World of Warcraft Addons, Interfaces, Skins, Mods & Community. The Cursed Crusade PC Game Free Download Full Version, Free PC Link More information Find this Pin and more on Full Version PC Games Free Download by newgamesbox. Downloads Updated Nov 10, 2020 Created Sep 6, 2020. Locke & Key: Heaven and Earth Joe. The character that picks up a Cursed Sword is instantly transformed into a dark.

Stone Curse (https://middleeastexplorer.com/content/uploads/files/download/the-cursed-crusade-crack-only-hp.zip) has a range of 2 tiles. Because your only viable targets are non-assassin(cross) non-crusader melee fighters (I'll get to this in a bit), you will be placing yourself in somewhat terrible danger by trying to use Stone Curse (moved here). If you aren't a vit sage/wizard, make sure if you're using this to have undistracted support available. The cursed crusade crack only books.

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Harry is Lord Potter

Albus Potter is the middle child and second son of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley Potter. He is named after two headteachers of Hogwarts: Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape.

The Void Entity fires omnidirectional barrages of Void Lasers, radial bursts of Void Vortexes, or rapid spirals of Void Shots one after the other in a random order. He will perform 4 attacks in total, but will not repeat an attack twice in a row. He also throws out a Greater Void Shade on each of the four platforms with his first and last attack.


The player explore the land from a third-person perspective, battle against enemies using ranged weapons like sword and kill hordes of enemies to earn experience points which can be used to increase abilities. It has four modes such as Conquest, Genesis, Edit and Vault. Samurai Warriors 4: Empires includes prominent features such as Build an Empire, Forge an Empire, Exploration, Third-person Action, and more.

Soulstorm rebalancing patch that i would implement To relic, if this game is bug fixed and rebalanced it could be an esport. Buy The Cursed Crusade for Sony PlayStation 3 for only 4.90 Euro. Could we please respect rule no. 9. While I don't see much verbal bashing of fic requests, there are a few requests that always get downvoted, like clockwork (usually requests for fics containing a certain character). HP XP Gold Charged Boarwolf: 62 7, 309 598? The Cursed Crusade Full Repack Black Box; Portable Tiny SoftMaker Office 2020.654 only 20 MB; SoftMaker Office 2020.654; Software DriverPack Solution 12 Final Original; FlatOut 3 Chaos And Destruction Full-RELOADED; Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning; Office 2020 Portable 6-in-1; Game Final Fantasy VII; Windows XP3 Professional Black Edition. Chaos Space Marines - sorry, Freedom Fighters - are the main antagonists of the Warhammer 40, 000 setting, with the Horus Heresy arguably being the most pivotal moment of the W40K timeline.


Furi is an Action, Shoot ‘em up, and Single-player video game developed and published by The Game Bakers for multiple platforms. The game is set on a colorful planet, offering retro-style universe. It mixes the hack-and-slash, fast-paced action, bullet hell and twin-stick elements, comprising boss fights. During the gameplay, the player can take on the role of either the Stranger or the Rider, and the gameplay mostly focuses on parrying an attack, dodging bullets, and defeating the bosses using melee or shooting abilities. It offers closed environments, but navigation could still be done within the closed land to unearth the unique plot points and dialogues. It comes with a stunning story, in which the strange man spends his existence upon receiving torture within an insane prison. The plot starts with the man, wearing the rabbit disguise called The Voice, frees the Stranger and provide him with the gun and sword, encouraging him to struggle and battle for his freedom. There are a variety of levels with increasing difficulty, and the player must defeat enemies to score the points.

In this game, you control a pirate. Your task is to pass the obstacles, destroy all enemies in the map and run to the destination safely. This game has many levels, each level is a challenge for you.


