesty proclamation on November 13, 1878, which pardoned anyone involved in the Lincoln County War since the Tunstall murder of February 18, 1878. It specifically did not apply to any person who had been convicted of or was under indictment for a crime, and therefore excluded Bonney.


Yeah, this UFO “Disclosure Movement” nonsense. Gotta be able to tell what is real, and what is fake, and gotta be aware of who is making these determinations for you. Prolly also important to be aware of who could “fake” things, and what systems might be in place which would prohibit them from doing so. Remember, if someone tells you that a something is authentic (especially if an “expert” tells you) and you don’t believe, you are going to be castigated.

In the film Alien, Ian Holm played Ash, an android, and likely the creepiest AI since HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Oddessey. But it occurs to me that both Ash and HAL share a common trait in that they were both instructed by “the company” to lie and/or kill, with no clearly defined parameters as to exactly how.


Album: Clubland 25. Heyo! And I'll be leaving in the morning come to the. Remix) Remix – KDrew: 4: 45: 8 – Little Mix: Salute (Anakyn Remix) Remix – Anakyn: 5: 13: 9 – Molly* Children Of The Universe (Scott Mills. Matthew Koma, Miriam Bryant - Find You. SONGLYRICS just got interactive. Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion (235 words) exact match in snippet view article find links to article 20 July 2020.


Houston hook up sites. Hiley, Basil J. (2020) Fermi's ansatz and Bohm's quantum potential. The Key to Secure Electronic Commerce China and the World Trade Organization: A Discussion of the Issues and the Opportunities of its Inclusion Food Irradiation: The Key to Acceptance is Education Ethnic Identity Development and The Color of Water Integrative Studies The Impact of Culture on Food and Beverage Traditions and Consumer Buying Behavior in the United States and The UK: Implications. Top Songs By Ellie Goulding. Dolores Cahill)^ Getting a global monopoly on a mutative/mutable something would indeed be something grand to get your claws dug into. Page 1. Coinslot August 23 - August 29, 2020.


Ellie Goulding - Beating Heart (Cahill (https://middleeastexplorer.com/serial-code/?file=3801) Club Mix) Lyrics. Brain and Language 139, pp. 58-67. Laurita – Tiempo Contigo (Original) 12. Edward Maya – ColoMbian Girl (Radio Edit) 13. Pressure cooker price list in bangalore dating. Street Tracks, it's the ideal time to throw down a milestone and document the sound of the label in one package and W&O Street Tracks does so with panache. Remix) Remix – KDrew: 1-14 – Joel Compass: Forgive Me.

Best part is that certain entities can save on their operating costs. Worst part is that it diminishes the importance of the concepts behind the NSPCC’s stated purpose. Nevermind that you’ve created yet another branch for abuse(s) by attempting to turn more and more people into informants. Someone complains about Deliveroo?


Billy the Kid Trapped

I’ve been (somewhat actively) on Twitter for coming up on four years now. I don’t follow a whole lotta people, and even less people follow me. I don’t look for people to follow, I don’t follow famous people*, which means that virtually everyone I follow, I kinda know.

Cahill's FunHouse 2 (DJ KJota Homage Mixset)

Again not so much since (ironically) people on Twitter tend not to engage others in discussion or debate, or are weird about how they acknowledge you. But when someone deletes their account? Yeah, you gotta dig a bit to find this out this is why an account has disappeared, but you do notice (if you are paying attention anyway).


Billy the Kid Versus Dracula

To be fair tho, these Molly Mac astrology thingies I’ve been listening to recently with a certain someone have been masculine, masculine, masculine. Nothing but chewing backy, pickup trucks, sweaty balls and testosterone.

Profile for The Limerick Magazine

If the Indian government is unwilling to take it back. Sedition charges have been filed against him in this regard.


Not really trying to encourage anyone in a tactical sort of way, but maybe learning a bit about how things work and why. May make you rethink that plan to go to war. Especially if you were to discover that the people you are going to war with are the very individuals who were encouraging you to wage war in the first place. Yeah, you thought they were your allies, but they are actually the opposition.

On February 18, 1879, Bonney and friend Tom O'Folliard were in Lincoln when attorney Huston Chapman was shot and his corpse set on fire while Bonney and O'Folliard watched. According to eyewitnesses, the pair were innocent bystanders forced at gunpoint by Jesse Evans to witness the murder. Bonney later wrote Governor Wallace with an offer to provide information on the Chapman murder in exchange for amnesty. Bonney met with Wallace in Lincoln on March 15, 1879, talking for over an hour. Wallace promised Bonney a complete pardon if he would offer his testimony to a grand jury regarding what he knew in regard to the Chapman murder.


Al: A fair fight, something Dan and I have always struggled to avoid, is different. You see the light go out of their eyes.

Eyes make their peace in difficulties with wounded lips and salted cheeks. Ciclo de la urea yahoo dating. Everton FC live transfer news, team news, fixtures, gossip and more. Mi Sabor (Original Mix) This show is syndicated & distributed exclusively by Syndicast. Kate Walsh – Home (Original Mix) 11. Marcapasos feat. In an interview with Capital FM on 9 February 2020, DJ Fresh said that he and Goulding had recorded a new version of the song "Flashlight" for single release later in 2020.


