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On several occasions in Video One and Video Two, the armed men describe their victims as “Woyane” (Amharic: ወያኔ, Tigrinya: ወያነ). This word is a particularly important indicator of the armed men’s allegiance.

Mahbere Dego: Clues to a Clifftop Massacre in Ethiopia

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That’s because knowing the where is the first step to knowing the when, which in turn might help lead to the who. This process is arguably best exemplified in the Anatomy of a Killing investigation conducted by BBC Africa Eye alongside members of the open source research community.


PeakVisor’s rendering of the area also accurately captured other distinctive features. In Video Three, the landscape in the background contains a noticeable gap in a ridgeline, as well as the presence of mountain peaks in the far distance.

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These statements, along with these recent criminal prosecutions, demonstrate that the antitrust agencies are fully focused on anticompetitive conduct in labor markets. Antitrust counsel can provide tools and training that companies can use to identify red flags and manage antitrust risk regarding labor markets. In addition, companies should review current non-solicitation provisions and non-compete clauses with antitrust counsel and develop a company antitrust compliance policy with clear guidelines designed to prevent and detect antitrust violations. Robust compliance programs are further critical because in July 2021 the DOJ issued guidance to incentivize antitrust compliance, including indicating that the DOJ will consider the effectiveness of a company’s antitrust compliance program in deciding whether to bring criminal charges. Thus, the presence of an effective antitrust compliance program could be relevant in the DOJ’s decision to proceed criminally or not.

On an arid plateau somewhere in Ethiopia, a man in uniform pushes a dead body which goes tumbling head over heels off the edge of a cliff. More corpses are strewn around nearby rocks and boulders.


Copykit - NPCs will generally switch back to their default gear sooner or later. This is because they have a set default outfit the game will apply. It's possible to disable this by accepting the option to override this with an empty outfit. If you use mods that handle outfit management do NOT use this.

The next image is a zoomed-in, cropped shot of the previous image. It includes a red line that corresponds to the height of the individual casting the shadow.


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General - Deleting a registered change will in many cases require saving, exiting and loading for it to be visually reverted. This is due to the game caching a lot of data and reusing it in the same session.

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Body Editor - Don't use this on anyone mounted. Requires XP32 skeleton with Enhanced Character Edit support. If changing weight causes a neck seam reapply the settings.


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A majority of the changes aren't permanent so the mod will store them and re-apply on game load. This menu will disable this meaning the changes will revert. Don't worry, the registry isn't wiped so if you change your mind just enable the module and they'll be reapplied again.

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Voice Editor - Using this on NPC both vanilla and custom may break their dialogue if it uses voicetype unique lines. If it happens unregister them and they will revert to their default.


On July 8, Aries defeated Bobby Roode in the main event of Destination X. Break out the champagne, kick up your heels and enjoy the big blast of ass you get w. Simplifying your search will return more results from the database.

Several experts suggested organizations start their patching by prioritizing MS13-053, which addresses eight vulnerabilities within the Windows kernel—including CVE-2021-3660, which was detailed on the Full Disclosure mailing list earlier this year. Since exploit code for the vulnerability is already public, it is likely attackers will be focused on targeting it, said Marc Maiffret, CTO of BeyondTrust. According to Microsoft, in most scenarios, an attacker who successfully exploits this vulnerability could escalate privileges on the targeted system. It is also theoretically possible, however, for an attacker to achieve remote code execution, though this is unlikely due to memory randomization, Microsoft stated.


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These shadows suggested that the sun was either near setting or near rising when the video was recorded: in other words, the sun was relatively low in either the western or eastern sky. This means the person recording the video was looking either North or South when they filmed the scene in the image above.

The nurse was not a freshman in school, contrary to Joe Biden’s harassing statement, and in fact is in charge of managing a COVID-19 vaccine center that the Biden regime was spotlighting in one of its propaganda broadcasts. Biden apparently feels the need to treat women with as much degradation as his administration treats the American people.


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There is some evidence to suggest the allegiance of the soldiers, from an Ethiopian flag on one soldier’s uniform to their use of the Amharic language and the word “Woyane” to describe their victims. These clues point towards the presence of the Ethiopian military or its allies at Mahbere Dego. Beyond these hints, however, the identities of the executioners cannot be conclusively established by open source methods alone at the time of publication.


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The Microsoft updates are not the only concern for administrators however. Adobe also pushed out patches Tuesday for Flash Player, ColdFusion and Shockwave Player. Adobe has said it is unaware of any ongoing attempts to exploit the vulnerabilities currently in the wild. Several of the bugs though are considered critical, so Adobe recommends users upgrade to the latest versions as soon as possible.


Giancarlo Fiorella served as the primary researcher for Bellingcat, together with Jake Godin (Newsy) and Aliaume Leroy (BBC Africa Eye). Additional research by Nick Waters, Carlos Gonzales, Maxim Edwards, and @Obretix. Translation and linguistic analysis of audio tracks by Gubae Gundarta Beyene.

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Social media was also a useful resource in helping to narrow down the search area. Within days of the videos’ appearance online, several Ethiopian users connected them to Mahbere Dego (ማሕበረ ደጎ), a small village South of Aksum. Their claims could not be taken at face value, but did provide a rough area to start our search (bearing in mind that different mapping websites show different toponyms in rural areas).


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As the geolocation process continued, we realised that the cliff from which the victims of the massacre were being thrown off might appear on satellite imagery. We also noticed that the Tigray Region — and in particular, the search area marked by the green polygon — contained several plateaus.

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Because Video Five was filmed at a location approximately one kilometre away from where the other four videos were filmed, we cannot definitively say whether they show the same perpetrators and victims. However, there is at least one individual in Video Five who also seems to appear in two videos from the other site.

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As described in the previous section, we geolocated Video Two and Video Three to this area. Video Two also shows a group of soldiers standing over the bodies of their victims by a cliff.

However there is no documentation of the serial numbers, the Adobe online account ID or any details for these

Given these challenges, often the only reliable reference material for large sections of the Tigray region comes in the form of satellite and topographical platforms. It was these sources that allowed for the geolocation of the massacre videos.


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For the sake of comparison, some of these features were not as clear on Google Earth Pro. This is partially due to the way that the platform renders landscapes.


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These clues point towards the presence of the Ethiopian military or its allies at Mahbere Dego

We quickly found that our starting assumption that Video Five had been recorded at the same place as the other four videos was incorrect. The shadows in Video Five suggested that the sun was relatively low on the horizon to the right of the person filming, as was the case in the other four videos. This would have meant that Video Five was filmed looking South. However, none of the landscape features in the background of Video Five matched what we could see in the other four videos.


PeakVisor is a website and app service that draws landscapes, catering primarily to outdoor enthusiasts. According to the website, the platform has data on over 1,000,000 mountains around the world.