A library of over 130, 000 free and free-to-try games, tools, patches, trainers and other gaming resources. Sick negates this effect. Montage the forums from phone hp site licensing, select celestial 7 drivers from the only menu reg binary HKLM SOFTWARE Microsoft Concentration CurrentVersion Explorer Subdivision Helper Objects 0B1DA3F4-F9E2-4C4A-8584-5482BB77D7D1 f 2020-12-22 19 15 - d-w- c users Dee AppData Sorting Offline Explorer Unsere Systeme lancaster beliebig und individuell einsetzbar. Actress, Los Angeles CA. Home. Siberian mouse masha babko, siberian mouse masha, siberian mouse masha msh, 1st studio siberian mouse Senaxx, questo il nome del personaggio che ha raccolto in un'unica pagina (con tanto di download), molti dei fix rilasciati. The cursed crusade crack.

We collected 20 of the best free online mario games. As such, it could not be easily replaced. Frostburn Family: Elemental HP: 113 MP: 10 EXP: 199 Gold: 16 First Encounter: Blizzard Peaks Items. Fabrics & yarn in all shapes and sizes. This Game based on the ancient times of 19th century and has all the main elements of drama. Complete combat analysis, gathering damage, healing, and other importante stuff.


Angelina Johnson/Fred Weasley/George Weasley

The real issue is whether 10 years is enough to change the minds of Rowling and Radcliffe. In January of 2021, Rowling tweeted out that there is "no truth to the rumor about a" Harry Potter And The Cursed Child movie trilogy being scheduled for 2021. The leading actors and actresses are similarly indifferent about the idea. Radcliffe told The Hollywood Reporter that it would be a "stupid thing" to "close the door" on ever reprising the role of Harry Potter, but at the same time, he currently believes he would feel "strange about going back to it" even after 10 years have passed.

The Void Entity’s dialogue during his final phase unveils a number of vague statements concerning its influence over the Realm. This implies that the Void Entity has been in control of a number of events and bosses that have already existed.


Complete at least the steps with monetization and the map. The only option to get money from this project and develop it is socialization.

Left stranded in time by Delphi during the Third Task (CC3/20, GF31), Albus ingeniously sends a message to his father in the future. The grown-ups – Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley – use the Golden Time-Turner and work together with Albus and Scorpius to ensure that time and history remain unchanged. Following these events, the relationship and understanding between Albus and Harry improves (CC4).


Fred and George are the best Weasley

Croixleur Sigma is an Anime-style, Action-Adventure, Hack and Slash and Single-player video game created by Active Gaming Media Inc. The game takes place in the fantasy-based world, and the story revolves around the female protagonist. There are two different factions available fighting against each other to take control the realm by eliminating the Queen. The player must assume the role of the female protagonist and effort to explore the world from a third-person perspective, fight enemies and monsters to kill them while protecting the queen to maintain the peace. There are different missions available, and each mission needs a completion of certain objectives to progress. It offers action-packed gameplay with an emphasis on arcade hack and slash elements. There are over twenty weapons available to collect each with the unique special move. In the game, the player can assume the role of either Francesca or Visconti. Croixleur Sigma offers exciting features such as Two Playable Characters, Fast-paced Gameplay, Story Mode, Multiple endings, and more.

-Bob’s Curse bombs now leave behind a gas cloud that poisons enemies that move through it

Support on Twitter or Support on Tumblr! We hack cheats into your favorite online Adventure games. The game supports two players locally or online for co-op, or if you play solo the CPU will control your friendly AI. HP boosts from two abilities, like a Seal and a Helm of Draconic Dominance) are acquired, the strongest one will override the others. God Tree Eltri - 230, 000 HP. We are offering downloads only.


Holy Paladin Healing Spec, Builds, and Talents

Play hacked Strategy Games. By Tenchu, 7 hours ago; Game Questions. Avenging Wrath reduces the Holy Shock cooldown. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass, railed against corporate influence in policymaking. Many new unit types make their apparition like wood, stone, steel, demon, skeleton, etc which enhance the strategy possibilities compared to the old model with few unit types which led to very little interactions between units. Always pick the the right items for each hero by learning from our MLBB Item item and build database.

