What to Know about Photo Booths Before You Rent One?


Photo booth rental can help breathe new life to different makings making them feel more unique which allows them to standout from the rest. This in turn led to the growing popularity of photo both rentals receiving their fair share of the spotlight over the years. With that being said, there are a number of factors people need to consider first before renting one for their own. Let us look at a few things about photo booths in order to make your rentals seamless and hassle free.

Booth Type


There are 2 options on what type of photo booths that are available which customers can pursue. Enclosed photo booths as their name suggest provide privacy to their clients with walls and curtains. Open air booths on the other hand, take advantage of the space in exchange of privacy. If you are looking for the most economical route then open air booths is advised while their enclosed booth counterpart are the ones that have higher rates.


Cost is often one of the factors that can help decide if photo booth rental is right for upcoming event. It should be noted that $385 is the average cost of a photo booth rental service. This can either go up or down depending on the type of packages that you want to pursue. A good example of this are the all-inclusive packages that comes with items such as personalized photo strips, DVD copies of all the photos from the event and many more. See the cost of Raleigh photo booth rental.

The days of the week can also affect the total cost of your photo booth rental. For example, weekends are considered to be the prime time for photo booths and as such, their rate often increases during said days.
Photo booth rental charges on an hourly basis so clients may want to consider if they want to hire their services for additional hours. If you are expecting large guests, having additional hours for your photo booth is a worthwhile investment as this gives each and every one of your guests the opportunity to take a picture with their friends.

To help save cost, people are advised to book their reservations with photo booth rentals in advance which also help save them from the hassle. Look for photo booth rental services near you and discuss with them your plans with your upcoming event.


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