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In this article, we will discuss about how to move full screen game to second monitor. All these method that we told you below has some simple steps so you can easily adopt that method without any technical skills. 13w16a cracked technic launcher.

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First step is to make sure your gaming is not in running moe then you can switch your computer to projector only just press the Window key+P then select the projector only mode. With this process, your computer appears as it receives signal from only one monitor which is also known as secondary monitor.

That method works fine on almost every computer that we tried. Just you need to have update graphic drivers and graphic card drivers to get full performance when you are playing game on your second monitor screen.

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Here the second method which is also quite easy and has some simple steps. In this method, you need to make you secondary monitor as primary monitor.

Somebody want to play their game on different monitors. Cracked technic launcher 2020. So don’t worry there are different methods to move fullscreen game to the second monitor. This process depends on the different factors like game, your monitor settings and also graphics drivers that you installed on your computer.


We discuss limited ways about how to move fullscreen game to second monitor. But second method is the best method overall it will not interrupt your game and you can easily enjoy your game on second laptop screen.

Then the game will continue to display the second monitor

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But with this method, your first monitor will not display any output from the computer! However, you can easily play the game on second monitor normally.