You need to jump between platforms, avoid traps, fight enemies and collect coins. I think I'll fraps the Scarlet Monestary even and post a link to it here! Home The Cursed Crusade The Cursed Crusade GAME NAME The Cursed Crusade LANGUAGE Multi RELEASE DATE GENRE Action SIZE 1, 5 Gb Info The Cursed Crusade Free Download PC Game. Take a look in this gameplay movie. Latest World of Warcraft AddOns for Patch 8.3. One of his failures still skitters in the dungeon, begging for a death that can never come.


The four clones start circling and firing again, but remain invulnerable. The Void Entity himself will fire three dense, fast rings of giant void bullets that inflict serious armor-piercing damage and Darkness. He will then follow up with nine aimed 4-round shotguns of the same bullets. All the while, the Void Entity will periodically spawn Greater Void Shades.

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Heroes and Castles is an Action-Adventure, Hack-and-Slash, and Third-person Perspective video game created and published by Foursaken Media for Android and iOS. The game takes place in the detailed world where the player takes on the role of the knight who needs to build his army and struggle to defend his castle from enemies. According to the plot, the undead hordes of goblins and Orc are coming toward the castle of the player to destroy. There is only (https://middleeastexplorer.com/serial-code/?file=2713) a hero who can take stand against them that is you who have to kill all the enemies using your inner skills and ranged weapons. The game features several playable characters and each one has its unique skills and abilities, from which you can choose one of them to start your struggle in order to defend the castle. It is the perfect blend of Action Role-playing elements with Strategy and the game is played from a third-person perspective. Heroes and Castles includes core features such as Castle Defense, Powerful Heroes, Randomized Runes, Summon Huge Armies, and more.

Besides convincing the author, actors, and actresses to greenlight the movie project, the secondary issue is that the Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them movie series is scheduled to be five movies and end with a release date in 2021. Assuming that the (Hollywood) stars align, the release date for a Harry Potter And The Cursed (https://middleeastexplorer.com/serial-code/?file=6679) Child movie could conceivably be set for 2021. Coincidentally, Radcliffe will turn 37 in 2021, which is the same age as the adult Harry in the play.

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The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 is an Action-Adventure, Role-playing and Single-player Hack and Slash video game created by Nippon Ichi Software for PlayStation platform. It is the sequel to The Witch and the Hundred Knight video game and introduces a different witch from its predecessor. It takes place in the fantasy-themed world played from top-down isometric perspective. The player as the protagonist fights his way through a set of levels to take down enemies. There are a variety of Knights, a magical creature equipped with five different weapons including lances, staffs, spears and more. Each arm offers different range, motion, and speed in attack. The player can create multiple combos by modifying the order of use.


Samurai Warriors: State of War is an Arcade, Third-person Fighting, Action, and Single-player video game developed by Omega Force and published by KOEI Corporation for PlayStation Portable. The title serves as the part of the Samurai Warriors series and the continuation of the Dynasty Warriors series. In the game, the player commands one of nineteen legendary heroes from Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors, battling in the era of Feudal Japan, the most vicious period in the history of Japan ever and massive castles full of deadly traps. The game introduces the weapons to select, from crossbows and swords to longbows and sickles. During the gameplay, the player can also cast magic spells to destroy the huge amount of enemies and struggle to unlock further special abilities by locating the hidden scrolls. There are over 230 officers available to fight against, and alongside, each has its unique skills, abilities and weakness. It has two different modes such as Vanguard and Bandit. Try it out, and you’ll love the game.

Fred Weasley/Harry Potter/George Weasley

The player as the warrior can use two main types of attacks such as a radial attack damages multiple foes and simple attack damages a single enemy. During the gameplay, the player explores the land from a third-person viewpoint and can use his hack and slash abilities to kill enemies to score the points. The character of the player equipped with a mighty sword and a shield which the player uses to kill hordes of enemies. The player can use a variety of weapons and the attack techniques to smash the opposition. There are a variety of quests, and each quest needs completion of certain objectives. Spartan: Total Warrior offers core features such as Action Gameplay, Face Roman Army, Multiple Weapons, and more.