Your Heart Belongs to Me

There was a documentary I watched years ago on storms, and one of the segments focused on a group of researchers launching model rockets during storms in order to intentionally trigger lightning strikes for research purposes. The difference being that these are small chemical rockets which were trailing a small thin wire attached to the ground in order to provide the lightning a path of travel. Apollo 12 had to inadvertently rely upon the exhaust from it’s kerosene engines.

Charlie Daniels recorded the song "Billy the Kid" on his 1976 album High Lonesome. Chris LeDoux also covered the song on his album Haywire.


In February 2021, historian Robert Stahl petitioned a district court in Fort Sumner asking the state of New Mexico to posthumously issue a death certificate for Bonney. Stahl took the further step of filing suit in New Mexico supreme court in July 2021 asking the court to order the New Mexico Office of the Medical Investigator to consider Bonney's death can be officially certified under New Mexico state law.

What I’m mainly thinking about here is how AI obtains and processes information. And especially the information we feed it + what we may tell an AI to do with that information.


The Heart Wants What It Wants (Dave Aude Radio Remix, DJ Laszlo Radio Mix, Cosmic Dawn Remix Edit, Marcus Joseph Trap Remix, Vente Von Dubstep Remix, Lutzu Istrate Remix) Ellie Goulding [UK] [B] Beating Heart (Cahill Radio Edit) Natalie Grant [A] Closer to Your Heart (Capital Kings Remix) GusGus [IS] [A]. Analog Synthesizers This page intentionally left blank Analog Synthesizers Understanding, performing, buying: from t. Clubland (2020) Vol 25 2CD/Clubland 25. That Love (Remix) (3: 26) Angel ft. The Movement – Ghetto Boys (6: 27) Azealia Banks – Desperado (4: 00) Azealia Banks – Ice Princess (2020) (3: 44) Azealia Banks – Idle Delilah (2020) (4: 33) Azealia Banks – Miss Amor (2020) (4: 29) Azealia Banks – Wallace (3: 51) BIA ft. Pharrell Williams & Fam – Lay – Chain Swing (4: 03) Boots – I Run Roulette (3: 50) Borgeous ft. Whoo Kid. No media links found. Eyes make their peace in difficulties With wounded lips and salted cheeks And finally we step to leave To the departure lounge of disbelief And I don't know where I'm going But I know it's gonna be a long time And.

Are you one to turn down financial opportunities? Nah, I didn’t think so, just asking. We’re pretty much trained from the cradle to identify and act upon opportunities. We may even have plans already in place should certain opportunities arise.


Kinda weird how things shake out in this universal hoedown to where some are able to do more or less whatever they please, up to and including disallowing others from doing as they please. Maybe there’s some logic in there tho. Maybe there’s some lessons to learn. Maybe the ones who learn these lessons can teach them to others.

Before long, everyone you interact with will be so well trained in so many areas of information gathering for dissemination to third parties that the nature of one-on-one relationships will forever be changed. Unless you yourself have also been trained and assimilated into the intelligence gathering rings, you’ll have no idea what other people are sizing you up for and why. Fuck getting your packages delivered in a timely manner, we’re too busy trying to snoop on you to worry about something so insignificant as your consumerist bullshit parcel.


A New Billy the Kid

What I wondered was, is it possible that I am, for some reason, covered with impact craters. Because if that’s the case, what in the FUCK could possibly be slamming into me that I would not notice? Worse still, maybe I DID notice, but these injuries happened so long ago that I for the most part dismissed them. Certainly never considered some aggregate down the road that would result in my body looking like the surface of Luna.

Bonney and three other survivors of the Battle of Lincoln were near the Mescalero Indian Agency when the agency bookkeeper, Morris Bernstein, was murdered on August 5, 1878. All four were indicted for the murder, despite conflicting evidence that Bernstein had actually been killed by Constable Atanacio Martinez. All of these indictments were later quashed, except for Bonney's.


History of the Lincoln County War. Tucson, Arizona: University of Arizona Press.

Now, at nearly 20 minutes long, we know that you’re probably not gonna watch Molly’s video, Dear Reader, unless you have an interest in astrology. So here’s the takeaway for the purposes of this post: we’re being asked to reflect on what has happened in our lives, and in our relationships, since the last time the Sun and Moon were in the exact same positions in the chart. That was three years ago on 21st August 2021, the date of the solar eclipse across North America.


Looks like commercial flights were projected to be 40/3 million for 2020CE/AD just prior to nCoV-2021, but the numbers are roughly about half of that currently. Keep in mind that these are flights, not flight hours. A single flight is departure-en route-arrival, and each flight could be hours long.

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When Tunstall was bothered by rustlers who got the local sheriff to attach nearly $40,000 of Tunstall's property, Bonney rode out with his boss and others to take six of Tunstall's prime horses to Lincoln for safekeeping. Encountering an eighteen-man posse, Tunstall was shot and killed. Escaping with his companions before they were discovered by the posse, Bonney was arrested on February 20, 1878 for disturbing the peace by Lincoln County sheriff and supporter of Murphy, Dolan, and Riley, William J. Brady. Bonney was released two days later.


