Some Facts about Furries


Furries are fandom that is often misinterpreted by the media. This in turn may put people off in learning more about them. You will not be finding any shortage of questions revolving around furries but the answers however, are often obscure. Let us look at some facts about furries to help shed some light on the fandom.

Even though less than 20% of the fandom wears fursuit, the general public often associates fandom to it. These fursuits are considered to be very expensive and are usually handmade. Since most of them are original characters, it can be pretty hard to find a warehouse that is willing to mass produce them. As a result, most of them if not all are made by hand. You can expect one fur costume to cost from a minimum of $2,000 to $3,000 to own one.

Many believe that the furry fandom is one of the newer fandom that has emerged as of late. This information however, is simply untrue. 1983 was the earliest recorded presence of furries in sci-fi convention literature. This makes the fandom older than you think.


As mentioned earlier, not all furries wear fursuit, some wears only tails like LovePlugs. The wearing of these suits a way to show or express their love about the fandom. With that being said, this isn’t the only way fans are able to express their admiration. There are a huge number of furries who wear minimal costumes (like the use of fake ears or face paint). Others wear street clothes while some stick to writing fiction or making artwork.

Most of the furries take up the fandom as a form of a hobby. This means that they don’t necessarily dress or act like their furry persona their entire lives. On the other hand, a huge number of furries instead geek out to a wide range of nerdy stuff like games, anime, classic science fiction and the likes.

We’ve mention some of the many facts about furries. There is still more that you can learn about the fandom. If you are interested with the community, you will be pleased to hear that most of their groups are active over the social media. This is usually the platform where they setup and plan for meet-ups or gatherings. Gaming as well as anime conventions are a great place to meet and talk to furries about their passion and love for the fandom.


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