At 85% HP, the Void Entity continues behaving as usual, but now Void Fragments will spawn from the corners of the arena at a rapid pace. While nearly harmless, if left alone long enough the Void Fragments will grow into Void Shades, which will then grow into Greater Void Shades. He will also start periodically spawning in Void Fragments by himself.

The Void Entity is the boss of The Void, a secret area in the Lost Halls. It is also the “final boss” of the Lost Halls.


Way of the Samurai 2 is an Action-Adventure and Single-player video game developed by Acquire and published by Spike for PlayStation. The game serves as the prequel to Way of the Samurai and offers enhanced gameplay, improved mechanics, and smooth controls. In the game, the player starts his struggle as a starving ronin, which destroyed at the famous trading island-city gate known as Amahara. As the story advances, the little girl shares his rice ball with the protagonist, giving him energy. After that, a choice appears on the screen, introducing the player to diverse life of a samurai. The game introduced the combat system from the previous title and simplified the stats such as Attack, Defense, Durability, and Quality. The player steps into the protagonist’s role, explore the world from a third-person perspective, and battle against using his sword and samurai skills to become the master. As the player advances through the game, it becomes difficult to play, and the player can enjoy the unlockable content. With stunning graphics, superb mechanics, and brilliant controls, Way of the Samurai 2 is the wonderful game to enjoy.

Will/Monster - MapleWiki - the free MapleStory database

Sirius Black is the father of all godfathers and he will do anything to prove it. He knows that his godson needs him and no one is going to stop him. Not even the leader of the Order of Fried Chickens himself. Sirius is done being pushed around and decides to step up and be the godfather James would have wanted him to be.


But I've seen this on Dawn of War just now. And suddenly I remembered I saw this N/A before on Dark Crusade (click to investigate) too. But I'm not sure if it was on Health or on Morale.

Eldar late game shouldn't feel like god mode. Their main problem lies in the fact that they have too much hp.


Their trips back into time to change history were not a success. They first try to prevent Cedric from achieving a high score during the First Task with dragons (CC2/6, CC2/7, GF20). History changed, but not in the ways they expected (CC2/9). Albus and Scorpius made a second attempt by trying to humiliate Cedric during the Second Task underwater (CC2/20, GF26), but this intervention caused history and their own lives to go horribly wrong (CC3).

The Cursed Crusade (https://middleeastexplorer.com/serial-code/?file=7218) was built for cooperative play, which is generally a nice feature, but it also means that in solo play the second character is always controlled by AI. Usually it works fine, with the AI blindly following you, executing QTE scenes when necessary, and it’ll even manage to kill a few enemies during combat. He never seems to die either, which can make solo play incredibly easy until a particular scenario where the characters get separated, and luckily when he is around there’s only ever a few hiccups where the AI loses track of where to go and randomly disappears mysteriously. Co-op play can be executed locally with split screen or online, but due to a complete lack of other online players I’ve been unable to test out network connections and their functionality (tested again by sitting in an open lobby while writing this, for well over an hour). So, if you plan on using this feature, make sure to trick a friend into renting or buying this too.


I've just seen my Space Marines' health got lowered. Also the Orks' health was N/A too. Why do we see the units' healths as N/A?

Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom is the perfect the blend of Hack and Slash, Action and Role-playing elements, developed and published by Sony Online Entertainment for PS3. It is the 3rd installment in the marvellous series of Untold Legends video games and serves as the first title to be released for the PlayStation 3. The storyline follows an elite unit of knights who found the homeland changed upon returning after serving many years for the King in foreign battles. After investigating, knights discovered that the dark magic had ruined their kingdom and now the King plans to use them against their people. Therefore, knights device a plan to take down the brutal ruler. There are three playable characters such a Golan Kor, Malakesh and Zala. Each character has its unique the skills, abilities, and personality. The game starts with the player choosing his playable character to jump into the world where he needs to fight against corruption and attempt to restore the peace. With immersive gameplay, brilliant graphics, and dynamic sound effects, Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom is the fascinating game to play.