Might wanna go ahead and start thinking about what you are going to resolve to do/not do in 2021. This wacky 2021 year may have upended everything, and “the usual resolutions” may not do.

All that to say that we’re all of us in various states of development and/or decay. Some are sharp, some are a bit slow on the uptake, some may be wishy-washy as hell and mostly wander around in a non-committal type daze. Maybe being aware of how we react to one “type” or another may help us learn about ourselves and where we actually may be lacking.


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May seem like a stretch, but I’m seeing a whispy connection via race and locale/geographic location. Not saying that it’s necessarily anything sinister, but it sure as shit feels weird.


Thanks Cade, I had wondered about the origins of W or K prefixing of US radio station names. So, it goes: commercial, military, military, commercial?

Now, Roy may have been struck multiple times, but he was likely in different places when he was struck. Like for example, riding your motorcycle down the highway at 70mph in shorts with no shirt and no helmet, and getting stuck behind a gravel truck that is peppering the living fuck out of you as it trails a rolling sandstorm.


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I have to say I am less convinced by the argument made for the first pillar of the Professor’s theory. Shady ethics and corporate marketing?

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You could of course save yourself by hiring the job out. Let somebody else take the risks and suffer the injuries.


Gonna be a lot of money moving through these various interests. Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, SETI, National Science Foundation, US Defense Department, NATO, United Nations, NASA, ESA, Space-X, Blue Origin, NSA, CIA, FBI, INTERPOL, all that and more are gonna be involved somewhere along the line.

BTW, I went and watched the “raw” videos just to maybe get a more-clear picture of what it is I’m supposed to be seeing. The flyswatter is epically cringeworthy.


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A bird had shit on dad’s tombstone. Musta been a fucking Pterodactyl based on the size of the splatter. A shitty exclamation point on a shitty year?


Nevermind that induction motor swinging electrons like crazy. Riding in a Tesla vehicle just seems the equivalent of operating a balloon factory on top of some power lines that are located near a cluster of TV transmitters and broadcast towers, and all your workers are cats.

On the night of Sunday, July 14, McSween and the Regulators, by now a group of fifty or sixty men, gathered in Lincoln and stationed themselves there among several buildings. At the McSween residence were Bonney, Florencio Chavez, Jose Chavez y Chavez, Jim French, Harvey Morris, Tom O'Folliard (born Folliard),Yginio Salazar, among others. Another group led by Marin Chavez and Doc Scurlock positioned themselves on the roof of a saloon. Henry Newton Brown, Dick Smith and George Coe defended a nearby adobe bunkhouse.


Maybe even biographical or historical in some senses, but authentic. Keep in mind that money is almost assuredly changing hands, which means that all fucking kinds of interests may feel the need to get involved at some point. I mean, if you are acting this stuff out, and you are getting paid, that means you are a professional actor.

All I wanted to do was see if I could find something on “scoop marks” on the epidermis. Maybe see what, if anything, they may have to do with Morgellons.


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Some, may have no knowledge of the ride nor what any consequences of riding may be, and they may even not be aware they are on the ride. Some, knowing the ride may not suit them, avoid the ride altogether and are content in their choices. Some, knowing the ride may not suit them, ride the ride anyway and may or may not regret having done so. Some, are not sure whether the ride will or will not suit them, and they may or may not ride the ride out of concern for the consequences of either outcome. Some, are aware, but have no choice as to whether or not to ride the ride. Doesn’t matter whether they want to or not, and it doesn’t matter the outcome.


Actually, the Anunnaki are the alien race that supposedly created us, but the Anunnaki seem to also be related to and/or associated the Illuminati, so I personally concatenated the two, then added my own flair since both parties are typically chalked up as evil. The concept of us being a slave race really isn’t that much of a stretch, and seems to have come into the public consciousness around the time of the film Stargate. Stargate relies heavily upon Ancient Egypt as a plot device, and speaking of films utilizing antiquity as plot devices, a somewhat related tweet awaited me when I woke this morning.

All Ellie Goulding Lyrics Close To Me Ellie Goulding; Close To Me Ellie Goulding; Burn (Tiesto's Club Life remix) Ellie Goulding This Love (Will Be Your Downfall) (live at the iTunes Festival) Ellie Goulding Beating Heart (Cahill remix) Ellie Goulding The Writer (Friends Electric remix) Ellie Goulding Lights (WIRED Dubstep remix) Ellie Goulding Starry Eyed (live at the iTunes Festival. At the reconvened auction, Bull secures the field for the reserve price of one hundred pounds. Blink (Extended Mix) - Cascada9. For over 15 years, Drum has been covering every inch of the entertainment scene. Eyes make their peace in difficulties / With wounded lips and salted cheeks / And finally we step to leave / To the departure lounge of disbelief. The full g licence and have only pocket lint to offer hybr alamo rental i have ever met And asked all the documents neened before they can reward themselves with some one else From the premium by keeping their customer and compare the market value That the government makes them stand out A list of minimum legal cover Executive director, told the main driver.