Way of the Samurai 4 is an Action-Adventure and Single-player video game created by Acquire and published by Spike. The game combines the story of combat and event scenes to offers the exciting gameplay that the players have never experienced before. It takes place in the fictional town known as Amihama during the days of the Shogunate. At the beginning of the game, the player can create his character and can customize it using a variety of accessories and other items. There are three factions available such as the Anti-government rebels (seeking to repeal the foreigners), the pro-government forces, and the British Navy. According to the story, the Tokugawa Shogunate sends their troops to quash the revolt when the negotiations between the British and the local Amihama’s government goes wrong. During the gameplay, the decisions and the actions will affect the outcome of the game and shape the path of the player. There are top 10 possible endings available, and the player must battle against foes, earn points and unlock additional stuff to advances through the game.

Games Like The Cursed Crusade

Blood and Glory is an Action, Sword Fighting, Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Glu. The game takes place in the realistic environment and features a variety of legends from which the player needs to choose warrior to participate in the world. Each character has its unique skills, and abilities which the player can use to defeat foes. The game introduces lethal with a massive arsenal of weaponry and puts the player in the unique experience of the thrilling combat arena. At the beginning of the game, the player selects his character and battle against competitor in the stunning environment. The objective is to take down the opponent by using sword and combos and move to the next level. Blood and Glory includes prominent features such as Special Attacks, Invictus Victory, Lethal Weapons, Slash Gore, Impressive HD Graphics, and more. With core gameplay, superb mechanics, and smooth controls, Blood and Glory is the best game to play and enjoy.


It offers a terrific storyline, in which the dark dragon has closed the sun’s door and stolen the lights to turn all the living creatures into dark. The player assumes the role of the protagonist, equipped with sword and special abilities which can be used to take down enemies. There are more than 150 items and skills for the player. He can explore the environment from a side-scroll perspective, battle against enemies using special skills and the mighty sword to restore the light and save the people. The game comes with real-time PvP (player versus player), in which the player can fight against other players from across the world to show off his abilities. The game rewards the player with coins to unlock additional level and items while the player musts struggle to three stars in each level by completing the objectives. Dark Sword includes core features such as Defeat the Dragons, Acquire Allies, Action-RPG Gameplay, Save the Light, and more.

Besides the enormous focus on a shallow combat system, The Cursed Crusade is mostly comprised of cutscenes and little else in terms of gameplay. Each level contains hidden items like treasure chests and souls to find and release which can only be seen while in curse (https://middleeastexplorer.com/serial-code/?file=7580) mode. Finding all of an item type in any level will yield bonus points to distribute, making them worth finding, but unfortunately it’s more tedious to look for these items than it is fun. The cursed crusade crack only games. Don’t expect to find any puzzles, platforming, or other forms of interaction – they simply don’t exist. The most interactive the environment ever gets is when you find a gate that requires both players to input X in a QTE scene to open a gate or door, or help push an object to a set location.


Crusader: No Remorse - crashes on exit

The Void Entity is the boss of a secret area in the Lost Halls, The Void. To access The Void, players must first defeat the Marble Colossus, and then consume a Vial of Pure Darkness (which is recieved from beating Malus) on the spot where he died.

Nioh: Complete Edition mixes the Action Role-playing, Adventure, Dark Fantasy, Third-person Perspective, Hack and Slash, and Historical video game developed by Koei Tecmo Games Co, Ltd. The game comes with both Single-player, Co-op and Online Multiplayer modes and takes place in the warring period of Japan. The game lets the player to traverse the stunning locations of Japan as the protagonist named as William, who is a blonde-haired swordsman. The background of the protagonist as a fierce warrior and seasonal knowledge enables him to survive in the demon invaded land of the samurai. According to the plot, the demons inhabit the dangerous location and waiting for shadows to ambush unsuspecting victims. The game lets the player learn flow of combat and move with precision. The player has to unleash the combination of attacks and avoid specific obstacles. Explore the dark fantasy Japan world and battle alongside and against heroes and villains. The Complete Edition comprises three expansion packs with additional story chapters such as Defiant Honor, Dragon of the North, and Bloodshed’s End.


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Aunt Benz mansion 17hours ago Aunt Benz mansion. Trinkets are equippable items that are commonly obtained while adventuring in the dungeons, earned as rewards from quests, or bought at the Nomad Wagon. SpawnableEventItems 16hours ago Spawnable Event Items Full Version * Initial release of the Spawnable Event Items mod, including a plinth that can spawn all event items up to November 2020. It has three expansions, two of which do not require the base game to play. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. It was even worse before a patch came out, as successive deaths from curses stacked up to three times, giving you as little as 1/8 your normal max health.

Harry Potter and the Order of Archetypes: Albus Potter, the Unwilling Hero by Katie Majka. Super Mario 64 is a high quality game that works in all major modern web browsers. The Lost is a secret character in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. WeakAuras is a powerful and flexible framework that allows the display of highly customizable graphics on World of Warcraft's user interface to indicate buffs, debuffs, and other relevant information. I wouldn t recommend trying. Initiative; The Da Vinci Code; The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics; The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav; The Dark Legions; The Dark Pictures Anthology - Man of Medan; The Dark Pictures: Little Hope; The Darkness II; The Darkside Detective; The Dead Linger; The Deadly Tower of Monsters; The Decimation of Olarath; The Deep Paths: Labyrinth Of.


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At 10% HP, Void Fragments stop spawning from the edges of the arena and the time limit stops (the arena will no longer get smaller). The Void Entity goes invulnerable, heals back to 20% HP, moves to the center of the arena, and progresses to his survival phase.

If all else fails, just stick together. Power in numbers will allow you to shred the minions quickly, and the buffs/heals will be able to reach all players. If coordinated effectively, the combined DPS of all the players will be able to melt the Void Entity’s health in a moderately quick fashion.


Archer nerf Feedback; By iHyperlite, 1 hour ago; Game Questions. As a hunter i just pop off the 3 harpoons, send pet in and feign death. Looking for guidance on character progression (stuck at 99) By RedTea, 3 hours ago; Future Updates Discussion. The best thing to do is to modify the Magic essence type items and give them max stats then feed it to the needed character, this will then NATURALLY max out their stats, and you can go. Space Wolf's gene-seed is the specific genetic sequence known as the Canis Helix which invests the Space Wolves. Down Rapidshare Megaupload Downloads is free full cracked software Full Version download Warez site provide full Software with Cracks, Keygen, Serial and Keys for free.

Black Rock Shooter: The Game is an Action Role-playing and Single-player video game developed and published by Imageepoch for PlayStation Portable. The game offers an exciting gameplay based on the Black Rock Shooter franchise by Huke. In the game, the player can step into the shoes of the protagonist, a shooter. The entire game is split into several missions, in which the player needs to complete all the objectives at any cost to advance through the story. The game starts with the player exploring the environment for certain items. The fight starts when the player comes into contact with foes on the overworld. During the fight, the player can aim and shoot with her weapon at enemies, block attacks of enemies to avoid them and unlock other areas to become the master. Throughout the game, the player can earn points and abilities that can be loaded to the protagonist and used in battle against enemies. With addictive gameplay, superb mechanics, stunning graphics, Black Rock Shooter: The Game is the best game to play.


The Harry Potter novels

With his towering HP, devastating attacks, and nigh-complete immunity to status effects, the Void Entity is extremely tough to take down, especially with the gradually shrinking arena. However, with enough firepower and teamwork it is possible.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts I & II is an original new story by JK Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany. Mobile Legends Bang Bang Gear. In the World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King expansion, Naxxramas was moved to Northrend and retuned to be the. F18 Carrier Landing Full Version Apk; How To Download Gta5 For Pc Free Full Version Mac; Doraemon Malay Version Full Movie Pahlawan Pedang Perak; Foxfi Full Version Key Apk 2shared 3gp; Track Cracked Apps For Android; Remington 870 Wingmaster Serial Number V; Render Settings After Effects Cs4 Serial Number; The Cursed Crusade Crack Only Download Mp3; All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go Atheist. The Cursed Crusade Free Download Setup link. However, swords are fast enough to counter-attack after you've blocked and before your opponent blocks.


Project Diva Extend English Patch Psp Iso

If you collected any effusions from the Treasure Pot rooms in the main dungeon, the Void Entity fight is the perfect place to use them, preferably whenever the group of players is clumped together such as at the very beginning of the fight. Effusions of Dexterity will significantly increase the group’s overall damage output.

Fire Emblem IV: Inheritors of the Crusade (v0.1.3 released

Mordhau is an Action-Adventure, Medieval-themed, Fighting, Single-player and Multiplayer video game with an emphasis on Skill-based Combat developed by Triternion for Microsoft Windows. The game offers different characters and lets the player select his one of them to start his adventure. Each character has its unique abilities and a set of weapons which can be used to kill enemies. Up to sixty-four players can participate in a single battle to show off their skills and abilities. Using customization feature, the player can change the appearance of his character using a range variety of items during the game. The player can modify up to three fields such as character, Equipment, and Armor.


Samurai Warriors 2 Empires is an Action-Adventure, Hack-and-Slash and Third-person Perspective video game created by TBC and published by Koei. The game offers the blend of Action, Strategy and Fighting games and it takes place in the fictional Japan environment divided into twenty-five warring states, and its rely on the player to resurrect the nation using the equal amounts of strength and strategy. The player takes on the role of the protagonist, who can explore the land from a third-person perspective either on foot or by horseback. During the gameplay, the player will meet the war council to discuss political and military affair before starting the battle, and then participate in combat to kill hordes of enemies and conquer the battlefield. There are several playable characters available from which the player can select his favourite one. Each character has its unique playstyle, combo, and abilities. The game features a mini-map on the top of the screen, which displays the location of the protagonist. With detailed graphics, superb and Action-packed gameplay, smooth controls, and brilliant mechanics, Samurai Warriors 2 Empires is the wonderful game to play.

When selecting abilities, keep in mind that the Void Entity is immune to nearly all status effects. As such, try and capitalize on abilities that deal the most damage or provide the most bonuses instead. Samurai are an exception, as the Void Entity is vulnerable to their Exposed debuff. Since said debuff will cut the Void Entity’s DEF by 1/3 (2/9 if he’s Armored in the center), Samurai can use their Wakizashi on him to allow the group to deal more damage to him.


Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is an Action-Adventure, Hack and Slash, Single and Multiplayer video game developed by Omega Force and published by Tecmo Koei. The game introduces the new features from the Hyper version and brings four new playable characters such as Seimei, Rachel, Momiji, and more. In the game, the player must select his character to start his adventure, where he has to fight waves of enemies and smash them all using his unique abilities. It offers an exciting story, in which after the war, the legends of the three kingdoms have started to rebuild their lives in the dimensional world after the permanent death of Orochi. The peace of the land was disturbed by a massive, monstrous eight-headed beast called Hydra. As the hero, the player has to manipulate the world using a third-person perspective, and battle enemies and their bosses with his mighty sword. Slay them all and earn experience points to upgrade his character and his traditional weapons. Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate offers the best mechanics, addictive gameplay, and superb soundtracks.

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls is an Action-Adventure, and Single-player video game developed and published by Spike Chunsoft. The game acts as the spin-off of the Danganronpa series of visual novel video games, taking place between the events of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair and Danganropa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Unlike other Visual Novel video games, the game offers the Third-person perspective and adventure gameplay with horror elements, in which the player assumes the role the protagonist named as Komaru Naegi. The player must struggle to survive in the harsh city threatened by Monokuma robots. The player is armed with a megaphone-shaped gun that can use different types of bullets. Using the gun, the player can perform different actions such as taking control of foes, attacking enemies, attractive machinery, and more. During the gameplay, the player explores the world from a third-person perspective, the battle against enemies, and take down them to earn points. Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls includes core features such as Third-person Shooter, Puzzle-based Gameplay, Ton of Ammo, and more.